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  1. As a side note: Have you considered that the Upsilon wont have to differentiate itself from the Lambda now that the First Order is a separate faction?
  2. I remember somewhere that FFG said it was a mistake to give the HWK-290 only 1 attack die. Giving it another one is probably no big deal.
  3. Yeah, mine too! I tried using very hot water, soaking the affected panels for a while. Once they are warm and malleable, I bent them straight (gently!). The first try, they just reverted straight back to bent... The second time, I set up a jig to hold them straight until they cooled. This gave me a much better result. Looking at them now you'd almost think they were perfectly straight!
  4. wampabait

    Poe Dameron.

    You should re watch that scene, Wedge definitely flew point for the superstructure run, led the Falcon in, destroyed the power regulator on the north* tower, and was already on his way out when Lando stitched up the reactor. * Not sure how they worked that out, probably all relative.
  5. So very inspiring, truly amazing work, Ica. I love how you've coloured the bases and tokens too! Looking forward to your TIE tutorial next...
  6. Yeah. Hoping for Accuser and Piett, myself. Guess we'll see which they go for.
  7. I kinda like your Rogue Squadron special rule, I assume this would also be a unique squadron? Now, if I may dispense with the pleasantries... Your E wings are waay OP. Escort and Counter 3? I appreciate the high points cost, but that would completely wreck enemy squadrons. Maybe Escort or Counter 2, but not both.
  8. Just interested, did anyone actually receive their copy of Armada from Amazon US? I mean, without complaining and changing to a third party seller and getting refunds to the original price? TLDR, Rant = Ordered somewhere else, decide what to do with Amazon order, if it ever ships... The reason I ask, I have been getting different answers out of their customer support telling me I can do the same, though I actually can't because none of the third party sellers they backed ship internationally. Shipping costs also rose from what I was initially quoted $10 USD, which I thought must have been a mistake, to an average of $100 USD. A little steep, probably more realistic but a quote's a quote, right? Then a new email, possibly from a manager, claiming the other customer service reps were wrong and were getting a pretty stingy smack on the back of the legs for telling fibs and that I could order and ship internationally but any refund would only be given as a gift certificate (store credit). I don't really want to "spend" $100 US at Amazon now... Anyways, rant over, ended up ordering somewhere else and I'll decide what to do with a second core set if it ever ships from my original pre-order with Amazon. I was probably expecting too much from them at that price anyways, but it still leaves a slight taste of bitterness. Armadaless in NZ.
  9. I am also still waiting though I just got a reply from Amazon's customer service. They would also honour their price if I ordered from a 3rd party , but I can't because most of the vendors will not ship to NZ. April 7 isn't too long to wait, if indeed they do get it by then. Guess us southern hemisphere bargain hunters can't be too fussy when Amazon's price was that much lower.
  10. Like that you mean? Ha, must have skimmed over that post, I would have to say exactly like that... Good call sir.
  11. I am fairly certain that it does, because otherwise it would say OTHER SQUADRON S and he is. Onsidered at range 1 of himself (assuming x-wing ruling on the matter applys) I think this is correct too, I remember seeing in the original demo video that Howlrunners ability affects her own squadron. I bet it's the same for Rhymer.
  12. Actually I have to disagree with this part. Escort does not stop fighters from engaging other squadrons, only that they must shoot the escort first. ahh yes you are right, i rememberd the text wrong but you are correct sir Yep, all "escort" will do is help keep your valuable bombers alive longer - hopefully until backup arrives Maverick is of course correct. However, there are scenarios you could set up where this could occur: Imperial player starts his squadrons near, but outside of range 1 of enemy fighters; Moves his TIE advanced or other fighter squadron into range 1 of rebel fighters, engaging them; Moves his Bomber squadron past the engaged rebel squadrons, so that they remain free to attack next turn, or immediately if activated by the squadron command. This is all highly situational, but possible if you are canny and your opponent doesn't have his fighters set out in an effective screen.
  13. "Reroll: When a die is rerolled, the attacker picks it up and rolls it again. A die can be rerolled multiple times." Soo... Not like X-Wing. That's a good one to remember, with all the tokens and upgrades and whatnot. Timing becomes very important - Effect use and Timing "If both players have effects with the same timing, the first player resolves all of his effects with that timing first." There is a ton of rules lawyer type stuff here...FFG really thought a lot about their rule set and IMO improved it, probably from lessons learned in X -Wing. I'm impressed.
