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  1. What glue do you recommend I get the best result with "ponal" wood paste. It's for glueing wood. It's white, but becomes transparent once it dries. It makes all the cardboard edges hard like plastic. They don't wear of, and don't absorb moisture anymore. Also they stay clean, and feel better. I have ten year old descent tokens, we played the hell out Off, and they still Look like day one. How thick do you typically put the glue on?
  2. The scenario i have in mind is the opposite of what you're suggesting Hedge. Something along these lines: The Rebels have received intel that an Imperial VSD is moving through the system and they have set up an ambush to maximize on X-wing impact in the battle. The VSD has no expectation of combat coming out of hyperspace and so is caught completely off guard. In a case like this the deployment time for the TIE would play a critical factor in how the encounter plays out. @Rowdy great suggestions. I was just wondering if anyone had anything more firm floating out on the forum
  3. Oh we're playing it as all squadrons within range are fair game regardless of engagement status it's just a sticking point that breaks immersion for myself and others.
  4. Going off Wookiepedia a VSD (either I or II) held 2 TIE Squadrons or 24 TIE Fighter/Interceptor/Bomber blend. However, more to the point of the question no ship just coming out of hyperspace into a random encounter with an opposing force is "deploy ready" turn 1. Since there are no rules concerning the ingame time each turn represents the amount of time what would be a reasonable time before it could deploy it's squadrons? Looking at an alternative scenario if the Neb B Jumps 3 minutes after 2 squadrons of X-wing and arrives at the hyperspace point 4 minutes before the X-wing Squadrons, thanks to a more powerful hyperspace drive, what is the in-game representation of that time lag or a reasonable delay for that time lag?
  5. The issue I have with your defense Grey13 is even the most accurate point defense laser can't account for the wild acrobatics that are performed in a dog fight. If we consider the space needed for a "dog fight" to be a quarter of an x-wing board that's an incredibly tight cube of relative space. The ships in that space are practically on top of each other and at the ranges in question I would still argue that there is a decent chance of hitting a friendly by mistake.
  6. Great minds! For those that check this thread here's the Rules link: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/140795-ships-shooting-engaged-squadrons/
  7. Moving my thread into this thread. "So my local group got a game of Armada in the other day and something odd came to mind after we played it out. As the rules stand there's no restriction on ships firing on enemy squadrons engaged with a friendly squadron. The "concern" came about regarding friendly fire into the skirmish between squadrons but we couldn't find any rules to support that concern. Anyone have any input?"
  8. Killer execution Corver. Really makes the ships stand out on the play mat!
  9. So I'm thinking of some encounter type battles, in a campaign setting, where factors like squadron deployment from a base ship and the response time from establishing contact of an enemy force to deployment of a squadron could be factors in the encounter. From what I saw in the rules there is no "time" associated with each round. Thoughts? Example: A VSD comes out of hyperspace and encounters a Neb B with a deployed X-wing escort of 2 squadrons. The listed complement of TIE in a VSD is 2 squadrons. If we consider an area within, say range 1, of the hyperspace nav point as the deployment zone for the VSD: How many rounds before a TIE squadron could be "deployed" to the table? If we equate 1 Armada round to say... 60 seconds then if the TIE had an average deployment time of 3 minutes the battle could be turned by their deployment.
  10. So my local group got a game of Armada in the other day and something odd came to mind after we played it out. As the rules stand there's no restriction on ships firing on enemy squadrons engaged with a friendly squadron. The "concern" came about regarding friendly fire into the skirmish between squadrons but we couldn't find any rules to support that concern. Anyone have any input?
  11. I'm liking the Nssis-class Clawcraft more and more as I read about it. Possibly a Y-wing equiv. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nssis-class_Clawcraft?file=Clawcraft_negvv.jpg
  12. kilrolo

    Epic Smalls

    I actually agree 100% on this. Which is why I picked up 2 Defenders just for Epic play. Load them out and run them with Bombers and a solid escort of TIE (either LN or IN) and a shuttle or Firespray for anchor and have a blast taking down flocks of Rebels.
  13. What Brazil can't get a good flogging in a soccer game?.... It's not like it's an important game like the World cup or something... lol ouch...
  14. kilrolo

    Pilot... inabilities?

    Love the idea but I think dandirk has a point. If it's a benefit to the player and s/he forgets then life goes on but if it's a detriment to the player does it become his/her opponents responsibility to "remind" them if they forget the negative ability? That would change the way players interact over the board and could lead to a less friendly game.
  15. AP does great work. I went dark transparent blue and love my templates. The range 1 & 2 templates are worth their weight in gold pressed latinum.
  16. IMO Scale matters. One thing that I haven't seen is how long an actual turn is. Imagine if 1 turn was 3 seconds. An epic sized ship should only turn so far due to it's size and shifting mass. From a game mechanic point of view the epic template demonstrates that exact principle. While a large ship may have a better dial it's not nearly as agile as a small ship in the same 3 seconds. As an example take the Falcon chase from Ep. V, the Falcon drops on the z axis quickly while the star destroyers have to take "evasive action" to avoid collision. In this case its a car vs a toy remote car dramatic but illustrates the size of the encounter. As a result size and scale do matter.
  17. TIE Interceptor for me. Naked or with the right mods it's just a nasty beast in the right hands.
  18. kilrolo

    Crossover ships

    So I've seen several threads where there was viable reasons for a ship type to exist on both sides of the fence. Example : Corvettes (CR-90) were not used solely by the Rebels but also were employed to a lesser degree by Imperials. With this in mind what are some other cross over/common vessels that could work both in Epic or standard x-wing games?
  19. 30 pts not only a high PS but a new action and a special action on top of that... Fleet Sentry Pilot TIE Defender PS 5 EPL
  20. ^ ------------------- "Jagged Sling" TIE Bomber PS 6 EPT 'May use [ 1) ] or [ 1( ] instead of 1 straight when deploying a Bomb/Mine'
  21. I know. I almost feel like I need to defend my answer from 2012 that only had a single way to multi-stress a ship... On the bright side you can update the list to include Flechette torps and I didn't see Tycho + PtL but he can stack stress like some people stack dominoes.
  22. I think that there is a degree of Pay to win in the game but at the same time there is enough diversity in the system that for a fraction of other table top games you can build a list that can be difficult to take down by most opponents, example Smugglers Paradise [2x YT's] & variants. Even from an Imperial stand point TIE swarm is competitive and no other blisters are needed for some variants.
  23. knowing my dice... let's just say it's happened more than I'd like to fully admit. Great feedback all! So new list : Echo + FCS + ACD + VI Rexler + IC Royal Guard + Adr. Rush + Targ Comp
  24. My thought was to keep her, Howlrunner, out as bait dancing at Range 3 as much as possible while getting the buff from her ability for Echo and Rexler to weigh in as the hitters.
  25. Been toying around with builds that include Wave 4 ships. Here's one that I thought might be unusual and nasty. Rexler + Ion Cannon Echo + Gunner + Fire-Control Systems + Adv. Cloaking Device + Vet instincts Howlrunner Thoughts?
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