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  1. A new little question : - How do you manage the death of a player character (I know that there is a rule about glands that give bonus to the new character), but what is the core rule to a new character (do it keep the experience and renown of the last character) ? Thanks !
  2. Hi, I have some questions about the W40K universe : - Can a space marine take off is armor ? Can he do it alone ? How much time do it take ? - Are space marine sterile ? - What is the black carapace ? Thanks (and sorry for my english) !
  3. Thanks ! Another question : - Does psychic powers need to make a distant attack roll to hit ?
  4. First question (sorry for my english) : - Can you fire (with a pistol) on an opponent out of your melee when you are in melee ? - What are the malus/bonus for firing into melee with a pistol when your are in melee ? (nothing, -20 for firing in an opponent in melee, or more ?) Thanks !
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