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  1. I think it's dumb to make a game with fluff outdated before it came out and that you can't easily recommend to someone who watches the new Star Wars cartoon show and wants to replicate its feel in a TTRPG and that would be more fun if the PCs were on the opposite side without ever mentioning that, but hey. You got yours right?
  2. I think it is absolutely bloody nuts that someone would show up to a game every week in the hope that after a year or two it will become fun. Crikey Nora guys, if you are interested in is daydreaming about kewl powerz there are *better ways*
  3. I guess in the end is this supposed to be a grudging concession that someone will insist on playing a guy with a lightsaber in games of Edge off the Empire, or Force and Destiny, the place to go if you thought Darth Maul was cool and want to do that in TTRPG form?
  4. I think it would be kinda dumb to make a game where people play Jedi that subscribes to that philosophy.
  5. The force unleashed is set more or less in this period and it didn't slow down the Jedi action. Being hunted just means you get to look more badass when you overpower your attackers.
  6. Assuming an Imperial game (otherwise, inquisitor) High presence, Warrior/Aggressor, who's force powers are limited to Bind/choke, and basic Sence, at least in ANH. Has Pilot and Gunnery He's intimidating, sure, but he doesnt do much. I think I like The Force Unleashed version more. Easier to see where he got his reputation.
  7. So how would people stat Darth Vader?
  8. Course, I do have shelves of lego kits made by the instructions that I put away when my niece and nephew come to visit. They can play with the sh*tty old lego.
  9. Just remember, while you are sitting patiently at your table week after week, elsewhere this is happening...
  10. Alternatively you can buy Imperial Assault, which comes with Luke and Vader in the box.
  11. I sorta mean if you say 'hey guys do you wanna play edge of the empire?' you are saying 'hey guys do you wanna play a bunch of fringers bumbling around in light freighter looking to make a quick buck?' or if you say 'hey guys do you wanna play Age of Rebellion' you mean 'do you wanna play a bunch of rebels fighting the evil empire?' What does it mean if you say 'hey guys, do you wanna play force and destiny?'? If you were to say 'hey guys, do you want to play Fist of the Inquisitor?' you would be asking if people wanted to play a bunch of dark siders hunting the last remaining Jedi for the Empire, frex.
  12. So what is the identity of F&D as a standalone game? Could someone say 'hey guys, do you want to play a game of Force and Destiny?' and have people know what that meant?
  13. See, I'd kinda say they seem to have focused less on making a game where people play Jedi and more on making a toolkit for people wanting to add force stuff to their EotE/AoR games. In which case maybe it should have been advertised as a supplement instead of a standalone game.
  14. I guess I don't see why FFG would want to be in the business of disappointing people.
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