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  1. Hello all! Infrequent poster here and I wanted to pick the brains of other GMs to see if they have a better solution than any I can come up with for this dilemma that my characters have put the group in... I'm running an EotE game with a group consisting of 2 BH, a HG and a Tech. One of the players (one of the BH) was away for this session, so we played without them. They're on an Outer Rim planet, but it's still fairly industrialized (the industry is behind the galactic standard) and I've described it numerous times as a sort of boomtown with a growing population, despite its position in the Outer Rim. I did a filler adventure for the three remaining players, and since the HG has been a bit left out for the past couple of session due to focusing on bounty hunting, had one of the player's contacts contact him with what should have been a relatively easy job. A group of local businessmen have had a problem with some Gamorreans smashing up their businesses, breaking droids working on building projects, etc. The local businessmen were looking for some "trigger pullers" to deal with their problem. I played up that the local businessmen had no idea on merc etiquette and left how the players were to deal with them open-ended. They would have been as fine with the Gamorrean thugs being driven off as they would with a few dead Gamorreans. Either way, the problem would have been dealt with, right? So, the party splits up, with the BH and the Tech deciding to stake out some of the businesses and construction sites that have been attacked and vandalized. The HG decides to stake out a local Gamorrean hangout (the planet has a large Gamorrean population, but only some of them are the problem apparently). While trying to figure out what is going on inside the Gamorrean hangout (an abandoned warehouse that has been converted to a nightclub, complete with a droid fighting pit), the HG is noticed, but after a truly stellar Deception test (6 successes, one of them a Triumph!) manages to convince the Gamorreans that he is a tech that wants to raid their dumpster after the droid fights for spare parts. The Gamorreans take a liking to him and invite him inside, where I proceed to have great fun describing Gamorrean music, cuisine and lack of manners or respect for personal space). He learns that the Gamorreans who are vandalizing the local businesses are a group of youths who are upset that local businesses are using droid labor where they traditionally relied on Gamorreans for the work ("the droids are taking our jerbs!") While carousing with the Gamorreans, he thinks that maybe he can work out some sort of solution that doesn't involve bloodshed... A few blocks away, the BH has set up a position to watch one of the construction sites that has been vandalized. He notices a pair of Gamorreans trying to break into the fenced off site and takes a shot at them, using lethal force. They're armed only with melee weapons, so the fight is over before the Tech (who was a few blocks away) can even get there. So far, so good. Sure, it may be a bit over the top with the violence, but the BH doesn't know that this was the equivalent of shooting some rowdy teenagers. Here is where things begin to go off the rails... The neighborhood they're in is far from the best, so no police response as of yet, so the BH and the Tech...cut the heads off of the Gamorreans and stick them on the fence of the construction sight. "To send a message," is what they say. The HG doesn't arrive until after this has gone down (alerted to the firefight over the commlink) and is trying to decide how to deal with this disaster in the making when they hear the sirens of approaching police speeders. The Tech and HG dart down alleyways and escape before the cops show up, while the BH tries to go into hiding nearby. He is found by the cops and brought in for questioning. He tells them that he was hired to watch the construction site and other sites that were attacked, but wasn't in the area when the Gamorreans were killed. He says he can't tell them the name of the people who hired him, but he does tell them that his "friend" the HG can do so. The cops have nothing to hold him on (no blaster forensics in the SW universe so far as I know and the Tech did the actual decapitations), so they let him go (the IPKC goes a long way) and bring in the HG. The HG has an ironclad alibi (he was with the Gamorreans at their makeshift nightclub when all this went down after all), but he has other criminal offenses that they dig up (Obligation: Criminal 10). A Sector Ranger they've dealt with in the past uses the threat of those to force the HG to help her set up a powerful lieutenant of a crime boss that they've worked for in the past so she can take him down. The HG has no other choice but to agree, even though this deal sucks and he realizes that the Crime Boss that the guy works for isn't gonna take long to figure it out. Then, to top it all off, the HG goes back to