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  1. Hey P-47 Thunderbolt, thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the one I have already, but I think I'll actually use Rlogue's, it is more complete (can't even type the word 'complete' without James Earl Jones' voice ringing in my head, that and the word 'power') 😏
  2. Many thanks for the link, Jegergryte. Not exactly the same one I had before, but exactly what I need!
  3. Hi there. Really happy to see people still posting on this forum. I am attempting to find an up-to-date EoTE Career Talent Trees PDF. I have one, but it was before all the career books had been released (so it doesn't list the three additional careers for Bounty Hunter from No Disintegrations or Technician from Special Modifications). The incomplete one I have is called "StarWars-EotE-TalentTree-color-v7a". I can't remember who actually produced that, but if someone (or the person who produced it) reads this can let me know where I can find the completed version with all the careers (as well as AoR and FaD if possible) that'd be great. Or another PDF that lists the careers with talents would also be fine too. Thinking of running an EoTE game distanced through Discord and I'm the only one with the books, so my players will need a reference for their career talents.
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