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  1. Or, you could get over yourself, lighten up and have some fun for once in your life...
  2. Aye. I don't see there is much to be gained by pretending people haven't shown up to a Jedi game for the lightsaber and kewl powerz. Life is to short and gaming time to hard to arrange to waste on pissing about avoiding the issue.
  3. I am not sure having kids with 'real' weapons would increase my enjoyment.
  4. I believe the first episode contains a portrayal of a location that is very different from the legends version.
  5. A lot of the discussion on TFN seems to revolve around hassling a street vendor not seeming sufficiently villainous to justify the 'good guys' throwing genades at and otherwise using lethal force on the Imperials.
  6. I am just saying, if you want an SUV someone has stuck guns on,
  7. And yet African militia reenactors are surprisingly thin on the ground... I would remind you that in the movies rebel ground forces look like this
  8. To be fair, Ghostofman's pic would be closer to what you'd get in the Rebellion in a lot of cases. Do you wanna spend your free time pretending to be those guys?
  9. Unless one knows people who would actually like to spend their free time pretending to be those guys, I'd suggest conceptualising it more as:-
  10. There was a question in the order 66 podcast about how they intended to prevent Jedi from taking over games, and the FFG mans answer was 'there is more to balance than combat'. Which I interpreted to mean that they know **** well that a skilled lightsaber wielded backed by a loosey goosey narrative magic system is highly unlikely to end up mechanically balanced with non Jedi characters. Honestly, I don't know what they are going to do. I mean, surely the characters in a Jedi game need to be recognisably Jedi-y, which means lightsabers and a double jump.
  11. He'll no. But I'd do think that a Jedi game should spend more time worrying about being a good Jedi game that it does worrying about people playing a smuggler game think of it.
  12. ... which is why most GMs probably won't want their players hurling four ATATs into space right off the bat... I think we can get a decent argument going about whether starting F&D characters should have lightsabers. I say yes, obviously.
  13. That kinda makes getting to play an awesome Jedi a privilege you have to persuade the GM to give you instead of being a developer given right. And I find the character generation system and the core mechanic are the two parts of a system that consistently survive in to play, so convincing a GM to house rule the chargen system before the game even starts is hard. beyond that, systems tend to work better at lower levels, and also all the adventures and supplementary material is likely to support a campaign using default style characters.
  14. Force unleashed has a PC group consisting of Darth Vaders Secret Apprentice, a blinded former Jedi and a Droid designed to train and test the apprentice in the Jedi Arts by using holographics to assume the forms of famous Jedi at one point. Force unleashed II sucked, but you could have a party consisting of four clones of Starkiller who find themselves on their own and must find a place in the galaxy. Rebels has two Jedi in the starting PC line up. If they spring the captured Jedi master from the imperial prison and then the inquisitor sees the light and switches side that's a full 4 PC team. Or you could play a team of Inquisitor Jerrec, Inquisitor Tremaine and the Inquisitor from Rebels as they hunt Jedi for the Empire. Or maybe the new apprentices of an insane Fallen Jedi who has trained them as Jedi ninja assassins and sends them out to take revenge on the Empire in ways Master Yoda most definitely would not approve of.
  15. As with so many things, The Force Unleashed does Vader... correctly.
  16. Having the course of a battle procedurally generated by a rules system makes it a bit easier to have the bad guys win without it seeming like a total GM hose job.
  17. I mean really Starkiller ain't got nothing on Link.
  18. Compared to that, stuff like Seems pretty tame, is all.
  19. FFG have already made two whole games such people might like more - EotE and AoR.
  20. Why? In Vampire everyone plays a vampire. In Rune everyone plays a Viking. It is entirely possible that in Jedi everyone plays a Jedi.
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