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  1. I was there. Unfortunately, I got suckered into the other universe (I like both) and got some nice prizes from the lackluster showing for the "other" game. I would have stayed around and get in a game, but my transport had other plans. I know, I know...excuses. Anyways, looks like I won't be there next week as my transport will be out fishing.
  2. Uber72

    Card Sleeves

    I have been using FF 41 x 63 mm sleeves for the upgrade cards. For the fighter cards, I have been using clear soft sleeves that come with the toploaders I get and then slide them into ultrapro toploaders. The soft sleeves keep the card from sliding around.
  3. I got the range templates in on Monday. Even faster shipping than before. Last Friday, people were mentioning I should paint them. I really didn't comprehend at the time as my mind was muddled with the game. Then looking online and thinking about it, today I decided to paint them. It was mentioned that I should keep the brown paper on it to keep the paint inside the numbers and movement symbols. Only problem was that the movement templates that came in last week had no brown paper on them. Must have been removed before shipping. Also today, only the green range ruler had the brown paper on it. It was easy to paint. Then I decided I should paint everything else. Of course the paint was spilling over the edge onto the templates. First I tried to use tissue paper to wipe up the excess. That didn't work as it took up paint from the numbers and I had to repaint. Then I tried a 3 x 5 card. It worked perfectly. I rubbed the card flat against the template. The paper soaked up the excess paint on the surface without taking up the paint in the grooves. A simple and elegant solution.
  4. Well, I was wondering about how to possibly combat the Phantom. You cannot barrel roll into a ship or obstacle. I shall have to ponder this.
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