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    sorry, Im a newbie. Is a unit supported if it is adjacent to another friendly unit? Or is it supported only if it is retreating into a friendly unit?
  2. I'm an old infantry officer, fought in 3 wars. When we were in combat there was always an objective, always a piece of terrain. So this game makes a lot of sense to me. And when I play games that give points for unit elimination, weak units just run away. Not very realistic. I like this game just the way it is.
  3. If an obscene unit is compelled to retreat twice in in one combat, he receives two flags at once, does he still get to counter before he retreats? Can he counter twice?
  4. Rules say that if the citadel guards roll the dice and get crossed swords it causes a retreat. Is this instead of a hit or does it cause a hit and a retreat?
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