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  1. my dining room table is 42" wide, and as long as you can put your cards and stuff on the sides, it's a really good width for x-wing
  2. I'm not super committed to this list type going forward, I had just flown Sloane RAC w/5 ties (ruthless version) a couple times, and wanted to run this (7x bomber) as sort of an experiment. it could have legs, but it's kind of a dull exercise. I might dust off either some 'good guy' ships, which don't receive much love, or get the phantoms to the table for my next venture. I think i've flown a 2.0 phantom once, really early in 2.0. One thing's for sure, I hope i don't see more of this across the table! Replying to JBFancourt, another thing I've run is oicunn with 3x barrage rocket bombers, which i think was before this points update. probably had VTG on oicunn, don't remember what else,don't think i did sloane, but ruthless might work.
  3. I generally fly Vennie as a gun platform with VTG and C-3po. also with 3 a wings Greer is my favorite, Zizi is now my second third is anyone else I've never got the hang of Lulo, though. Put heroic on the A-wings, fit advanced optic onto as many A-wings as possible, though not on the bomber, as he usually has 2 calculates, which won't work with optics
  4. So, to be brief, i was thinking about what list may be the hardest to chew through, and I figured I'd give it a go. Not to mention, since play is only online, i'm not limited to the 3 bombers I own. The bomber is dirt cheap at 27 points, 6 hull behind 2 green dice. 42 health for 7 of them. I did a little mental testing, as well as flying against it in fly casual sim, where I flew Vennie with vtg and c3p0, tallie, greer and the new I5 Awing Pilot, whose name escapes me atm. I fought valiantly, tried to arc dodge and minimize incoming shots, but they wore me down in defeat, which was exactly what I was hoping to see. I mentally went through some possible matchups, and I was pretty sure I had a fighting chance to do OK. the build I settled on is this 7x scimitar squadron bombers 1 with proton bombs, 2 with seismic charges. Set up with a lane on one side with a width of 2.5-3 between board edge and rock. front row has 4 bombers with a template width between. back row has 3 set in the gaps, bomber with protons on the outside, seismics on the inside. The bombs are not really the point of the list, but I felt that it was a better way to spend the points than upgrading one of the ships to a named pilot, or adding more hull. Come wednesday night, it's maiden voyage, during a casual online game, the folly and bane of the bomber swarm appeared. Kallus in the ghost, Jan ors trailing behind, and Braylen Stramm. At least 2 bombers were one-shot. Bombers, one-shot. I struggled to roll paint. In the first engagement, I had all guns on stramm, who only suffered 5 damage. over the course of the game, I did get Kallus down to 4 hull, and Jan was too well protected to get too much off. I eventually conceded when I was down to 2 bombers, as I no longer had the firepower to finish off his ships. It was a fun and hilariously ill-fated first outing of the bombers.
  5. I was able to get a raider loaded and moving correctly on Tabletop Simulator. No 6x3 mat, though. But I'll have to do a full test game to make sure everything works. Only finicky thing I can think of is range 4 and 5 measuring, I didn't make sure that was scripted.
  6. Ah, thanks for the reply. That would seem to explain it. I hope it does get supported. That Raider can't fly itself off the shelf. I'm having withdrawals. Maybe I should learn coding and scripting.
  7. This would be fun for a one-off tournament, but not for long-term. It fits my squadbuilding style, but don't find that i'd like everyone else having to do the same. (it also takes away getting a numbers advantage over really bloated ships, which is usually good for me, who likes spamming generics with an ace or support.) I'd probably fly more empire, actually, since my first order and resistance lists have advanced optics stapled to everything.
  8. It looks like Vassal has an epic format supported, but I can't get it to spawn a list. Is this actually supported? am I doing something wrong?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I've misplayed it a couple of times then, still don't get both attacks in most of the time anyway
  10. really not sure if I agree about the raider wanting to be a battering ram. In the handful of epic games i've played with it in 2nd edition, it's a great weapons platform that I like keeping clean and as healthy as possible, because once you hit mid-game, it is a beast. Mine is set up with 4 to 5 attacks (primary, targeting battery, cluster missiles, ion torpedoes) Oh great, I'm getting all heated just thinking about it.
  11. I can't speak from double raider experience, but from single raider experience is that one of the things that really makes it shine is whatever squad you bring with it, making sure your opponent can't single out the raider, and punishing them for when they do so. I feel that a second raider in place of most of that squad wouldn't accomplish this well, since they'd have a hard time being close enough to cover each other for long. This is just conjecture, but i'm not too motivated for this. If you want to try it on vassal sometime, send me a message.
  12. Like the leheuse one, flew one like that with holo instead of vonreg, loved it
  13. @Archangelspiv Good luck at the SoS! I take it you're flying the blackout you've posted above? I fly him most out of the silencers, I don't like spending the force tax for kylo, (and his ability is boring)
  14. I don't have math to back me up or anything, but Low initiative Advanced optics are pretty much my bread and butter. I'm not much on piling on upgrades, but Advanced optics generally makes me happy I have it. My two main factions are 1. First Order, and 2. Resistance. -- because of advanced optics. Opponents will gripe on how consistent the damage is from them.
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