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    Joostuh reacted to DirbYh in Lego Leak: Resistance Bomber   
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    Joostuh reacted to Hawkstrike in What's the Fastest Ship? X-Wing Drag Race   
    Check the date on the original post.
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    Joostuh reacted to Sir13scott in Imperial bumpmaster....come on think-tank   
    Bump master no... but imperials do have the ram master! Oicunn+Boshek+Dauntless = profit 
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    Joostuh reacted to defkhan1 in Imperial bumpmaster....come on think-tank   
    It's probably to balance the fact that Imperials have the most maneuverable small base ships. I doubt we'll ever see an Imperial large base ship with a dial on the same level of the Jumpmaster, YT-2400, or even YT-1300.
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    Joostuh reacted to Boom Owl in New Ship Images   
    agreed, i think its an H-Wing?
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    Joostuh reacted to gamblertuba in Alternate Reality: Actions are Selected During Planning   
    @Jetfire @defkhan1
    I'm wondering if you could explain how choosing an action during the planning phase is substantially different than choosing a maneuver.  Would it be even more "Dogfighty" if each ship chose their maneuver when they activated?
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    Joostuh reacted to Ailowynn in Imperial Veterans II?   
    Matchup dependent. In half your games, you go through a massive NPE because you wasted two points and a mod per ship on something that's entirely useless. In the other half, your opponent goes through a massive NPE because your upgrades completely invalidate his list. Can you imagine flying three K-Wings and running into this? There's absolutely nothing you can do with two attack dice and zero bombs. 
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    Joostuh reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Has powercreep in other factions snuck up behind the Imperials?   
    Yes, we've uncovered FFG's sinister and intentional plot to ruin one of the three factions in their biggest product.  FFG has much to gain by making Imperial unplayable, upsetting about a third of the playerbase, fueling whine-fest after whine-fest on their forums to dissuade potential new players, and make everyone disinclined to purchase the giant inventory of Imperial ships that exists.

    By jove, you've uncovered their evil plans!  Good work!

    SPOILER ALERT: Game balance is incredibly difficult to maintain, especially as the amount of options available increases.  There has never been a point in X-Wing's history where the meta was evenly balanced between all two (or three) factions.  Typiclally there's a faction on the bottom.  It just so happens that thanks to Miranda-bombs and Scum Supremacy in Efficiency Imperials are, for the first time in a very long time, down at the bottom.  I know this is frustrating and obnoxious for you Imp players, but realize that this has been happening to Rebels/Scum for most of the past few waves, so please don't think that now just because your special Imperial snowflake is not at the top of the meta it means that it's a clear and compelling proof that FFG has an intentional desire to make Imperials bad..... wtf??
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    Joostuh reacted to SOTL in Has powercreep in other factions snuck up behind the Imperials?   
    As a dedicated Imperial player I have to say there's an incredible amount of ***-hurt Imperial players around at the moment.
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    Joostuh reacted to ThalanirIII in Moldy Crow: So Disappointed...   
    You were suggesting BF15 was worse than  X wing and TIE Fighter because of its simplicity. I was saying that they aimed to do different things and are therefore not directly compatible.
    Fwiw, popular arguably does mean better because more people enjoy it, more people buy it, and it earns more money for the studio. That sounds 'better' to me.
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    Joostuh reacted to stuffedskullcat in Moldy Crow: So Disappointed...   
    Mine serve me just fine; invaluable as a supporting ship for my Rebels, or as a ****-ish monkeywrench in my Scum squads. 

