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  1. I think it is entirely possible such may decrease someone else's enjoyment and am trying to state why. Essentially, for me, this is because it would make this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN8YIR60Ij0 less like and I find, and have always found, the similarities very pleasing (in this case, stern faced commanders maintaining a stiff upper lip. Women running the ops center while the guys fly the planes and run around and stuff). As those similarities are decreased, I think I would find it less pleasing. You can do with that information what you will, I guess, but I don't think it does anyone any good if the results of the new PC Star Wars is a bunch of guys standing around saying 'meh' and 'this was way more awesome before they forced the PC on it'.
  2. Man, Lucas watched a lot of World War II movies when coming up with Star Wars. I would recommend anyone trying to figure out why OT movies work as well as they do should do the same.
  3. I do doubt you can do it. It is a challenge. Go win it.
  4. Well, I expect your modern Star Wars to look at least as cool as this photo:- If you can get in lots of lady soldiers without compromising that, knock yourselves out. ****, but that is one badass photo.
  5. I doubt it is an insurmountable problem. I just think you might need to work at it, because people don't have a lifetime of watching stuff like to draw on.
  6. Like I say, I think it is about verisimilitude rather than realisticness. Imagery like puts one, or at least me, in mind of things like So watching the scene in the film evokes stuff like That is a lot of storytelling ground to make up if you choose to forego it.
  7. I think I'd go for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles format, in which a group of young Jedi trained in secret by a master in hiding from the Empire fight crime and injustice while remaining in the shadows. See also Batman, The X-Men, Zorro, The A-Team etc.
  8. Figuring out how many female pilots you can add to the back of a starfighter pilot briefing scene before it starts to look odd is one of a number of esoteric subjects I'd like to see researched.
  9. They are supposed to look like early toy TIE fighters. In the same way, these are Imperial personnel carriers based on these toys:- I suspect Filoni and co have very fond memories of their action figures.
  10. Potentially nothing. Like I say, it might work fine.
  11. I dunno. Anyone with a TV is still seeing pictures like from conflict zones around the world.
  12. You kinda start to lose versimilitude between and By having a lot of serious faced men standing around listening to someone talk you are evoking some powerful imagery people will already be familiar with. You might be able to do the same with half serious faced women listening to someone talk, but not necessarily.
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