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  1. Honestly, I think they'll keep making ships until they run out of original trilogy, prequel trilogy, sequel trilogy and extended universe ships. Might have caused a misunderstanding with my post (I talk too much). It was the 16 ships I'd most like to see IF there were only 16. But I could only think of 6 Rebels, and even then I cheated by putting "Aces" for them and Empire. As long as there's no objections (looking at you Disney) I hope FFG will be releasing new waves until I'm old, dead and buried.
  2. It has been mentioned that apparently there will only be another 16 ships released. That would make four more waves but I highly doubt that FFG would stop there. This game has also been described as one of their biggest money makers. So here is as thorough prediction as I can think of, with eight rebel and eight empire ships. Perhaps Pirates, Planetary Defense, Sequel and Prequel ships will get future releases after the "16" are out. Hey, I can dream. Even if it is an insane thought to many. So here are my choice of 16, in order of "I want them": REBELS YT-2400/Outrider VCX-100/Ghost Cloakshape Fighter M-Wing Rebel Aces ? ? EMPIRE Aggressor Assault Fighter/IG-2000 YV-666/Hounds Tooth StarViper V-Wing Tie Avenger Skipray Blastboat Imperial Aces Of the options above, the YT-2400 and Aggressor Assault Fighter are the two large ships I most want. Cloakshape Fighter and StarViper are the two ships I want most. Hopefully there will be two Empire Huge ships and a Rebel and Empire Huge ship release mixed in.
  3. I can understand his point of view. Sat in a cockpit, saying a few lines and that's it. So from his point of view it wouldn't be that interesting. But... All those $$$ he'd make for a few lines and brief take in a Star Wars movie that will probably make billions within hours of hitting the big screen is not a shrewd business move. However, money isn't everything and if a few hours of his life are better spent elsewhere then I can respect that. Though he might view his contribution to the movies as small, I for one don't think the movies would be the same without him. When gaming, be it on the board or computer, and I score an impressive hit on an enemy, especially a hit that takes them out, I often shout "good shot Jackson" (I know it's supposed to be Janson). When playing Star Wars Battlefront II and bombing Star Destroyers I would always do fly-by-bombings. Knowing when the specific target was almost destroyed I'd be heard to mutter under my breath "one more pass". While I'm sad to hear he won't be in Episode VII, I respect his decision and it won't be that difficult to find an old Wedge. Didn't bother me seeing a younger Obi-Wan played by Ewan McGregor, though Alec Guinness will always be THE Obi-Wan. I shall simply conclude my opinion on this topic by saying of Lawson... "He's not the Wedge you're looking for" "We can go about our business" "Move along"
  4. That I'd like to see. Assuming you mean to include an unarmed (pun very much intended) Spock next to Chewie looking puzzled at the Wookiee's illogical action.
  5. Check out the link in my signature. I've posted in the general discussion forum about a dislike button because it is something I'd like to see.
  6. Sooooooo Anybody want to see some Black Sun Pirate ships in a future wave? Doubt it would be wave 5, but I'd still like to see them.
  7. I wonder if it comes in black... EDIT: ...actually, I wonder if Gosric does Batman in 1/270
  8. That and lucky blue. Shame if no colors. Can just see a red Firespray with a massive blue Ork skull on the front. Perhaps replace engine glow with sparks and flames and a large cloud of thick black smoke.
  9. Should have a red paint job... ...coz red onz go fasta
  10. It's party time! P.A.R.T....Y? Because I gotta!
  11. When you run out of storage/shelf space, that is when you have too many. Until then, buy as many as you like.
  12. While I tried to find something but my hunt simply yielded this: to combine the best elements of both the X-wing and A-wing, the E-wing easily stands among the Rebellion’s fastest, toughest, nimblest, and most versatile starfighters Which I copy and pasted from the Performing the Impossible news page.
  13. What are aliens looking for in there? Aside from learning about someone's diet I can't see what can be learnt from shoving a probe up somebody's......
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