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  1. The new core set has new rocks (both kinds), so I presume that the old rocks are no longer valid. The bomb and mine tokens from 1e need to get ported forward, so don't toss those. And for the record, I'm not outraged (or even miffed; I've got acrylic that I'm using anyway). I just expected to get a pile of tokens in the conversion kit, and was surprised when I didn't. Also, PSA for anyone reading, the conversion kits should all have a separate little baggie for the relevant wave 1 ship cards, but many of the kits seem to be missing the baggie. Check your kits vs. the content listing on the wiki (and note that the content list in the kit does *not* list the baggie cards!) and request it from FFG if it's missing.
  2. So the conversion kits don't seem to have shield tokens, and the 2e core set only has 4. The conversion kit lists out which parts we are supposed to re-use from 1e, and shield tokens aren't on the list. Is this an oversight, or am I missing something? (And yes, I realize that using 1e shield tokens is a trivial fix, it just seems odd given how explicit they were about reusing bombs and mines and such)
  3. A big part of the issue is that the FFG app is going to be the 800lb. gorilla in terms of list building (assuming it doesn't outright suck; who knows). Since it won't export data, that's going to mean that most everyone's using a tool that refuses to play nice with the rest of the 1e ecosystem. Overcoming that inertia is going to be that much harder than it used to be, and if Sozin just landed a new job... Well, sounds like he's a busy man, and I certainly can't fault him for not wanting to try and keep up with a company that won't even spit out a JSON version of a squad (seriously, the data export format is dead simple to use, there's no technical reason the FFG app can't interoperate, which implies it was a business decision...).
  4. I say this as basically an Imperial-only player ('cept those sweet Starvipers), but this thread is an Crap balance happens. TIE swarms, whisper, palp, quickdraw, x7 defenders... Yep, only Rebel bias here. /rolleyes
  5. The focus math isn't right. Since the effect of the token is global ("spend it or don't") then each green die can be considered in isolation: each gives a 0.25 chance of being an eyeball, so you can just multiply the number of green dice by 0.25 to get the expected value of spending the token. At three green dice, the evade is worth 0.95, while the focus is worth 0.75. That said, the evade is only worthless when the ship is taking more damage than it has in green dice, and all the dice are already evade results. Evade's still good.
  6. Hopefully they'll errata the Raider to be allowed to equip its titles at the same time they fix this. =D "Corv." is not "Corvette"!
  7. Only twice? You must have some nice digs (or he's living in a hole).
  8. Fixed that for you Makaze gets it, but there's a lot of Not Getting My Point in this thread. Jumpmasters can be beaten, for sure. However, the types of lists that can are somewhat narrow, such that JM15K is pushing out a lot of non-ace lists. Think about how many wave 7 list types just don't have a chance against a well-flown JM15k list. I'm actually getting to the point where I miss seeing a rebel regen list across the table. I also think that JM5K makes for such a better ordnance platform than everything else that it's going to limit ordnance to only being good on JM5Ks (which is why I don't think that making Deadeye unique is the best solution).
  9. I think that's the cleanest way to bring Jumpmasters' ability to field ordnance in line with the other platforms. Without the synergy between spending focus to fire and the options provided by the salvaged astromech slot, the overall punch of the triple JM5K lists will be pulled back, and the targeting options for first-round fire will be limited to low-PS ships. This will give lists a greater chance to PS kill a scout before it fires, which means that we might see a return of more lists that aren't currently able to compete since they cannot land 9 damage against 2 greens at PS 4 or greater on the first round of combat. Yes, I know that it's currently possible to beat JM15K lists, but I think that they're pushing out too many options from the meta. Never thought I would say it, but I kinda miss rebel regen. And TLT Ys.
  10. You'd rather have intentional draws?
  11. Defender don't care about incoming fire. Let them shoot.
  12. Sarcasm in text usually makes you just look like a jerk. All of the tone and body language cues get stripped out, and there are enough jerks in the world that it's the safer bet to assume you're one of them. This isn't sarcasm: I'm hoping this means that XBear will stop posting bad math threads here.
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