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  1. Thats exactely how my B-wings have been feeling the past years.
  2. Take 33 hull upgrades, have undying ships, break the format.
  3. I've seen Paul play in videos and I'd have to go back and check but I'm pretty sure he has the standard ten fingers. Out of interest what are the other 16 bikers going to do and how you going to decide who gets in on the action. I for one wouldn't want to deal with sixteen finger-breaking bikers all revved up with no fingers to break Fingers can be broken multiple times. He'll still beat you though, I'm pretty shire he could do that without fingers.
  4. Pic? Link? Anything? Thumbs down on this one...
  5. I saw an interview with some FFG people once where they were saying that (unlike GW) they did market research and discovered that the custom dice and special templates and such are actually far more popular than Tahoe measures and regular dice with tables. People like having everything needed to play included.Sure, but they aren't marketing to the wargamer crowd. They're marketing to the board gaming/card gaming crowd.EDIT: I would also say that while custom dice and tape measures are popular, the GENERIC custom dice and tape measures are the most popular. Like D6s with Rebel logos for the sixes, or a tapemeasure shaped like Vaders helemt, as opposed to the funky symbol dice that FFG use.Thanks so much for reminding me of this thing;"https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/catalog/product/600x620/99230199005_MunitorumTapeMeasureNEW01.jpg"
  6. Soontir in a K-wing, just so I can finally hit him for once!
  7. But have you guys seen the ps1 pilot? Protoss crossover CONFIRMED!!!!
  8. So much nerd Rage in a topic about the awesome new content FFG brings to our favorite game. It makes me kinda sad for some of you. So what if it isnt EXACTLY what YOU wanted. Its new, its shiny and I can't wait to go pew-pew-pew with these ships and cards on the tabletop!
  9. Joostuh


    Electronic baffle anyone?
  10. I seriously doubt he has green turns though. So he wont be able to get a great defensive action economy going. No boost, so no AT, 2 green dice, decent amount of HP, an offensive ability... This guy is more like Wedge than he is like Soontir...
  11. Since Corran is outnumbered and you have plenty of time, he should play defensively. Avoiding rexler is key. Barrel roll left and back then one bank right should get you behind the defender even if he does a 1 bank or 2 straight. Next turn you intercept the TAP with something like boost right +3/4/5 straight or 3 bank right + boost.
  12. You could have spent your TL to reroll zero red dice.
  13. I can and I will, but not today! Or tomorrow... Or the day after that... Or...
  14. Joostuh


  15. You are firing 9 maybe 10 red dice (TB exluded) against 3 green and 9 hp on the opening exchange. You'll have to roll near perfect to get one down first round. Not that it matters because of simultaneous fire.
  16. I think the key to defeating those pesky scouts is to out damage and out-PS them. Placing your rock so they have to separate is also key. Try to get one down before it even fires and get an powerful ship into range one of a second so he only eats a single torpedo. I've been play testing this today in preparation of Saturdays tournament; Corran Horn (35) Push the Limit (3) Advanced Sensors (3) R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Concussion Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Concussion Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Concussion Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder It does pretty well, both in the maneuvering and killing one in the first turn department. The fact that those scouts don't want to barrel roll or spend their focus on defense helps a lot.
  17. Hold on, wait a minute, back a bit! Do you still get your action when k-turning with this combo? If so; great find! An underused astromech and pilot rolled into one awesome combo!
  18. I'd rather see my tournament buddy, who has been gaming on a pretty tight budget since W2, buy that kick ass Lambda which he has been eyeballing for half a year, than to buy a couple of FO's and a T70 he has very little or no interest in flying.
  19. IF you were to put a Soontir like this on the table I would pick Daredevil over EH every time. You can't shake locks, but the repositioning is miles better. Imagine this; a Soontir that doesn't do a hard 2. 8O
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