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    Joostuh reacted to Boom Owl in Moldy Crow: So Disappointed...   
    TLTs are effective. There basically space taxes...in terms of fun factor though.
    And a ship that was picked to be a rebel lambda?? Great fine ok i get it seems a bit random.
    Why do Jan and Kyle have to be that lame?
    I want to pew pew and main line some Dark Forces memories. Not...just make other pilots gud. 
    Guess i can just put the HWK model on the E-Wing stand and print my own costume "Jedi Knight Kyle Card".
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    Joostuh reacted to Crimsonwarlock in Could we get Twin laser cannon one day?   
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    Joostuh reacted to gamblertuba in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    In a meta with K-wings and bombs, Fenn Rau seems to be doing just fine.  I think the biggest reason you don't see much Soontir Fel right now is that Fenn Rau does almost everything Soontir can do but also hits harder and doesn't roll over to stress.  Soontir just isn't as good as Fenn.  It's not mines, he just got replaced.
    I do think it's silly that a Tie Interceptor is as likely to take damage from cluster mines as a Decimator.  A large cloud of area effect mines should probably more dangerous to a low agility ship.  Not sure how to fix it now though.
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    Joostuh reacted to StriderZessei in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    I've been thinking long and hard about this, because you deserve a fair and reasonable response.
    I think I'm being defensive because the conversation has gone from "Bombs are good vs. Aces" to "Let's nerf bombs." Bombs are perhaps the strongest, most viable option in the Rebel arsenal, thanks mainly to Sabine and Adv. SLAM (Which in turn means using only the K-Wing.)
    Keep in mind an errata that makes small bases better vs. bombs benefits EVERY faction's small ships: K-Wings, Protectorates, X-Wings, and the like. If such a nerf were to go through, we'd really only see more rebel players switch to Scum, NOT a resurgence of Imperial players.
    How about this: a secondary title usable by basic TIEs and Interceptors; something like "Deflective Plating. TIE and TIE Interceptors only. Once per round, when your ship flies over a bomb token, you may re-roll one of the results. 0 Points."
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    Joostuh reacted to Jeff Wilder in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    Exactly.  Bombing is not easy, and it is not automatic.  Not even with Advanced SLAM and Sabine.
    This thread is actually starting to convince me that other factions should get Sabine- and Advanced SLAM-level upgrades to bombing.  Holy counter-productivity, Batman!
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    Joostuh reacted to StriderZessei in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    Not at all. Everyone has their own legitimate reasons based on their own experiences. 
    What I AM saying is that while bombs are powerful (with consistency added from Sabine), it hardly seems fair to say bombs are the sole reason Imperial aces are gone.
    We have stress control, the Palp nerf, and the fielding of multiple TLTs in a single list as well.
    1. The MOST damage guaranteed in a turn with a bomb is two: one from Seismics, Connors, Thermals and a second from Sabine. Of those, only one can be used after moving. Like I said earlier, don't ram into a bomber's rear.
    2. It seems ironic that the people used to dealing with 'perfect knowledge' are the ones fielding the ps9+ pilots who get to move AFTER everyone else. Bombers typically need to plan their moves 1-3 TURNS in advance. 
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    Joostuh reacted to Jeff Wilder in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    As far as I can tell, all of the anti-AdvSlam, anti-Bomb talk boils down to: "Your 30+ point K-wing should have no meaningful way to damage my 30+ point high-AGI ace, and it's just not fair that it does.  My ace, of course, is allowed to shoot your low-AGI K-wing until you're dead."
    As I said, I'm not opposed to a small change to Mines (not Bombs) in which a 3-AGI ship (printed and current) may cancel one Mine damage.  My lack of objection to that is because (1) I think game design has gone too far in anti-ace tech, (2) I don't believe Sabine, Mines, and K-wings are as overwhelming a percentage of that as people think, and (3) Mines will remain effective enough, as a whole, to be worth taking.
    But whining because one 30+ point ship can beat another 30+ point ship if the first 30+ point ship has favorable circumstances is just ludicrous.
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    Joostuh reacted to Scopes in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    It's definitely an interesting puzzle to solve. 
    Personally, I think the Scum faction gets the best stuff, so from that perspective I don't see the issue with TLTs, Sabine, and the like. /rant
    Thanks, though, for having an honest discussion that didn't degenerate into something stupid. It's posts and arguments/discussions (even when I disagree)  like ours here that keep me coming back to the forum for ideas.  I don't really know what to say when confronted with nerf posts, because I like the game as it is. Does it help me a lot that Manaroo got changed? Absolutely! But I was able to defeat Dengaroo from time to time before all of the changes, and while it was really, really tough to do, I feel like I was a much better pilot because of it. I learned so much from those games (wins and losses). Same for Palpatine lists. I learned the hard way, for example, to stay clear of Wampa's front arc, because I'm going to fly the lists I like to fly, competative or not. That's why I currently have Luke in my list with a HM/Bomber Miranda. There's just something about a 5 die HM that feels so right...unless I'm on the receiving end, of course!
    I picked Miranda (Well, Kwings, really...they are a sublime bomber and TIE Bombers should be upset with FFG) because I was tired of rerolling blanks into blanks when I was TL/Focus attacking. I was frustrated that almost every EPT selection I took involved deciding between the alt art PTL and the stock PTL card as I needed both focus and TL to generate hits.  Auto Damage gives me chances in games when my dice just REFUSED to play in.
    I am a big fan of Expertise as well, for similar reasons. 
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    Joostuh reacted to Darth Landy in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    Sorry, not even close.  Palp made certain ships near invincible.  Sabine doesn't.  She's way more balanced, so much so that FFG even errata'd Cluster Mines to now include crits because those bombs just weren't worth the points.
    The bottom line is Sabine is not dominating and therefore does not need a nerf.  I just came back from Worlds and in the seven matches that I played there was only one Sabine, on my Ghost.  I went 4-3.  Also the only other bomb I saw in those seven matches was a Cluster Mine on a Y-Wing.  Didn't see all that many K-wings on the other tables, either, but did see a ton of jumpmasters and Fangs.
    So the problem isn't bombs or Sabine.  The real problem is somebody loses their game, then immediately comes here to press the nerf button.  It's getting ridiculous already how every second post here over the past few months is nerf this or nerf that.  Newsflash: these are forums, not nerfums.
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    Joostuh reacted to Biophysical in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    I'm by no means an accomplished Imperial Ace player, but I wonder if part of the solution to the issue of bombs is Combined Arms.  I mean, that's the traditional solution to strong counters.  The presence if anti-tank weaponry doesn't mean tanks are unusable, it means they need to be combined with infantry support.  Instead of 3 Interceptors, maybe one Interceptor with supporting ships that can handle bombers better is the key.
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    Joostuh reacted to Mef82 in Should small ships get some sort of defensive bonus against bombs?   
    They already do. 
    Best bonus possible, they only get quarter of the trigger area. 
    The problem arc-dodgers have with bombs is their players. They're used to easy-mode game of repositioning with full knowledge of the board. When facing action bombs, you have to guess what would be the best approach angle for your enemy on the following round. Then use boost/roll to position yourself in such a way that there's something behind you, so that the bomber can't perform it's run. Either hug a roid, or fly in offset pairs. It's that simple, and yet out of grasp for many. 
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    Joostuh reacted to KCDodger in New Imperial Doctrine Brute Force?   
    What's LWF? Lost here, guys. Not all of us know the acronyms.
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    Joostuh reacted to Engine25 in World's result = x7 a bad ship?   
    X7 is still really good. 
    The meta always over corrects. 
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    Joostuh reacted to TasteTheRainbow in So old Palp and X7s were the real competative strengh of the Empire huh?   
    I heard they actually did this specifically to hurt your feewings. Not the empire.
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