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  1. Battle Droid - Custom Hero

    The balance discussion has been interesting, but I think the most important bit is whether or not the pictured miniature exists in the correct scale, and if so, where can it be purchased?
  2. How to sell Imperial Assault collection?

    Bartertown is also a good option
  3. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    I have a tourney to run tonight!
  4. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    I love the effective date of 7/24/17, lol.
  5. Thoughts after last Campaign

    My friends and I are going through the campaign for the first time, and I'm wondering if I should be making adjustments to hero/villain costs? I see this mentioned quite a bit, but without a full explanation. My Rebel players have commented that it doesn't seem like a good idea to give me a bunch of threat just to bring an ally, but I think they haven't really thought through the tactical options an ally can provide. Not that they've earned an ally yet, since they lost the Han Solo mission, but the Chewie mission is next on the docket. Should the base costs be adjusted for some heroes/villains? If so, which ones, and by how much? Also, should we use the skirmish "fixed" versions? If so, where are these fixes located? Are base cost adjustments AND skirmish fixes necessary? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I was thinking I would go ahead and add the new stuff to the upgrade decks for them. But then I took a closer look and realized that the new condition, "Weakened" is also part of that expansion. Quite a few of the new weapons/items reference that condition. So, now I'm not sure whether I should introduce a whole new condition in the middle of the campaign. I probably should, since it's balanced to be included on a replay through Core anyway. It would benefit them more than me as well, since they might be buying weapons that use it, and I probably won't add the new Imperial units until/unless I get them painted. It would be more fun to break out new units if they're fully painted. So far, I've been getting everything in order and will likely continue with that. Not really "feeling the game out" at this point. I agree with one of my buddies who said, after our first gaming session with the Core, "We're going to be playing this for a long time." I really want to add some of the packs that weren't tied to a specific campaign though, to get more variety. Hired guns seems like a good one to start with. As far as I can tell, the packs I could potentially add in that aren't related to a specific campaign are the following: Stormtroopers Villain Pack Wookiee Warriors Ally Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) Hired Guns Villain Pack Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) Bantha Rider Villain Pack ISB Infiltrator (can't really use until I've bought Bespin for the Hidden condition) Obi-Wan Kenobi Ally Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) The Grand Inquisitor Villain Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) Greedo Villain Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) BT-1 and 0-0-0 (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack Hera Syndulla and C1-10P Ally Pack (not really playable until setting up a new campaign) Eh, that took some work for a n00b like me, but now I'm glad I did it. It really focuses my buying decisions for now: Hired Guns, Bantha Rider, and Jawa Scavenger look like the best bang for the buck to introduce mid-campaign. Seems like I could potentially get value out of the Captain Terro pack as well, since it includes the Dewback Rider. I'm not sure if using that model early would remove some of the surprise of Captain Terro hitting the board during the JR campaign. Looks like an awesome model though. Any additional suggestions?
  7. We're about halfway through the Core campaign, playing IA for the first time. However, I'm enjoying it so much I picked up Twin Shadows last week. Should I go ahead and include the various items (upgrade cards, supply cards, Heavy stormtroopers) in the current campaign, or would it be better to wait until we actually get to that campaign? I feel like adding them would be fun, since it would be new stuff to see, whether new equipment for them to buy, or new enemies for them to kill. Otoh, perhaps it would make Twin Shadows less exciting when we finally get to it. Thoughts?
  8. So sorry for the extreme necro, but this seemed like a good place for a question. I'm a new IP, and we played this mission a couple nights ago. Can a cannon shoot at a figure in the same space? Strictly RAW, it seemed like the cannon would have line of sight. I can draw lines from one corner of the space to two others, however, its the same space. Am I missing something?
  9. Force Friday

    That would be terrible. My FLGS is counting on X-wing, we're even having a 7pm-midnight tourney tonight to celebrate the new product... of course, it also hasn't arrived yet, so there may be nothing to celebrate.
  10. Faq ''leak''

    North American championships are in 16 days... clock's ticking
  11. Faq ''leak''

    Yea that's the crazy bit, if these changes are "needed", the FAQ needs to drop immediately. Otoh, that potentially screws over many players who's lists would then be illegal. It's a pretty impossible situation for FFG at this point.
  12. Faq ''leak''

    I wish this was being discussed more. As well as the idea mentioned earlier (and in other threads), that perhaps some overpowered combos were being purposely left in the game so they could be "discovered" later. I'm sure the suggestion of such a lack of integrity will make some angry. On the other hand, to pretend that this isn't a factor is ostrich-level head-in-the-sand syndrome.
  13. Yes. Hopefully, they're taking notes on who these gutless TO's are, and making sure to never use them as judges at premiere events. Seriously, just make a ruling as a TO, and make it public so everyone knows in advance.
  14. R5-p8 vs unhinged

    Overclocked. All day, every day.
  15. 2017 Store Championships

    Sorry, I left all that info with the store.