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  1. Worth noting I finally got my medal yesterday. No apology, but at least I've finally added my medal to the trophy rack https://photos.app.goo.gl/pgUWnEk8HW7BCgPh6
  2. That's good mate, still nothing for me yet In the meantime I won my first shadespire tournament today at least
  3. No response to emails, tweets, direct messages. I'm out, so long and thanks for all the fish ? Rich
  4. Guys I've gone from being a massive fan of your games to being completely disillusioned over what I know is pretty insignificant but is really disappointing how its being dealt with. At the European championships in May it looks like the organisers made a mistake and gave the imperial assault medals for top 16 to the armada players. No problem we were told, have these armada medals for the picture then give them back and we'll sort the replacements to send out to you if you leave us your details. Since then I've tried repeatedly to get some idea of what's happening with no response, Gil has told me several times he is in contact with Asmodee to get these back but it's gone on months and every time I'm just told we'll chase with Asmodee. I've barely played imperial assault since euros now and am pretty frustrated with the way this has been dealt with. Everyone here will I'm sure know how much of an advocate of ffg games I was prior to this, and how much of a champion for ia in my local area, but I can't even bring myself to play now. Could somebody please just step in and sort it out? I really haven't wanted to make a fuss but it's now 6 months and nobody is showing any willing to help. Regards, Rich
  5. Met a couple of Italian chaps at euros and they were some of the friendliest guys I've met, if they're an indication of the meta there I bet you had a fantastic event. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Gil mate I've still not heard anything on this and ffg aren't replying to tweets, what's happening please? ?
  7. Any news on the medals yet @GilDK? ☺️
  8. We did a cut to top 22, 1-10 automatically made it through to top 16. 11-22 then played for the remaining 6 places, One game with the winner going through to top 16. I'm not sure where the format came from but I liked it, it gave more people the opportunity to come back the next day and everyone seemed happy with it.
  9. Yea true, I think I saw game 7 as an extension of Swiss but technically it wasn't so. You have my permission of course as one of the 16, I don't think everyone will post agreement however as I don't think everyone of them is a forum user. Never mind if unable to post, just thought it'd be nice to have a copy! Rich
  10. I'd have to check the wording on opportunistic but if it's movement points they'd just go into your pool as it's your activation so you wouldn't be able to move before your second attack. Hope that makes sense... Rich
  11. Yes I'd like to play competitively so the expansions sound like they're necessary thanks guys. Regarding initial buy in ideally we'd probably not buy it all in one go and dip our toes first but if the game is good and we're enjoying it then I'm sure that's not a major problem. My main concern really is getting friends involved when there's an ever increasing but in as I've already seen that as an issue in imperial assault where to get some important commands cards involved buying a £50 box for one card. Thanks for all the advice and hopefully see you around at a competition some time! (I'm based in South West England) Rich
  12. Hi guys, I'm a competitive Imperial Assault player (Just got back from Euros having made Top 16) looking to make a start in L5R but I'm worried the buy in is going to have escalated to the point that it's untenable already. If I'm buying in atm my understanding is I need 3 core boxes and 1 of every expansion released so far? It feels like it might be a more and more difficult challenge getting friends to buy in as the game matures if that's the case. Can I check that those dynasty packs are all still viable and how long they stay in rotation for (if that's a thing) before myself and a couple of friends try the game out. Thanks in advance, Rich
  13. Yea agreed on it not being about the money, I don't think I've met anyone for whom that's a consideration. We played mos eisley b once during Swiss and then again at top 16, with uscru courier being the only one played twice during Swiss. I would be interested to see how many han rangers builds lost those two games though against anything other than a mirror as I'm starting to think of it as a real problem atm with all but an auto win for the smugglers. (I may just be sour as two of my losses were on that and I knew I'd lost as soon as the mission was declared for top 16)
  14. Has anyone got a copy of the picture Gils took of the top 16 with our medals on? I've not seen it surface yet
  15. That pretty much matches my experience, in 8 games I played 6 han rangers, one Ig88 and luke, and 1 vader mirror match. I was a bit fed up of han rangers by the end! (felt like an auto loss on mos eisley stashes for two of my games)
  16. It was beautifully painted as well, I can't remember exactly sorry, I didn't play against him but he was next to me in my top 16 match. Ahsoka and Jarrod for sure and I think Han, rcp+ and smugglers?
  17. Top 4 being played now, 3 han rangers and one scum. Han rangers in top 16 on stash Mission mos eisley pretty much cleaned up...
  18. Just to note Samwise (Sam White ankle) will be coming along Saturday for breakfast as well as new and the 2 guys in bringing up if you need an idea for numbers at all. Counting down now! Rich
  19. Look forward to seeing you again mate, hopefully no son of skywalker and bantha shenanigans to contend with this time, that was a fun list!
  20. I'm there, looking forward to meeting you all! Definitely up for breakfast Saturday Jeppe, we should be there around lunchtime Friday so probably catch up with you some point then too
  21. Sorin's still great if you build a list around him but there's more stuff that can just reach out and kill him nowadays with both Jedi Luke and Ahsoka not really having a problem walking in and smashing him. I miss my Sorin list Have been toying around with the idea of 2xeSentry with Sorin and the ATDP but I'm shying away for the reasons above really
  22. I have a YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/StarwarsStreaming but I don't put any editing into it now I just live stream ad it was taking up too much time. Even then sometimes it's nice just to play without the pressure of being recorded so 90% of my games aren't steamed anymore. At one point I peaked at about 20 watching the stream but since then it's barely had any watchers so just not really worth doing. I am a decent player myself (I think! Couple of store champs and regional trophies to prove I'm not absolutely terrible at least) and have decent opponents, but there just doesn't seem to be much need for it (or at least not for them without huge amounts of editing) I think the problem is most of the people who play competitively probably don't post a lot of content, and those that post a lot of content don't play competitively (happy to be corrected)
  23. Wow, that's an amazing attendance for a regional, I'm guessing the game is popular in Spain atm! Would love to hear more about how you guys are building the community.
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