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  1. I agree with previous suggestion that fighting unarmed would automatically be considered to be 'paired' as natural use. I would go with a little house rule along the lines of 'If more than one hand is free, Brawl attacks gain the Quality Linked 1'. May even allow Linked 1 Quality anyway for Brawl attacks to reflect punch / kick combos (possible Linked 2 added to one of the Martial Artist associated Talents)... Just a thought.
  2. Fair comment, I just found it a bit annoying personally. Especially as all the rest of Twilight of The Apprentice was just sooo awesome! But you're right, it's meant for regular kids first, and big kids like me second...
  3. Oh, thank.. whatever. Just so glad this was a one time thing, but I agree with you Benjan, utterly stupid and so cringe-worthy... Heh heh. I like the fact this was potentially a wind-up: "Yeah, you can totally use your spinning lightsaber to fly on Malachor" says one of the inquisitors to another... later: "Holy crap, that actually worked?!"
  4. Helicopter lightsabers (rotor-sabers?). I know there was a thread dedicated to this subject, which I didn't feel the need to necro as their mentioned here. But did anybody like this idea (other than Filoni, Plunkett and co.)? One of the most bat-**** crazy ideas I have seen or heard about, I realize that Star Wars is just space-fantasy and there are no real explanation how things actually work, but plasma/light based rotor-blades?... Just... huh? Not academic enough in the sciences to know, but could this actually generate any kind of down force? I get the point others have made that it could be a combination of Move/Enhancement with the spinning sabers... But still, not a fan and do my best to ignore these when they appear in Rebels. I haven't seen any of season 3, but I hope that the creation team realized these were a bad idea and have conveniently 'forgotten' about them for future inquisitors...
  5. Yeah, and someone crazy enough to fly your creation...
  6. Which event was this, may I ask? Was it Celebration in London last year? Because I know what you mean about the FFG stand only having stuff like X-Wing and Armada... But after a little thought, I realized, to the larger number of non-gaming Star Wars fans, nice looking miniatures based games would be easier to market to them (and demonstrate the game in a relatively short time period). But, you're right in as far as bad show to not bring a few RPG books with them for the gaming fans... Shipping from China may explain why Australia has copies before UK, assuming they don't ship straight to the US and then send them back again to Oz... With this whole fiasco, it wouldn't surprise me.
  7. I don't understand all the worry around Woody in this movie. The guy has been in a ridiculous amount of films, in various roles, and I have always been able to disassociate one character he has portrayed from another, along with many other actors who have filled various roles. I find it funny to think of how little in the way of movies I had seen Harrison Ford in at the time, not once did I think while watching any of the Indiana Jones movies as a kid, 'Oh look, there's Han Solo'... I am kinda with ghatt and edwardavern in regards to the new guy... But will wait and see. The one thing I think Disney understands (and rightly so), is the tremendous number of fans there are of Star Wars, and how, like most fans of such a genre, are going to be critical - especially with such an iconic character as Mr Solo. So one would hope that in this regard, they have put a lot of thought into casting such a role... Yes, there's the idea that Disney know that they will make a pile of cash with this movie, just because of the subject matter, regardless. But I hope this isn't the case. On a slightly different topic, another question for me will be: What accent will Boba Fett have in his movie? And I wonder if he will appear in the Solo movie to set up that ol' Solo/Fett adversity (even just as a fleeting appearance), and wet the appetites of those gagging to see Mr Fett again...
  8. Has there been an official explanation for Rebels - Ezra's lightsaber...? I was just wondering if the (stun?) blaster aspect of the weapon involved the energy being directed through the kyber crystal in the lightsaber? I mean, with the concept of lightsabers being adjusted to a low level output for training purposes exists (Kanan and Ezra do this), could there also be an argument for Ezra's lightsaber capable of an exceptionally brief, low-level 'blast' channeled through the barrel? If you want an example of a 'kyber crystal gun', then this is your best bet... An argument could be to make a more lethal variant of just a gun with no lightsaber aspect to it (possibly with same damage as equivalent ranged weapon, but also included Breach 1 quality), but I would definitely have the Heavy Blaster Pistol limitation of '3 Threats equal complete drain of powercell'... Just a thought.
