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  1. I love it. I played a 5-person 500-points-each match about 3 weeks ago, and it was incredible. I had 500 points on the board (Raider, Jendon, Darth with TIE escorts) and 3 dials. Beauty. It was slow but a couple guys were somewhat new to xwing anyway, and it was still a blast. each turn got faster. Last week I played a 300-point 1v1 of Passing Engagement. Also, tons of fun. I took a Gozanti with Sai escort, and a wing of Howl with academy pilots. I totally hung my wing out to dry vs his entire squad and they got obliterated in short order. However, the Blood Crow was a murderous monster and next thing you know local space was nothing but vacuum and droid/bug parts. I'm going to be honest. The only lists I have ANY interest in building right now are Epic. I want to play every scenario, I want another Raider and another Gozanti in the collection. I'm probably going to pick up a CR-90 so I can fly epic with my Republic faction as well. The ONLY downside is that you need to come prepared to play Epic, because if you're trying to build a squad on-the-spot, it's going to take awhile. Ideally, pre-arrange a match with a specific points level and build in advance. That's not much downside though, compared to how much fun it is. I'm already looking forward to playing Epic at GenCon next year...
  2. You get back 3 with just your regular regen and the Tibanna. If you feel you've got the action to spare, the Optimized Power Core is likely unnecessary.
  3. Yes, and the points investment is a feature, not a bug.
  4. Correct. I had to search pretty hard to find it. However, there was no IA product in the FFG booth, none. Maybe that's due to the same restrictions that prevent them from selling it on their own website? I got into IA (campaign) at last year's gencon, played a demo in the ffg space and bought the core at the Cool Stuff Inc booth. This year, IA wasn't available in the demo space, and I couldn't find ANY vendor with IA product. I'm not a sky-is-falling type, but it was disappointing.
  5. The displayed dial is almost definitely the dial for the escape shuttle. FFG has trolled us.
  6. Until you see the upgrade that makes it 3.
  7. Will I finally be able to use my epic ship as my obstacles in tournament play? ?
  8. Really, the first absolute fail so far in an amazing game. Core box comes with 3d terrain, and additional terrain has been announced as well. The FFG tables at Adepticon had great 3d terrain. The rules even specify how to set up a game using 3d terrain. WHY release maps with confusing 2d terrain elements?? Utter fail.
  9. You're asking the wrong question. The real question is whether or not to bring two.
  10. I remember sending in those proof of purchase tags to get a free figure. I must be old...
  11. So far, only a couple head swaps, and I've added a rear rack to an AT-ST to hold some stowage.
  12. Certainly not definitive, but I'd expect a ruling on head swaps to be treated much as customizations are in X-wing and Armada. FFG doesn't mind if you customize, as long as the ship is still identifiable. Can't see any reason Legion would be different.
  13. I reported a couple missing items, such as the handle bar for the ATST on launch day. Went on hold for a few days and then recieved everything on Monday. Asmodee seems to be taking care of this stuff as quickly as possible.
  14. On the subject of washes, thin the wash with Lahmian medium and water in a 1-1-1 ratio. You could even thin it more than that if you want and use the wash more like a filter until you get the hang of it. Even thinned, target it carefully into recesses and shadows instead of covering everything. It can be helpful to make your own filter from thinned paint, as doing so well really help you understand what various consistencies will do to your base coat. Start small, and build up from there. The other thing I'd suggest is treating the wash as a very early step. I prime, base coat, and then wash; afterwards the real work begins. I start by going back over areas with the base coat colors, as this helps to lessen the effect of the wash on areas that will receive highlights. Then the highlighting proceeds from there.
  15. I cut his head off and replaced it with a Duros head. Same pose, but looks epic.
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