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    The future

    I thought going in that I wouldn't like Mars, but I've actually really liked their gameplay. My only gripe is that it would be great if 'abducting' things was more prevalent
  2. Thank you for the insight. Although I was thinking about archiving for speed, I didn't think about using it for ideal conditions for that card,which makes sense. Against the three other decks it plays against, only one would be a favorable matchup for this, because the other ones have strong creatures that can turn the tables on me
  3. Hobbyist

    The future

    All I'm betting on is that the boxes will be yellow A new house could maybe be something watery- sea ish?
  4. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/3d0a611b-2aea-44cb-af9d-937d0f2c30ea The despot that grumbles about mobs is a fun deck to play, but is currently winless. It has a relatively strong archive element in its logos, and I feel like unlocking that may be the key. It's got some good elements, but making them work together is difficult. Anyone have any insight?
  5. I can confirm the draft format being awesome
  6. I just came up with this as a leaner build TIE Advanced v1 - Inquisitor - 38 Inquisitor - (35) Fire-Control System (2) Predictive shot Tie Advanced v1 - Inquisitor - 38 Inquisitor - (35) Fire-Control System (2) Predictive Shot (1) TIE Advanced v1 - •Seventh Sister - 46 •Seventh Sister - Sadistic Interrogator (43) Fire-Control System (2) Predictive Shot (1) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 77 •Captain Oicunn - (74) Intimidation (3)
  7. I just ran a similar list that was really effective. Nodin w r4 & Korr sella Vennie w/c3p0 and veteran turret gunner Greer w/ heroic & advanced optics Zari w/ heroic & advanced optics Nodin provides great support, c3po on vennie gives him the double calculate or that red coordinate if you need it in a bind, though I don't like stressing the bomber out if I don't have to. Typical turn is coordinate a target lock to the bomber who already double calculated. With VTG, 2 modded attacks.
  8. Hobbyist

    New snap shot?

    I've heard people mention looking forward to the new snap shot, and I've missed this somehow, anyone have a link for the source?
  9. Captain Oicun w/intimidation, tac officer, veteran turret gunner 3x scimitar squad bomber with barrage missiles. To be honest, I like any list of this archetype. 1 beefy ship with gimmicks with 3 or 4 generic fighters. for example, tavson w/ phasma 3x omega squadron expert w/ special forces gunner or vennie w/ stuff add 3 fighters or falcon w/ 3 a-wings, etc.
  10. I'll be watching this thread with interest. Turr is one of my favorite pilots.
  11. Rebel Millenium Falcon - 0. have 2 falcons, rarely even use 1VT-49 Decimator - 0.don't feel like more than 1 is neededTIE S/F Fighter - 0 at first, may eventually grab another, if i want to have 4Hyena bomber - 0, don't collect separatistN-1 Fighter - 0, don't collect republicResistance Transport - 1. I think it'll fit nicely in my 4 ship resistance squadTIE/vn Silencer - 1 , I have 1 already, would like to have 2B-Wing - 0 , if i ever get around to flying B-wings, I might eventually get a third, maybe. I've Never gotten the hang of these for some reason.And lastly! The Deluxe templates. nah
  12. Oh Great, separatists are now MORE overpowered. Lol
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much the order of operations (though no cloak on dooku), but doing it is a different story
  14. Separatists seem overpowered to me. for example, first off, squishy vulture droids. one with shell charges is only 1 point more than a tie, with calculates that are shared and don't go away? take 4 of those, dooku in an infiltrator with grievous, kraken, proton torpedoes, probe droids, and Hate, and that's a whole lot of "i can't do anything against them." Hard to approach. anyone know any tricks? It's hard to not feel like you might as well just scoop. I've been flying 4 ship mixed resistance, poe, bastian, talli, and greer
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