  14. @Dusksong, I guess we won't really know what's more effective until we've all got a few games under our belts. For now it's just great theory crafting and having the rules while we wait for everything to ship. @clontroper5, Do not underestimate the power of the Rebellion's fighters in anti-cap mode. With very little squadron defence the Vics will suffer the death of a thousand paper cuts while you try to chase down that last corvette... Of course, I hope the thousand paper cuts won't take a thousand turns as we'll only have six!
  15. This is interesting because if your opponent drives their ship over your squadrons that are locked in combat and you get to place them in base contact with the ship, if you placed one on each side then they would be "obstructed" giving your fighers a chance to either escape, or shoot the capital ship! Yup, if you can engage the TIE screen in front of an enemy ship, force them to overlap your squadrons the next turn, you will get to place them, potentially freeing them to torpedo the ship in your squadron phase... Squadron commands could defeat this tactic, but SDs have that large stack of commands to get through, if you can wrong foot your opponent. I really like how there seems to be ways for the fighters to still contribute after an initial engagement, possibly ending the 'furball of death' scenario for your fighters.
  16. Then, Step 2. Follow up with Mr. Antillies... Step 3. Profit?
  17. "If line of sight between two squadrons is obstructed, those squadrons are not engaged even if at distance 1 of each other, though they can still attack each other." Very interesting...
  18. So, just to confirm. The black dice have 4 hits, 2 crit & hit, 2 blanks. Definitely not 2 hit, 2 crit, 2 crit & hit, 2 blanks. Old images will be my death... It's the VSD cards all over again! Thanks guys.
  19. It seems I'm working with inaccurate information regarding the dice facings... That would definitely make the black die a positive for the A-Wings anti-ship firepower. Did you get to play a demo or can I find the dice info somewhere?
  20. Hi guys We know what the different dice colours mean for ships. Red - less accurate but long range. Chancy on damage/misses. Blue - more accurate, reliable low damage. Accuracy results help when rolling more than one die by disallowing defence token use. Black - close range, powerful damage, but still a chance to miss. So, this looks fairly straight forward. Now what about fighters? They only attack at the same range so our different dice now only really differ in attack power. Typically black dice are more powerful than others (looking at you hero X-Wings) but what about the A wings black die? Is this actually a help or a hindrance when attacking ships? No bomber rule = no crits and a single accuracy result may as well be a miss. Is there any difference between having a single black die or a single blue die for fighters that don't have the bomber text? Could this only really matter when adding more dice to the attack pool through upgrades? I know A-Wings are interceptors and good against fighters and you shouldn't be using them against ships anyway. So, yeah. Blue or black on A-Wings, any good? Just something interesting to discuss while we wait for the next juicy piece of news and the release of what is looking like an amazing game...
  21. Interesting that you were quick to point out 'she', but in the in the very next sentence it reverts to 'he'. Obvious typo, but which one is correct? I don't care which gender Echo is, but it would be nice to see a few more female pilots... What I do care about is consistency. Sort it out FFG! The 'he' is the player controlling Echo, not Echo... Wait, so now you can only play echo if you're a dude?
  22. Interesting that you were quick to point out 'she', but in the in the very next sentence it reverts to 'he'. Obvious typo, but which one is correct? I don't care which gender Echo is, but it would be nice to see a few more female pilots... What I do care about is consistency. Sort it out FFG!
  23. Standard CR92a Modified Corvette. Looks like some turrets mounted on the larger section of hull top (bottom?) and sides for you to get some ideas. Edit: Image is a little small posted here... Link to original page http://www.xwaupgrade.com/
  24. With Garven- Tarn Mison w/ R5-P9. Tarn focuses, hopes for someone to shoot at him so he picks up TL, can use those for attack and defense, and gets an extra focus from Garven to use for R5-P9. I've played this with little success... The synergy is good, but a good opponent won't bother attacking Tarn, they will focus down Garven every time. You, and I, need to find a way of protecting good 'ole Garv.
  25. Vrrooom! Shoom! Zzzapp! Arrggh! Edit: I forgot... Pew, Pew!
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