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  1. I’m relatively new to the game. I play solo only. I’ve so far played: Shadows of Mirkwood cycle Hobbit saga The black riders & the road darkens Khazad-dum Moria is the place for me! Khazad-dum and journey in the dark from the Road Darkens had me punching the air with delight at points. I’m really in love with the game. The Hobbit saga has a lot of detractors but I thoroughly enjoyed On the Doorstep - aside from that fiddly poison mechanic. Shadows of Mirkwood was a bit of a bore. Ive got the Dwarrowdelf cycle to complete next and then onto the Grey Havens. I’m buying full cycles when I find them.
  2. Hi all Ive recently got into LotR and play solo. I find it completely absorbing. My intention is to stick to the saga expansions. I have both Hobbit expansions, which I’m playing through now (managed to finally beat Flies and Spiders yesterday!). I’ve also got the road darkens and the land of shadow but I cannot find the black riders or treason of Saruman anywhere in Canada online. Does anyone know of any retailers that have a copy of each or a second hand source (aside from eBay obviously)? The US is not an option right now. Feel free to also provide me with purchase recommendations outside of the saga expansions.
  3. Mace with sense and R4-P17.
  4. It’s fine, don’t worry about it.
  5. Sense on Mace is excellent. Switches between arc dodging ace and blocker between games - loads of fun.
  6. Scum if I had to pick. First Order are doing things for me though. Rebels would be last place by some margin.
  7. Oh advanced senors is stapled to him for sure. No shortage of love for 4LOM in Toronto, he’s regularly played here.
  8. 7B should be pricey. Given that a shield upgrade costs 6 points on a 2ag ship, and this title grants 2 of them, I would anticipate a minimum cost of 15 points. The remainder of the cost will link to whatever additional benefit the designers believe a red die has over a green die.
  9. Cartel spacer with ion cannon. It’s been invaluable for me. Typically shoots last when enemy ships tokens have been spent and regularly gets the required ion token(s) through. My list: Guri + outmaneuver + advanced sensors Old Teroch Jakku gunrunner Cartel spacer + ion cannon Each ship poses a unique threat and have a satisfying synergy.
  10. My experience of running him with VI and a missile was the exact opposite of just about everything you’ve stated.
  11. Vargas79

    Scum Han list

    Looks great. It’ll need to be flown with a tight strategy. I wouldn’t disregard Ndru in this list - for 32 points he could cause disproportionately high damage. I’ll give this list a fly on Monday evening and report back.
  12. Miranda. She just did too many things too well and too easily.
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