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  1. People wanna play someone like their favourite characters. And their favourite characters are far more likely to be, like, Darth Maul than one of the younglings practicing their lightsaber skills in that one scene. Or, in short, people turn up to a Jedi game to do this:- Or If this isn't the Jedi Knight rpg, when does the Jedi Knight rpg come out? I reckon there will be more people interested in that.
  2. Bar patron threatens Luke. Obi-wan attempts to calm the situation by offering to buy patron a drink. Patron draws down on Obi-wan, whose player gets to lop of his arm without generating any conflict. This is a saving the camp scene. Arn avoids generating conflict because he first tries to resolve the conflict by telling the bad men to go home. They then press the issue, so the player gets to show off his cool fighting skills anyway. Might get some conflict for killing the bad knight after said knight kills his horse, but hey, you want to be getting some conflict.
  3. These guys?http://youtu.be/qeZBKFtWFQw Man, you people are gonna need a lot of new excuses by the time this show is done.
  4. Nice! I like the fan vids for their enthusiasm and playfulness, not their technique. I strongly encourage you to post cool sword related stuff that you feel might inspire or improve people's enjoyment of playing Jedi. I think this is the best lightsaber vid on YouTube. Can anyone do better?
  5. IIRC, in the fight between Neo and Morpheus, the idea is every time they strike a pose they shift to a different martial art style. And then, of course, there is Much could be done with selecting a style Rock Paper Scissors style.
  6. I think it is worth noting that Stormtroopers and other agents of the empire shoot first and don't both with the questions, so it shouldn't get in the way of the cool lightsaber fights everyone has come to the game to see. I am also put in mind of this:-
  7. That is the portrayal of stormtroopers a Star Wars RPG called Age of Rebellion about playing rebels rebelling against the Evil Empire should have. But I think we all know that.
  8. Hey look, it is the Empires elite stormtrooper corps in action in a new clip:-
  9. Staying well away from casting the franchise they spent $4 billion on as The Awesome Adventures of Space Al Qaeda is the wisest financial decision in the long run.Like I say, if you wanna play these guys In Star Wars, play them as Rebel Commandos
  10. Wouldn't it be more fun pretending to be a dude who has fused with the force ghost of an ancient Sith Lord who uses the powerz thereby imbude to cut a bloody path of revenge up the command structure of the Empire spreading terror before him than some loser who doesn't even have a real sword?
  11. I cannot help but feel it is important to remember your players can stay home and play For a much lower investment of effort than it would take to turn up to your game.
  12. Then give them a real sword and a training sword and let them pick which statement they wish to make.
  13. The legend of Miyamoto Musashi dares to say different.Not a entirely sure you read what I wrote there.The greatest ever Jedi blademaster who fights with a training saber from choice is, however, the sort of character one should be playing in a Jedi rpg.
  14. No one who isn't a master wanting to make a statement should be turning up to a real fight with a training sword. Get over it and give them live steel.
  15. The whole murder hobos thing really just refers to the fact that PCs tend to be rootless adventures around whom people wind up dead. Like, a lot. S'more a comment on adventure fiction rather than an individual players actions.
  16. That basically means no one is ever going to get to actually play with the cool toys. I also think it is pretty unliky that the system will still be remotely playable at that point.
  17. Still, a game where they just said 'this time out we are not supporting non-Jedi characters so as to be able to focus on providing the best possible Jedi gaming experience' would be a great thing to see.
  18. One day I'd still really like to see a game that doesn't need to serve any masters other than being a really good Jedi game. Oh well. Maybe on the next go around.
  19. So has anyone got a really satisfying lightsaber fight out of the system yet?
  20. More bada** than any PC could ever be?
  21. So what kind of Jedi can you get out of 150xp? And what does the sample adventure have the party doing?
  22. It is entirely possible that everyone has gone to gencon so there is no one to update the website.
  23. I've played in a lot of games where the GM is clearly more interested in what his NPCs are doing than what the players, his actual friends who are actual people who have taken time to get together to hang out are doing. The GM, and especially the FFG people who are writing the books, needs to stay focused on what the Empires is for in a Rebel game - to make the PCs look good.
  24. I doubt it lines up with Disneys long term corporate strategy to become That Company That Sells Nazi Memorabilia, even to make a quick buck and even if Walt himself would have been in to it. But for the game, you know that thing where the GM is quite clearly more interested in what his pet NPCs are doing than the party, and all the players get the distinct impression they are just there to follow around Elminster and watch him be awesome? Don't have the Empire be the GMs pet NPC and the players are just there to watch the GM furiously masterbate over a Star Destroyer.
  25. <Maybe they don't realise that the only time they seem to show any enthusiasm is when they are talking about the Empire? Maybe they don't know>
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