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  1. I have a quick question about how the stack works in battle. I just played my first game and had the Ultramarines Captain Adeptus Astartes. His special ability is a battle bonus of +2. I also had the mission card Report to the Blackstone Fortress which has a reward of being able to put a character token on the card and it gains a battle bonus of +2. If my character also has a Storm Bolter (wargear) with +3 and my strength is 7, would my battle score be: 7 + 2 + 2 + 3 + Die roll ? Do ALL 3 stack, or do I have to choose eith the Storm Bolter or the Character token, and not both?
  2. Do you guys really think that will happen? I'm just learned about this game now and I'm thinking about buying it soon. If you guys expect an update/overhaul coming soon then maybe I'll hold off and wait. I'd be pissed if they announced a 2.0 right after I bought it.
  3. I'm really considering buying this game. I've recently got into Eldritch Horror and I'm looking for something with a little more meat on the bone (setting/theme). This game looks like it'll be a little more immersive. The fact that a keeper is needed is the only thing I'm on the fence about right now. I have a feeling that in my gaming group I'll end up being the keeper more often than not though. Is this game just as immersive and fun for the keeper? I think the horror feeling will only be felt by the investigators...
  4. How, the expansion arrived today to my surprise. That was super fast shipping. I didn't have to pay any sort of customs or anything. Bookdepo will be getting a return customer! Too bad I wasn't expecting it to come in, I doubt I can scramble anyone to play it with me this weekend on such short notice. I might have to do a solo run...
  5. I'm not an expert on the game yet. I've only played it a few times but I feel basically the same way. I lose all hope if it comes up for me. However, I think there is another investigator that can get rid of cursed conditions as one of their actions, so if it's really bothering you you can make sure they are always one of your chosen investigators. On the other hand, when the blessed condition comes up, I feel like I can tackle any challenge. All part of the game. I think losing hope and feeling like there's no chance is a big part of the cthulhu mythos. I've passed some challenges while cursed, and lost others while having a blessed condition. It's all random chaos.
  6. Just got my copy today (Scotland) ... luv'ing the new fluff, cards and snakey-Yig GOO! Checkout Book Depo ... http://www.bookdepository.com/Eldritch-Horror/9781616618087 I'll need to have a closer look at everything to see where the expansion pays of best, but on first quick-scan, a bit disappointed there isn't more General Encounter cards ... there's only 4? Guess we can't have our cake and eat it too! Walts Vala_Melkor, THANK YOU. You are the best! I live in Japan and I have never found a sight that delivers here for free! I just ordered the expansion and it was only ¥2185 (Like $23). I usually pay $15 or more just for shipping. The local price here is about ¥2800 but it's not even available here yet. I'm gonna be using Book Depository a lot in the future. You just saved me a ton in shipping costs.
  7. With 2 investigators it's hard to keep anyone in one place. I guess I could try with 4, we're getting more comfortable with the rules and gameplay so each of us running 2 investigators could work.
  8. I've ran into some pretty horrible cards too. I've considered taking some of them out before playing but then never do. When I read the cards that causes me issues in game they don't seem that bad on their own so I leave them in. But combined with the other circumstances they can seem horribly difficult. For example, there's been a couple times where I have a mystery out that says when solving a mystery you may spend one clue from that mystery to place on this card... It doesn't seem so bad, but spawn a Mi-go monster with that card out and I wanna flip the table in frustration! (I might be wrong, but the Mi-go is the clue eater, right? Which ever monster is the clue eater is the one I mean when I say Mi-go). I'm trying to solve clues to solve the mystery but there's never any clues on the board! And if I do get one to spawn the Mi-go eats it before I can get there and solve it! Also, I don't like removing mysteries since there are only 4 in the first place. If I remove 1 before playing then there's no mystery as to what mysteries will be drawn. lol Instead of removing cards before play, has anyone thought about removing monsters? I've never tried it yet, but taking the Mi-go, star-spawn and one or two others out of the monster cup might be a solution.
