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  1. Yep. Even in games where all the players are playing PCs who are are rebels in a game billed as a heroic fight against the evil empire that doesn't discuss the possibility of playing imperials in a setting where imperials are space nazis the 501st are the good guys! And don't you forget it! Their fan club does a lot of work for charridy!
  2. Like I say, a pro imperial board could be all that, all the time.
  3. Just think man - if you got a separate forum for pro imperial stuff you could post stuff like that all the time for a sympathetic audience!
  4. And given that that is the case, if you want to play this guy in Star Wars, your best bet is to focus on his role as a resouceful and dedicated defender of personal freedoms who wears camouflage and play him as a Rebel Alliance commando. Save his aspects of being a high tech enforcer for the worlds most powerful nation for another time and setting.
  5. I think it is probably worth noting that the GM should not then have a rabid Kryat dragon maul the ship to death. No matter how tempting it is.
  6. Aye. Jedi are monks but they are this kind of monk:-
  7. If we were to get a seperate forum for imperial players, they could chat all day about how awesome the Empire is with no interruptions...
  8. Most of the people who buy the book won't have read the forums, so unless it was to say explicitly that the default character generation system is intended for people whose main concern is compatibility with the other two games and if instead you just want to have a fun time playing Jedi you should do something different most people wouldn't realise.
  9. To be honest, I think the fact that there are so many of these things rather implies that it shows people like stuff like that, and so it's worth looking at for what one should be doing.
  10. Yep. Rather than be paralysed by fear of someone knowing what they thought was cool they went out and made something and had fun doing it. Many could learn from their example.
  11. I really don't think there would be a vast number of people who would be enormously excited to play a stand alone 'Jedi' game where the 'Jedi' don't have lightsabers and only minimal force powers.
  12. It'd be so nice to one day see something vaguely related to how to recreate the feel of something like In the format of a tabletop roleplaying game.
  13. I don't think you understand. How are you supposed to prevent someone having fun playing a Jedi if they have a lightsaber?
  14. I reckon the game will come with a pair of Force & Destiny branded pliers, and every time one of the players says the word Jedi they have to pull out one of their teeth.
  15. Basically yes. It's a waste of time that could be more entertainingly spent imagining something like I don't know about you but I ain't getting any younger, and am coming to really resent having my time wasted.
  16. How about a system where a player has to burn themselves with a cigarette to prove their commitment to the Jedi Path every time they want to roll a force dice?
  17. Would it be possible for you to enjoy playing a character with a weak sauce fauxsaber?If so, yes. Enjoyment is immoral. You need to beat yourself with knotted ropes until the fun goes away. Maybe PCs can start with a plastic toy lightsaber, but to balance it their player has to smash one of their fingers with a hammer every time the PC turns it on.
  18. This one is... remarkably good, considering.
  19. Perhaps more importantly, how many hours of play should F&D players have to sit through to earn the right to have something like this happen?:- Lookit those awful munchkins having fun they haven't earned. Awful!
  20. (Meanwhile, elsewhere, Fun is happening...) http://youtu.be/ETR4a9XG5NU
  21. Seriously though, how many hours of play do people think F&D players should have to sit through before they get their lightsabers?
  22. Clearly I liked it, but if it isn't to your taste you can probably found your own studio and make a AAA video game that is more your thing and play it and still be done while Mr Morningfire is waiting patiently at his table to get to do something interesting.
  23. So, you can show up to a game for three hours a week for two years in the hope of one day getting a lightsaber, or you can go play The Force Unleashed right now. Decisions decisions...
  24. I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of all the fun being had.
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