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  1. I threw two "canon" characters at my in person group. Same encounter. They've got a now long standing bounty on their heads, but they don't know of got increased recently until a man buys them a round of drinks and explains how in danger they are. A tall, frightening, thin robot is after them. Along with a man clad in light Mandalorian armor with a jet pack. So, immediately they start freaking out at the table. Scrambling for information in game about who these two are, but out of game knowing fully it's IG-88 and Fett. They flee, but get caught outside their ship. The attack begins. The robot falls first, and no one says anything. Then then use explosives to blow up the body. "He won't kill off a character from the movies," one claims. "It's a robot, it can be rebuilt." "True. But what about Fett?" "I don't know! This is an alternate timeline!" "We should run!" "WE. CAN'T. RUN. HOLY HELL WE NEED A PLAN!" Loved the panic. Eventually the team defeats the last bounty hunter. Steal his utility belt, and run like hell. Didn't bother to do more than tie him up assuming they can't kill Boba Fett. Checking his belt for anything to help later they find two Imperial bounty licenses. IG-62 and Jodo Kast. I really don't know if I would allow them to kill movie characters personally. I don't know if I would bother to even let the groups meet.
  2. I know, I know. Don't interfere too obviously, and let the actions and decisions the players make have weight and consequences. However, oh man, sometimes, though, those obvious deus ex moments are a ton of fun. Hopefully, we can see how anyone here either did, or had their GM directly intervene in a game either for drama, or a laugh, or to save the hides of the players. My current face to face group; for all of them except my wife, if was their first time with the hobby, and all all of them seemed to be getting into it. They were on a hot, humid, tropical rainforest planet looking for an old warship. Every loud noise, every felled tree, they feared, was a rancor. This adventure takes four or five weeks. No rancors. Old droids, wild animals (bats, cats, fish, etc), and Stormtroopers, sure. No rancor. At the end, they're on foot, running for their lives from troopers on speeder bikes toward their ship. As they break into the clearing, their ship is locked down by Imperials, and they're debating fighting them. From the tree line comes the two on bikes they'd been running from. Capture looks likely, and they're too outnumbered to survive a fight for very long (pretty beat up by now). Everyone is debating what to do. From the tree line is a roar, then an explosion of leaves and wood as a tremendous rancor bursts into the clearing and eats one of the bikers. The other troopers open fire on it, and as they do battle, the crew boards their ship and blasts off out of there. My "Jurassic Park" moment.
  3. He also married what's-her-name. The woman who co-starred in that same movie.
  4. DLMA would feel the la.inate crack and splinter under the pressure of her punch. The blast of energy from the knuckles of her robotic hand sends him back a step, and he quickly pulls his arms in toward his core as he sucks wind to catch his breath. You all can hear him trying to speak, but he can't catch his breath enough to stop coughing.
  5. I didn't know if Blackbird was going to have a new character up, and since he would technically have the last initiative spot...
  6. My thoughts are limited to "Stormtroopers care not your name, species, or career path." What does everyone else think?
  7. Honestly, all I did was not capitalize a hashtag. Yeah, sure double entendre, but what of it. Even capitalized it can still be misconstrued. Beyond that, I suppose all I have to say is cry me a river. But beyond this, I'm done here.
  8. Fixed that for you.Trust me, you don’t want Haley googling for “dong lover”. Done on purpose. It's a running joke for him. And if someone needs to be told not to Google that then I am at a loss for words. Or, hey, maybe people wanna Google it.
  9. Yes, I do, you are correct. And I should specify pistols, too, for future reference.
  10. Anyone have any suggestions for weapon mods that use one hard point? Just trying to get some ideas.
  11. Hey. Hey hey hey. This is the fastest a book has gone from posted as In Dev to at the printer. Right? Like five days. We should be celebrating.
  12. There's a guideline for offering certain talents in exchange for having healed a critical injury and opting to leave a nasty scar. The scar is a narrative thing with possible mechanical aspects (setbacks and boosts, I'd imagine) if the GM and player think it's appropriate. The talents are given in chunks with the sort of critical injury that would work for them, but it seems more a guideline than a hard and fast list. The severity of the injury (they are, and have always been, ranked in terms of difficulties) determines how much XP it costs to get the talent you're shooting for.
  13. I would assume that no one here will care if you're the same career. Hell, even the same starting specialization. It all comes out in the wash of how you spend your XP and play the character.
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