  9. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the clarification though. After that guy died I chose a person with high strength and was able to beat Cthulhu (for my 1st win ever! out of a total of 5 games ) Do you guys choose your investigators based on the ancient one? I've just been going random. Since I'm new to the game I've only tried Azathoth and Cthulhu. From my experience it seems to me that you need some strong fighters against Cthulhu because of all the Epic Monsters and Ambushes he spawns. I don't want to read the mystery cards and special encounter cards from the other ancient ones, I want it to be a surprise. But do you guys have any recommendations on what stats will be good agains the other 2 ancient ones?
  10. Hey guys, I have a couple questions (again). The first one is Combat. When do I apply the monster effect when calculating the number of dice to roll? For example, if my guy has a strength of 1 and I have a carbine rifle (+3) and the monster has a -3. Do I calculate that as: (Equation 1) 1(investigator strength) - 3(monster effect) = 0 (as if I had no weapon) THEN add the carbine 0 +3 = 3 (roll 3 dice)? Or is it (Equation 2) 1(investigator strength) + 3(all weapons/alleys) -3(monster effect) = 1 Die Basically what I'm saying is if this character is unarmed he would roll 1 die during this encounter. But with a kick ass carbine rifle does he still only roll 1 die? That would kinda suck, that's why I'm thinking the first equation makes more sense. ----------------------------- My other question happened when one of my investigators went insane (Jim). His encounter said you find his suitcase - "gain all of his possessions". Are allies possessions? It wouldn't make sense for 2 allies to be in a suitcase, but .... lol. ----------------------------
  11. Thanks for the clarification. You guys on this board are great. If I run into any other issues I'll ask. But I'll try to read the FAQ first next time!
  12. Sorry, I have 1 more question. This is not so much about a card, but about a monster. I had a zombie monster out. With a reckoning effect it turned into the Epic Monster Zombie horde and I returned the zombie token to the monster bag. Later I drew the zombie again. Yet again the reckoning effect said the new zombie should turn into Zombie Horde. HOWEVER, the epic monster Zombie Horde was still on the game board undefeated from a few turns earlier. Because of that, I just ignored the reckoning effect and left the Zombie Horde on it's original space and didn't resolve the new regular zombie's reckoning effect. Was that the correct thing to do?
  13. I played my first 2 games of Eldritch Horror last night. The first game I came pretty close to winning but the doom ran out before I could get the last clue. My second game started out strong. By my 4 or 5th turn I had 2 mysteries solved and half the 3rd. Then I kept drawing mythos cards that made me RETURN a SOLVED mystery to the deck ! I didn't know those kinds of cards even existed. So by the 10th turn I had 0 mysteries solved and doom ran out. lol. Anyway, on to my Card Clarification question: Last night I drew: "Secrets of the Past" with reckoning: "Search the expedition Encounter deck for each card corresponding to the Active Expedition and return those cards to the game box. Then, if the Expedition Encounter deck is empty, investigators lose the game". My question is, once I do the reckoning effect, I will obviously get a new pictured Expedition Encounter card because the current type are all put in the game box, so do I move the expedition token to the new area? Because it also says on the card "an investigator on the Active Expedition space may attempt to..." solve this rumor. So basically I can't solve the rumor unless I'm on the expedition token and if it keeps moving, that's so difficult to catch up to with only 2 investigators.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I'll remove that card for my first game or 2. My copy of Eldritch Horror came in yesterday. I read the rulebook and got it all set up but didn't have time for a test run. I'm exited to give it a try. I think I'll try playing a solo game tonight with 2 investigators and hopefully get some people over on the weekend to do a 4 player game. I heard 4 investigators is slightly easier than 2. Anyway, I love all the pieces in the game EXCEPT the dice... They are so small! Fantasy Flight, is this an attempt to get me to buy a set of Arkham Horror dice? If so, I think it worked. I'm probably gonna buy some Arkham Horror dice next time I'm in the game shop. There goes another $15.
  15. I guess if I REALLY wanted them I could buy them from FFG, but the shipping to my area is killer. It's basically the same price as the product itself. I'll hold off and hope my regular dealers are able to get some stock.
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