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  1. How many hundreds of pages of responses did it take to get the assault gunboat? Might have some work ahead of us, but I could certainly get behind a Rogue One Aces/Veterans box.
  2. A lot of confirmation bias of personal experience. If I lose with it, it's bad. I've lost with a bunch of lists. I'm not nearly as quick to blame the list as I am the way I ran it. As far as I'm concerned, a good player could win with 4 HWKs. A great player would find a way to make that kind of list work. I'm not a great player. Not even a good one. I have fun and learn from my mistakes.
  3. As the random spectator comes up and gives you a hearty pat on the back, while wishing you good luck on your upcoming rolls. "Okay, but I'm going to make you re-roll your wad of phlegm. No, that's the only one."
  4. You forgot to mention griping about how much the HWK needs a fix.
  5. My biggest reason for getting into the game, in the first place, was to use it as a way to get my kids to develop a passion for tabletop gaming, instead of being glued to some kind of screen. Social skills, and the ability to think. And to spend some quality time with the old man.
  6. Well, I've finally done it. Since the little ones were at the babysitter, and the 6-year old daughter was home, off school for the day, I went ahead and introduced her to the addiction. I set out 6 rocks, as randomly as I could, then set up the sides. 3 AP TIEs vs. 2 Red Squadron X-Wings. Reds, in part, because they were the first ones I dug out, but more importantly, to show the importance of PS. Being the good, well-trained sweetheart that she is, she immediately gravitated to the TIEs. Didn't keep her interest very long, but she said she had fun and wants to play again. We'll keep it basic for a while, but I think the seeds for some fun games later on have been sown.
  7. Yes. I'm working on roping a friend into the game, but getting schedules to mesh has been a challenge. And the kids aren't quite old enough to play yet. I know before I put any real lists on the board, I need to run through a bunch of trials of the starter scenario in the core set.
  8. I'm contemplating the next addition to my fleet, and was curious to see what you thought. I think I'm between a second AF vs. a first MC-30. Also thinking about adding more fighters, especially on the Imperial side. I'm currently at a core set, 1 neb B, 2 CR-90s,1 each of the AF, VSD, GSD, ISD, Raider, fighter packs, and rogues. I'm collecting, but haven't really had the chance to play yet. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  9. I am also aware of his dislike of the series. I wonder if he's so highly principled that he'd turn down a paycheck that fat. I just made the point because I know there's precedence for returning the dead to life in the SW universe.
  10. I'm pretty sure Mr. Harrison Ford wanted out of the Star Wars movie biz, especially with Disney planing on releasing a new Star Wars movie once a year. What actor would want to be a part of that? Keep in mind he is the only Star Wars actor from the first movie not to be locked into the typecast of that character. Yes, I know HF wanted to get out, but I have a hard time believing that this was the way he wanted the character to cash out. On another note, I took my 6-year old daughter to see it with me this morning. I thought I was going to regret it during the first fight on Jakku. Glad that wasn't the case.
  11. I didn't expect anything more than Star Wars, and I think that's exactly what I got. All in all, I enjoyed the show thoroughly. The first thought that went through my head when Han "bought it" was a sequence in The Force Unleashed, when the Emperor discovered the apprentice. Something about being run through with Vader's lightsaber, thrown through the window into space, only to miraculously reappear a few minutes later. No body, as far as I'm concerned, Han isn't dead. Plenty of ways that could happen in the SW universe.
  12. If you're looking for something to print out, look up Fat Dragon Games. He has a printable set that resembles the Death Star surface, with turrets you can also print out and fold into shape.
  13. Don't be afraid to lose. I do it far more than I'd like, but at this point in my life, I'm happy to get out of the house to play whenever I can.
  14. I'm not really looking at this in terms of how much I've spent. Don't really care, at this point. As others stated above, my main motivation for buying in is to eventually be able to play with my kids, and teach them a fun hobby. It doesn't matter what you do for fun, the initial buy-in will cost you. I could be dropping the cash on booze, living up to my nick, but I'd rather do stuff with my friends sober anymore.
  15. I'm flirting with trying to teach the game to my 6-year old, and was curious if anyone around here has started their kids out that young. I'm thinking about just using the ships from a core set for a while, without unique pilots. She can understand the numbers, but I don't want to bog her down with the more complicated mechanics just yet. I'm debating not even using rocks or debris fields in the beginning. Thoughts?
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