the businessmen when released and says "Job's done. Where's my money?" When they protest that the job isn't even close to done...in fact, things are about to get worse as the Gamorreans are looking to riot and burn down the neighborhood, he threatens the business owners. Being civilized men who realized that they've made a horrible mistake and hired a bunch of dangerous villains, the businessmen cave and pay the HG, afraid that he'll do the same thing to him that they think he did to the Gamorreans. So, the above I can deal with. It's basically a bunch of players making stupid decisions and I'm gonna slam them with the consequences... The problem is the BH that wasn't there. He's played his character as a fairly honorable bounty hunter. He may be kind of a jerk sometimes, but he doesn't go over the top with the violence unless forced to. Think more Han Solo as a Bounty Hunter and you'll have a decent idea. Pretty much everything the group did goes against that character's code. I mean, he'd be okay with killing the Gamorreans (he'd probably remind the group that blasters have a stun setting), but the whole "head display" thing goes completely against his credo. Ditto for the extorting patrons for what was essentially a botched job. He's also not gonna be too happy about betraying the crime lieutenant to the Sector Rangers. It sets a bad precedent after all. The best they can hope for is that it looks reeeaaalllly suspicious. The worst that could happen is that the Crime Boss he works for puts a price on their heads. So, how do I punish the offenders in the group without also punishing the BH who is going to get hit with the fallout? I've told the player what his character would know about what happened (I've left out the details that he wouldn't be privy to) and just that alone has him thinking that he needs to cut ties with the rest of the group. When/If he finds out the rest, I think he'll feel that he has no choice but to turn on the party or play a new character. Sorry for the long-winded story, but any insight would be appreciated!!
  2. I just started a EotE game and my party (2 Bounty Hunters (Assassin & Gadgeteer), 1 HG/Merc Soldier, 1 Tech/Mechanic) were paid for their services hunting down an unofficial (and highly illegal) bounty with a G9 Rigger Light Freighter. It's certainly not the best ship in the game, but it does give them the option of going from planet to planet on their own schedule. The party is fairly evenly split so far as to whether to sell it or keep it, at this point. No surprises, as I gave it to them as a sort of "starter ship", as I have ideas for how they can secure a better ship down the road.
  3. Character start was Helo (Me), Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, Tom Zarek & Starbuck. Highlights were: -President Zarek revealed as a Cylon and airlocked by Tyrol -President Helo! He was next in the political succession. He made a surprisingly good President according to our very experienced player because of his OPT ability -Anders reveals as a Sympathetic Cylon and passes off a "You Are A Cylon" card to Admiral Tigh -Admiral Tigh reveals to do damage to the Galactica and nuke a civvie ship before running off to the Resurrection Ship, leading to... -Admiral/President Helo! Apparently, he was next in the succession for that too... -CAG Starbuck sacrifices herself to take out a truly massive number of Raiders, leading to... -President/Admiral/CAG Helo! That's right, I had all three titles, which was nerve-wracking because I still only get one action per turn. So, I went to Colonial One and made... -President Tyrol -The player who previously had Starbuck comes back as Cally, so I make... -CAG Cally Great game overall. I was worried that it felt too easy when we started because we had two (three) pilots and were sweeping up Raiders and were doing well on resources. Then cut to Jump 6 when we're so low on Fuel and Morale that we decide that our only chance of escaping the two Basestars, 7-8 Raiders and Centurion boarding parties was to jump early at a -3. I mean, what's a few units of Population compared to the survival of the Human race? Then we have to do it again, ending with 0 Fuel, 3 Population, 6 Food and 1 Morale after the Final Jump. Humans Win!
  4. I'd love to play as well. I currently run a tabletop game, but want to actually play a character very badly.
  5. I also wanted Firefly, but most of my players keep going with murder-hoboes as well. On a more amusing note, most of them continually pump up their combat abilities, but ignore any social abilities or social defenses, so they're pretty much pawns of anyone with a few ranks in Charm/Deception and supporting Talents. I was amused when one of them brought "Jewel of Yavin" and said that I should run it. I told them that I've read it and pretty much discarded the idea of running it (at least as written) for their group. I pointed out that it's a heist adventure (a la Ocean's 11) and this party had all of the subtlety of an Expendables movie.
