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  1. RoyalRich

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    Worth noting I finally got my medal yesterday. No apology, but at least I've finally added my medal to the trophy rack https://photos.app.goo.gl/pgUWnEk8HW7BCgPh6
  2. RoyalRich

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    That's good mate, still nothing for me yet In the meantime I won my first shadespire tournament today at least
  3. RoyalRich

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    No response to emails, tweets, direct messages. I'm out, so long and thanks for all the fish ? Rich
  4. Guys I've gone from being a massive fan of your games to being completely disillusioned over what I know is pretty insignificant but is really disappointing how its being dealt with. At the European championships in May it looks like the organisers made a mistake and gave the imperial assault medals for top 16 to the armada players. No problem we were told, have these armada medals for the picture then give them back and we'll sort the replacements to send out to you if you leave us your details. Since then I've tried repeatedly to get some idea of what's happening with no response, Gil has told me several times he is in contact with Asmodee to get these back but it's gone on months and every time I'm just told we'll chase with Asmodee. I've barely played imperial assault since euros now and am pretty frustrated with the way this has been dealt with. Everyone here will I'm sure know how much of an advocate of ffg games I was prior to this, and how much of a champion for ia in my local area, but I can't even bring myself to play now. Could somebody please just step in and sort it out? I really haven't wanted to make a fuss but it's now 6 months and nobody is showing any willing to help. Regards, Rich