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  1. Very insightful - thanks. Since I own four StarVipers and Sunny, I'll have to try this at some point. It would be awesome if you could post some pics of the formations, opening moves and block formations, either live shots or vassal screen shots. It's kinda hard to visualize all the possibilities with the curved BR.
  2. Good luck, @gennataos. Naturally, we expect a full after action report if Jess and the Jukes make it on the table.
  3. Part of the reason this list does so well is that it holds MOV really well. On average, I expect to lose one of the Y-wings. The FAA allows it to joust and take a beating, then zip past, boost/BR, drop the payload and then run with a mini-slam at 1-2 hp. Miranda is obviously just 44 pts of optimized toolbox/point fortress. And yeah, don't knock that Ten Numb build - that's a LOT of unaviodable crit/sabine nastiness coming downrange. Yuck. Fortunately, I did not have to face him.
  4. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4014 100 participants - 4th place - it works.
  5. Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Bomb Loadout (0) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Cluster Mines (4) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 28 Fly them in pairs with a Sabine carrier, and they will ruin anyones day,
  6. I’m going to the Hannover Systems Open and just might bring this for Hangar Bay/Hyperspace as well.
  7. I logged in to post this exact build of the list. The sheathipede fits very nicely as a fourth ship in this list, with lots of ways to provide the support the A-wings need to be effective. With the rest of the ships solid as is, we have 24 points to play with. We want to provide extra offense for our ships, debuffs for the enemy (preferably both) and ideally some survivability. The Ezra above has all three. Crew choices: Operations Specialist (3), Weapons Engineer (with M9-G8) (3), Hotshot Co-pilot (4) Astromech choices: R3-A2 (2), M9-G8 (3) Build suggestions include. Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20) Veteran Instincts (1) Hera Syndulla (1) or Inspiring recruit (1) or Nien Numb (1) R3-A2 (2) Total: 24 "Zeb" Orrelios (Sheathipede) (16) Weapons Engineer (3) M9-G8 (3) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) Total: 24 @gennataos, did you get a chance to fly the list above?
  8. I played in the Vassal campaign and had a great time. Strongly recommended, especially since Phil and the rest of the crew are working to fine-tune some balance issues with the individual missions.
  9. Not at all. Mr P. is a man of the world. He doesn't mind a bit of travel. Probably rode his tame tiger to the event.
  10. Found another pic from the event. Looks like even leaders of state enjoy a bit of casual X-wing.
  11. Boba needs EU. And I agree it's a lot of moving parts to keep track off. Check out the latest Mynock Squadron podcast for some discussion of this list, which did well at a recent regional. It's easier to fly and hard hitting. Both ships move and shoot at PS 8, just jam Boba in the enemies faces, use the Shadowcaster title to tractor enemies into his r1 and glitter when needed. Boba Fett (Scum) (39) Fearlessness (1) Hotshot Co-pilot (4) Glitterstim (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Asajj Ventress (37) Veteran Instincts (1) Latts Razzi (2) Glitterstim (2) Glitterstim (2) Countermeasures (3) Shadow Caster (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. Jan's evade is usually for Fenn, not the wookies.
  13. I took this variant of the list to the Copenhagen Systems Open: Fenn Rau [Veteran Instincts, Hotshot Co-pilot, Flight-Assist Astromech] (26) Wullffwarro [Lightning Reflexes, Ezra Bridger, Maul] (37) Lowhhrick [Predator, Operations Specialist, Jan Ors] (36) I went 3-3 in the main event, making it to stage 2, but missed the cut to stage 3. First match was against PTL/AS Kylo and two deadeye Rho-boats with harpoons. Won that one easily, especially after my opponent BR'ed a tokenless Kylo into r1 of all my arcs. Second match against tripple LRS PS 3 Scurrg bombers with harpoons and autoblaster turrets. I lost Fenn on the first round of shooting, but the wookies turned out to be more than capable of finishing off the Scurrgs on their own. Third match was vs Fenn/Ghost with Maul/Ezra. Got totally run over and outmanuvered. Fourth game was vs QD and 3x Nu's. Almost won, made a mistake during the initial engagement which ment Lowhhrick ate two harpoons, but minimal dmg. Pulled back and could have won if QD hadn't landed a Blinded Pilot on Wullf with the final shot. Fifth game was a bye, since my opponent had left. Sixth game was another trip Scurrg list, this time PS 1 with bombs. That made a critical difference, and I ended up with an injured Scurrg behind Wullf, who was unable to get arc, since he had already popped his lightning reflexes. The list is strong and fun to fly, but has some bad matchups, especially Fenn and Maul/Ezra Ghost, where Fenn can't lock down the offense. I feel like the Ops Spec/Jan Ors gave me more flexibility that the 3-PO/Rey combo. Low usually had a focus, and I could drop an evade on whoever needed it the most. Bye bye, Kylo. Big mistake.
  14. Sure she does. Her card text specifically mentions both rolls and rerolls. From the FAQ: Sunny Bounder Sunny Bounder's ability can trigger after rerolling any number of dice, including 0 dice. For example, if an effect allowed Sunny to reroll any number of dice (such as spending a target lock) and 0 dice were rerolled, Sunny may add 1 matching result. Sunny Bounder's ability triggers before the effect of Heavy Laser Cannon resolves.
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