  6. I sprang this on my party recently and I thought it went fairly well. They jumped into the system and detected the fleet and prepared to jump out, only to be intercepted by a squadron of TIE Interceptors and ordered to come aboard the Executor. The PCs started to sweat a bit when they put them through a real customs inspection instead of the half-assed ones they'd come to expect from the Minos Cluster. The Bounty Hunter PC was taken at gunpoint off of the ship with no explanation and taken to a waiting room where there were a bunch of other bounty hunters. In a near repeat of the bounty hunter scene from Empire, Lord Vader shows up and tells the bounty hunters that a high-ranking Alliance terrorist named Leia Organa is suspected to be operating in the sector and that she has a 250,000 credit reward for her capture. He also casually mentions that she may be in the company of another Alliance terrorist named Skywalker and that he has a 500,000 credit bounty on his head. He reiterates that they are to be taken alive, with "no disintegrations". There was a bit of a tense moment for the Bounty Hunter PC, who has expressed a desire to dabble in the Force Sensitive Emergent spec tree as Vader walked down the line of bounty hunters as he spoke and stopped directly in front of him for a moment and stopped talking. I told the PC that he got the definite impression that Vader seemed to be looking at him and the character felt odd for a moment. Then Vader just walked by as if nothing had happened.
  7. My suggestion would be to put them in situations where their awesome combat skills don't help. My group has 2 or 3 characters that are combat monsters, capable of dealing out staggering amounts of damage at range and in melee. It's hilarious to put them in social situations where all of that firepower can't help them and watch them struggle because of the way they built their characters. They've learned that there are definite penalties to ignoring the "social" side of things in my games and you either get to end up being someone's patsy or looking like a stuttering fool to the major movers and shakers they run into.
  8. My group, with the exception of the ship's pilot who still owes money on it to a loan shark, regards their ship as a piece of gear.
  9. At some point in the very near future, my players are going to jump into the normally sleepy Outer Rim sector capital and find the Executor, Devastator, Tyrant, Avenger, Conquest and Stalker clogging up the local space. It seems that reports of a high-ranking Alliance operative in the area has brought Death Squadron out in force.
  10. 15 XP for an average session. 20 XP for a session where my players do a good job of roleplaying or think like criminals. I had a tough time at start as my group, despite being smugglers and criminals, seemed reluctant to actually think up ways to enrich themselves. I think it was a holdover from the D&D mindset where they were expecting me to tell them what their next adventure was rather than taking any of the plot leads and threads I'd put in front of them and coming up with their own capers.
  11. My player's group consists of a Human Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer, a Human Hired Gun/Mercenary Soldier, a Twi'lek Smuggler/Thief/Scoundrel and a Human Smuggler/Pilot/Mechanic. We have a Klatooinian Bounty Hunter/Assassin who plays with us from time to time. The party also recently picked up two tween twin Twi'lek slave girl NPCs that they were unsure what to do with. Most of the PCs are very much opposed to slavery, which is why they ended up with the girls in the first place, but they haven't been able to find a suitable place to drop them off. The general consensus at this point is that they are going to train them as techs/mechanics to teach them a useful trade. I've been letting the kids add a bonus die to Mechanics rolls as they can do scut labor like hand someone tools or hold a light, etc. Lax child labor laws for the win! I've been running a ported over Galaxy Guide 6/Minos Cluster campaign. I've modded it to take into account that the PCs are not terribly interested in being Rebels, but have no problem making a profit off of them. Their ship is a mostly stock YT-2400 freighter. It's light on modifications because I've been trying to keep them on lean offerings so they can get a sense of how economically depressed the Minos Cluster is. To encourage them to come up with their own jobs, I make sure they get paid poorly when they're doing jobs for others and hand out bigger XP and credit rewards when they act like criminals and rough folks.
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