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  1. I had this issue with a K-wing. Bit of glue and it's been fine since. Can't you just glue it?
  2. So..... if she can treat any forward manoeuvre as a k-turn.... does this mean that if she is ioned she can choose either a 1 straight ahead or a 1 k-turn?
  3. Thats what i thought.... Came about in a game recently, we were playing Precision Strike and as luck would have it i managed to drop a Structural Damage and a Projector Misaligned onto a Star Destroyer. Subsequently every attack against that ship i was flipping a random card over, applying the effect then flipping it facedown again. So following on from that... Precision strike is now my go-to red scenario, and i have tailored my list to include General dodonna and Dodonna's Pride to help me drop the right crits on things. Not foolproof, but nasty.
  4. So... when spending 3 engineering points to "Choose and discard a faceup or facedown damage card". Am i allowed to look at the critical effect printed on the reverse of the facedown damage cards? Some effects/scenarios have the ability to flip these cards faceup, and there are some that you want to see gone more than others.
  5. Just like when shooting at a huge ship... despite the fact they have 0 agility value, they will roll one green die at range 3 (or obstructed attack). 2 if both.
  6. ABBA 2x prototype pilots Ten Numb with fire control syetem Blue squadron pilot with heavy laser cannon & sensor jammer This was always my best list before Rebel Aces came out, now with the charrd refits, i have an extra 4 pts to spend.... Swarm tactics and flechette torpedo on ten numb i think, though not playtested yet, other option is upgrading prototypes to greens... onions?
  7. 3rd edition. By far the greatest. No argument.
  8. Looking at the list more closely, it would have to go on the Y, but that is where I would likely put it anyway since the B already has Barrel Roll. Also, I have your B-Wing at 33 points, not 35. If my math is wrong, you could also drop the Upgrade for Deadeye and Advanced Sensors on Nera. That would allow you to take a focus instead of Target Lock and then be able to shoot at anyone on the board. More options since she shoots last. Good Spot... i originally was toying with wingman on Nera, to help salm shed his stress, then realised it was start of the shooting phase it kicks in and would be worthless. So that leaves 6pts free, Ion missile on Tycho & Deadeye on nera? Nera Dantels Flechette Torpedo Flechette Torpedo Deadeye B-Wing/E2 Tactician 34 Horton Salm R3-A2 Flechette Torpedo Flechette Torpedo 31 Tycho Celchu Ion missile Push the limit A-wing test pilot Outmaneuver Shield upgrade 35 _________ 100
  9. So looking at some of the more recent discussions on here since rebel aces dropped has inspired me to create a new list, shall be playtesting it this weekend... any advice/hints/better ideas. Nera Dantels Flechette Torpedo Flechette Torpedo B-Wing/E2 Tactician 35 Horton Salm R3-A2 Flechette Torpedo Flechette Torpedo 31 Tycho Celchu Chardaan refit Push the limit A-wing test pilot Outmaneuver Shield upgrade 34 _________ 100 I like the idea of being able to put a boat load of stress on the opponants force, then Tycho nips round the back and does them in from the rear. The shield upgrade on tycho is only there to use up the last 4 points, was tempted by ion missile on him but would need to find a point. Plus, i know you guys love naming lists, best name suggestion will win.... nothing.
  10. What if the ships were allowed to shoot each other too? Perhaps this could be a new scenario, set up a 6x3 board, throw down 12 asteroids. Players are allowed one ship each, (35pt limit as a suggestion) all start on one of the short edges. Victory condition is reaching the other board edge. Faster ships would need to use their actions for focus and evade to stay alive, slower ships could do serious damage to the early leaders. Would be like a awesome version of wacky races.
  11. FCS (Fire control system) on a Phantom, especially a named phantom, in my opinion is a waste of points. Especially if you are rocking an ACD (advanced cloaking device). The extra mobility the ACD will give you, combined with the awesome hitting power at range 1, means that you will very rarely be shooting at the same target two turns in a row. Either you will one shot something, or cause some damage and move on to another target. So far in my games using Whisper with VI (veteran instincts) and ACD, i have left the systems upgrade slot blank. have not missed it. Sensor Jammer i have always found useful on my B-wings, but with a Phantom, if you are getting shot so much it becomes useful then you are doing something wrong. My build would be: ================== [unnamed Squadron] ================== 100 points Pilots ------ "Whisper" (36) TIE Phantom (32), Veteran Instincts (1), Hull Upgrade (3) Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Push the Limit (3), Hull Upgrade (3), Targeting Computer (2) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) Backstabber (16)
  12. Slambdogg

    Talking tactics

    Play ships that you fly well. Learn dials by playing with all ships. If you ever think during a match "i hope he doesn't......" then remember it, use it or prevent it. Enjoy yourself. If your opponent is new to the game and needs help, give it. If you can't beat a noob fairly then you shouldn't resort to rules buggery. Sometimes the dice will be against you. Accept it graciously. Sometimes the dice will be with you. Acknowledge it humbly. Enjoy yourself.
  13. I got really excited. Frantically dug out my Captain Jonus card. Disappointment when i read "any other friendly ship". I'm going back to bed.
  14. Horton Salm with 2xTorpedos. R2D6 & Swarm tactics. Allows him to boost garvin up to PS8, then either he or Dutch can benefit from the focus.
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