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  1. This one is confusing, because it was ruled differently in 1.0
  2. Hobbyist

    X-wing or something about Friday

    to be honest, there's not really much I could ask for. Having a great time with the game, and I have more ship variety than I could ever hope to fully appreciate. maybe get the Epic conversion fast tracked, and keep things fairly balanced.
  3. Hobbyist

    collateral damage

    I'm not super familiar with scum tricks, but what's this guy's purpose?
  4. Hobbyist

    Deluxe Range Ruler

    Deluxe range ruler allows players to shoot at range 4. Edit: that was a joke
  5. Hobbyist

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Low pilot skill is fine.
  6. Hobbyist

    Moralo and Z-95 Flanking on Turn Two

    I flew against something like this, and it is a fun trick, but it isn't the hardest thing to counter. I do think it may be an effective tool against close range synergy lists, since it dictates how to fly. but you can always either A. avoid that side of the map. or B. play the waiting game. make sure the 'non-transporting' half of your list is a threat.
  7. Hobbyist

    The best possible Squad Builder experience?

    i don't mind the squad builder, i just wish i could have a copy feature
  8. Hobbyist

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    the mouth is pretty scary
  9. Hobbyist

    Over / Under

    "2-3 procs per game is amazing" -blackout
  10. Hobbyist

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    I won't be buying into separatists, but I like the probe droid mechanics.
  11. Hobbyist

    Simple tank First Order list

    you'll have to sell me on cardinal
  12. Hobbyist

    Simple tank First Order list

    I've used hux on stridan with 4 fo's, and he's ok. I think tavson is a better fit for the sf's, as stress from hux will keep the upsilon from being useful, and the SF's don't shed the stress as easily as their Tie/FO counterparts. the list started as trying to be a replacement for a 1st edition list- stridan w/ ops spec, title, rebel captive 3x tie fo w/snapshot. the stridan/hux resembles it more on paper, where tavson/phasma plays more like it,(and better than the original) and also has doubletaps (or more firepower when you don't) like the original.
  13. Hobbyist

    Simple tank First Order list

    I hardly think anyone is going to pay attention to this, because it is mostly generics, and it seems a lot of people only have initiave 5-6 pilots in their collection. can't do too much harm, right? -reason I made this list is that I bought a 3rd SF, and had to justify buying it. -I'm also curious about the VTG matchup. I've only come across a couple individual ships sprinkled into lists that had that setup. I think my knee-jerk reaction would be to ram Tavson in their face to break up the formation
  14. I've been having fun, and good results, with a very simple list that doesn't require any gimmicks or many upgrades. Lieutenant tavson with Captain Phasma 3x PS2 generic TIE/SF with special forces gunner. Does it have the best Dice Modification? No, a simple focus is fine. If you're lucky, they'll shoot tavson to get some extra actions. You can fly it in formation or not, though I often fly my SF's in formation at least until the first engagement. Just get as many shots as possible, use that back arc when needed, try to keep the Upsilon relevant. Whether that's taking shots, or keeping his action for coordinates and such, Jam is pretty handy. 5-0 with it so far. I'll probably rotate it out so my play group doesn't get sick of me, but i'll keep it in mind for bigger tourneys.
  15. Hobbyist

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    I'll use them as shields for my Tie bomber swarm, or Tie/ln's or interceptors