  9. All...hail...the...Hypnotoad... But in response to the question. I do remember this being used by Cad. And I'm not sure if it did work similar to the Control 'Jedi mind trick' upgrade for Influence, if that would actually unbalance the game. A similar argument could be made with jet packs (or jet boots in the case of Cad) and Enhanced Leap, a piece of equipment that could effectively allow similar ability. After-all, the reason Cad Bane had all/most of his gear was to counter or keep up with those who had Force abilities... Though, I would say that unlike Influence in which only a PC/Nemesis (or other important NPC) can resist it, a Hypnogazer would always require an Opposed check against the target, whether a Minion or whatever. The benefit of Force Powers over gear is that you generally always have access to them and they're really difficult to take away, yes it costs XP to acquire and the requirement to generate Force Points, but still a small price to pay to have such ability at hand when you need it.
  10. All my PCs managed to survive Order 66 by effectively remaining hidden on Nar Shaddaa in Hutt space, three by accident: A son of Nautolan explorers, a daughter of a Dathomir born mercenary, and a former Padawan who suffered amnesia from the 'Force backlash' of Order 66 who has only just remembered he is a former Jedi in training, and now very old by Padawan standards (30's). The one other PC in my group was saved by a former Jedi Master, who I stated was gifted with an incredible level of Foresee and could sense the black cloud of Order 66 on the horizon (though didn't actually know what it was) and ran from the Core Worlds rescuing the PC (then a youngling)... The master died at the beginning of the first scenario, his own death far too clouded by the Dark Side that he only sensed it's approach just before it happened... But long enough to do his Gandalf 'Fly, you fools' bit.
  11. I would absolutely allow the droid brain an Aim restricted Maneuver (as well as an Action) on it's turn. Just makes perfect sense to me that it would 'aim' with all attacks as part of it's software (essentially a kind of 'target lock').
  12. Yup. Personally still waiting to get a copy of Spec Mods in the UK. Third print-run lucky... If nothing appears at any of the pre-order retailers this time, I may have to suck down international shipping from FFG myself, because quite frankly this book appears to be quite important (Star Wars tech book, who woulda thought it ). Fingers crossed for No Disintegrations... (got pre-order in early for that one!).
  13. I only ask for Initiative rolls if they're necessary (because of timing): "Yeah, so one of the NPCs is going to use a Maneuver to move to the alarm and second Maneuver to activate it... Ah, you want to interrupt them? Roll a Simple Contested Vigilance vs their Cool to see if you notice what they're doing and can intercept them in time..." Likewise NPCs can do the same in an attempt to intercept a PC's activity. As long as everyone only acts once (with the exception of the Nemesis additional turn rule), timing isn't generally that relevant for our table. It's worked for my EotE and FaD games so far...
  14. That’s another idea, but normally setback are something that would be rolled at the same time as the primary dice — and if the opponent knows how many setback they’d have to roll, they might not choose to attack. Moreover, this increases the risk of the “Fistful of Dice” problem. And if the talent can be activated multiple times, by spending the amount of strain required for each activation, how do you model doing that enough times to make the attack miss, without having to roll way too many dice at a time, or to roll them repeatedly until you get enough accumulated failures/threats? Mechanically, it’s a lot easier to just add automatic [Fail] symbols for each rank of Parry or Reflect, or to leave the talents as-is and make them simple damage reduction. Sorry, should have stated that my thinking is for the Setback Dice to be in addition to the normal damage reduction quality of the Talents. So if the character decides to take a Guarded Stance Maneuver, additional Setback Dice are added to an attacker's pool (once), and if they hit, the Talent can be then activated as normal for the damage reduction (multiple times if necessary). Certainly understand you're concern with the 'Fistful of Dice' problem, which is why I'm thinking Force Rating as opposed to Talent Ranks as that tends to increase far slower and is a constant (melee attack, how many ranks do I have in Parry? Hmm being shot at now, how many ranks do I have in Reflect..just no..). I have only really just started pondering on this, so just a rough idea really...
  15. I've been considering something similar, but instead of automatic success reduction, additional Setback dice. This would be part of a Guarded Stance Maneuver (which already applies a Setback Die to melee attacks). As for how many Setback allowed, I'm still not sure... I originally thought of one per rank of Parry (or Reflect), but as waywardgm has mentioned, it could get very crazy down the line. I have also considered adding a number of SB dice equal to Force Rating (minus committed die, if any), but that would restrict the benefit (of Parry, anyway) to Force wielders. As for Strain, again unsure. Considering 1 point of Strain per Setback Die added. But as I'm thinking of the requirement of using Guarded Stance, this is already tying up a Maneuver, which may cost 2 Strain anyway if the character wants two maneuvers and an Action in that turn... Another reason for Setback Dice instead of auto-fails is the possible generation of Threat as well as Failure, which allows more use of Improved Parry and Improved Reflect Talents. Still pondering on this, so no definite answer. But maybe this suggestion may give inspiration...
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