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  1. Got the rebel troopers done tonight
  2. A game really shouldn't go that long without a rebel completing objectives, which is pretty much what would have to happen for it to reach that point.
  3. I'm all for this cuz this is a big deal... HOWEVER... this violates the spirit of the game in some ways. There's a rebel mission that makes imperial players put back cards into the deck, so having the memory element actually be a thing matters for those situations. Of course, on the flip side, a real galactic overlord would have a map with xs that are checked. lol
  4. Might have been a better way to do things. I did white base coat with the nuhn oil then white on top and the dark spots really didn't show through as much as I'd have liked.
  5. My last game I had it down to 12 by round 6.... Really gotta focus on objectives, hit and run kinda tactics. You're not going to be able to just amass loyalty and build up a fleet and hit the empire head on.
  6. Stormtroopers, though I added a little black line over their brows after the photos... And the rebel fleet, minus the fighters and with the snowspeeders. I'm not the best painter or anything but I couldn't deal with having grey stormtroopers... and, well, once you pop, you can't stop.
  7. Pretty late for this but--. I'm up in the east bay 40 min away. dunno if that'd work. Message me if so!
  8. I have an extra Gimli. I'm looking for the "Game Of Thrones" alt-art plot card, yes that's the name of the card, for AGOT 2.0 from Gencon if that's possible.
  9. I may have done too quick of a search, but I noticed there wasn't one, so I started one. If anyone's interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1673429079540107/
  10. Did you go with all the different types of tokens and did that seem worth it? They seem easy to distinguish. Seems like you'd just need one for resource (don't think I'd get the 3 resource one), one for damage marking and one for progress, right (as cool as all the various damage tokens look) There's no difference in different types of damage or anything overall is there? That was just their flavor addition?
  11. As I'm getting more into the game... I dislike cardboard. Maybe it's a bit esoteric but I like upgrading game components when I'm really into something as well. So I've been looking at Team Covenant's tokens and thinking about it. I see there's some acrylic ones on etsy that really don't feel thematic to me. Now my experience with wood tokens in the past is that they can really vary in quality. Does anyone have these? Are they nice? I dig their resource tokens, treachery tokens and especially the arrow damage tokens (those look sharp). Debating whether I should go with multiple types of damage tokens or stick with one for simplicity. Resource... I sort of want actual coins maybe rather than wood, not sure yet even though I like the design. And I'm not sure I love the design of the progress tokens. So I guess the question is -- what are you using for the above? Do you have the TC ones and how's the quality of the actual physical product?
  12. This was a fun interview. Wish I coulda made it to worlds! Sounds like the Fellowship events are doing well. I think everyone really loves these and definitely would support them continuing!
  13. I have an extra because my wife played also so we got 2 and really only need one. I am looking for either an alt-art Gimli or an AGOT 2.0 "A Game Of Thrones" promo which I believe was given out at Gencon and some more at Worlds. Is anyone up for a trade? Alternatively I guess I could sell it and buy said AGOT promo but would be easier to do a straight trade!
  14. Sneak Attack, Gandalf, Test of Will, Steward of Gondor... can you make a deck that works? Curious cuz I'd like to get a 3rd and 4th deck in there
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