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  1. Thanks, we totally missed putting cards from the destiny deck into the skill check phase so even if every one is ok with the fail condition, they still have to do the skill check and discard cards correct? Also, in regards to the cylon attack cards, in the first line it has an activate something, lets say activate with the raider icon, this applies to every single raider correct? also does this activation happens every round the card is removed?
  2. I am very new to board gaming in general, we started playing this game today and lots of questions were asked! -after each jump, do we put the ships that were placed at the start of the game again on the board? I am talking specificaly about the one basestar, two raptors and the three raiders. -when a crisis card is played, do we have to skill check for it? if everyone agrees that they are ok with the fail option, can we just discard the card? -if the crisis card is failed and the text says it has to stay in play, does the icons on the card get activated every turn? for example the prepare for jump icon and active raider icon. - when playing the cylon attack crisis card, if a ship of the same type is already in place of what is shown in the card, do we add another one in the same place? for example if a basestar is already in the place. How about if there is for example 3 raiders in a secrion and the card shows 5 raiders in. the same section? do they add up?
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