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  1. Vargas79

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Scum if I had to pick. First Order are doing things for me though. Rebels would be last place by some margin.
  2. Vargas79

    What are the most underrated pilots for each faction in 2.0?

    Oh advanced senors is stapled to him for sure. No shortage of love for 4LOM in Toronto, he’s regularly played here.
  3. Vargas79

    What are the most underrated pilots for each faction in 2.0?

    4LOM is underrated?!
  4. Vargas79

    Point cost of Delta 7

    7B should be pricey. Given that a shield upgrade costs 6 points on a 2ag ship, and this title grants 2 of them, I would anticipate a minimum cost of 15 points. The remainder of the cost will link to whatever additional benefit the designers believe a red die has over a green die.
  5. Vargas79

    M3-A Interceptor in 2.0

    Cartel spacer with ion cannon. It’s been invaluable for me. Typically shoots last when enemy ships tokens have been spent and regularly gets the required ion token(s) through. My list: Guri + outmaneuver + advanced sensors Old Teroch Jakku gunrunner Cartel spacer + ion cannon Each ship poses a unique threat and have a satisfying synergy.
  6. Vargas79

    Does 2.0 N'dru need a missile?

    My experience of running him with VI and a missile was the exact opposite of just about everything you’ve stated.
  7. Vargas79

    Scum Han list

    Looks great. It’ll need to be flown with a tight strategy. I wouldn’t disregard Ndru in this list - for 32 points he could cause disproportionately high damage. I’ll give this list a fly on Monday evening and report back.
  8. Vargas79

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Miranda. She just did too many things too well and too easily.
  9. Vargas79

    Strike 3

  10. Vargas79

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

  11. Vargas79

    Reaper Article!

    It’s a 2.0 article. Why is this a surprise to anyone?
  12. Vargas79

    Old Players: Tell Us A Story!

    Wave 7 had the best relationship between arc dodging, jousting and turrets. Definitely the best in 1.0. I’ve been playing since wave 3. Wave 8 almost had me quit the game. 9 rescued it to a degree. Wave 11 was almost as bad as wave 8. 2.0 appears to be taking the game back to a place where players had to fly well to mitigate dice variance. It’s a healthier place to be.
  13. The dial now has a 4 forward likely due to the downsized base. i really hope we can fly A+C+D in a list.
  14. There’s currently 9 that we know about: AP5 Leebo Chopper Guri 4Lom IG88 A-D K2SO is likely going to feature at some point and they’ve got calculate tokens in the Imperial conversion pack which hints that they’ll have a droid pilot in amongst it. So we’re potentially at 11 pilots. I don’t think it’s that much of a leap of logic. Force users have their own upgrades, why not droids? Especially as they’ve had their focus action downgraded to calculate.