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  1. I love Poe Dameron's black and red X-Wing
  2. STAR DESTROYERS spaceships in disguise
  3. Someone REALLY messed up in Canada....
  4. That's my biggest complaint. Our men on the front lines are taking photos with potatoes.
  5. I've been wanting to do this since I first got into the game. These are the first, and I'll be turning all of my TIEs into these beauties. Fans of TIE Fighter for PC should recognize what's going on here...
  6. I say yes. From a fluff standpoint, the standard 3x3 board puts the ships in close enough range to TL from across the board. I take this from the classic PC games, obviously. From a game mechanics standpoint, I think it still works. I can't imagine a time in which it would break anything, as typically after the first two or three rounds of combat you typically see all ships within range anyway.
  7. 44-HP! Too bad 4 out of 5 ships are throwing one defense die at a time.
  8. Thank you! I had a ton of fun painting them. I was very concerned about the large ships, as I really wanted to get an airbrush to do a proper fade, but I was too impatient and decided to play around with blending with cotton swabs and eventually moving to thinning the paint with varying amounts of water. Basically creating a wash for each glow color. Ah, I wondered how you did that - if an airbrush was needed or not. Yeah, they look really amazing. So you basically just did a couple passes of thinned paint? Widest spread the thinnest, slightly thicker for a smaller ring, etc? How many passes did it take? Thank you! And yes, exactly. It took probably 4-5 passes. In retrospect I probably should have done one more super thin pass on the Lambda, but I'm happy with it.
  9. That's my intention. I'm going to build a game table with black lights built into the walls!
  10. I doubt it. I did see a lot of 3D-printed fighters, but nothing crazy. I feel like the sub-forum was just barely coming into a place where it would branch out from paint on the ships out to custom gaming mats, hand-made tuck boxes, scratch-built 3D pieces and custom cards.
  11. We fought for a long time to get that sub-forum created. I feel like we've been defeated today.
  12. Thanks so much! Here shortly I'll be painting all my TIEs to match the lighter grey of the TIE Adv and TIE Fighter, a la TIE Fighter for PC.
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