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  1. If I land on a space that is 2 red threat, I draw 2 red cards. Say card 1 is a orc and card 2 is a weapon or armor. Does the orc get the benefit of card 2 in our fight, or is card 2 just a reward for beating the orc? Thanks
  2. icarr757

    House rules

    If you use a power card for movement, you can brake at will. Dice for randomness in combat is ok. Trying to hit one square on the boad and missing it over and over from die rolls and you do not have the right number value on a power card is crap. This puts the psyker at even more of a disadvantage. Might also say that psyker can use this but has to give up 2 power cards...
  3. Heck, I am still open to some small board additions to the game. The board, as is, is beautiful and works well, but feels like it could support more locations of interest easily. Mechanicaly it would probably be a game breaker, though.
  4. Was in my friendly (not so) local gaming store, and they had 1 copy on the shelf, SNAG! Tons of new cards! Only 8 new encounter cards for each color (purple, green, orange) and only 4 new generic encounter cards. 6 new expidition cards (love them, never have time to go after them!). 2 new mysteries for existing old ones, 6 for Yig, 24Yig clues so 16more clues for existing old ones. Yig has 8 special encounter cards, C'thulu gets 2 new special encounters, Yog gets 10! new special encounter cards! Go Yog... Do not know why, but the cards feel slightly different. Dunno, maybe its just the voices... Lots of new artifacts, many let you spend sanity to buy off conditions in game, or other effects. More conditions with new flip effects, got to love them and a few new spells (healing!), as well as old spells. Awesome value for the price, imho. Now if my store would only !#$%^ restock #4 card sleeves!
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