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  1. Yep, I buy from them often. You also get a small additional discount (maxes out at 5%) as you buy more stuff.
  2. It's entirely possible that English is not his/her first language. I have Dyslexia would You two like to make fun of my wheelchair as well? or maybe the MS? all this because I agreed with someone that it was expensive to buy a ship for one card. WOW it Amazing what people will type on a computer that they probably would say to your face..DarthSidious,ScottieATF, & Lyraeus Actually, sir, I was pointing out to ScottieATF that you might not be a native English speaker, which might have explained your wording. It's not a personal attack, nor was it making fun of you. However, you have done nothing but attack other people on this thread. Your dyslexia and MS do not give you license to do so without being called out for it.
  3. It's entirely possible that English is not his/her first language.
  4. If you're going to chide someone on their use of language, you had best be sure that yours is spotless, first.
  5. Not really, it's just that this brand of special-snowflakeism comes up on the X-Wing forum from time to time, usually from some amateur business analyst who thinks that they know FFG's business better than they do.
  6. Here's the thing though: you know where to find the XI7 Turbolasers card. If you want more of them, buy the packs. Or, alternatively, proxy the cards (if you're not doing tournaments) or go on the Bay of E, or find another alternative. Or, just wait until they get released again in another expansion.
  7. I think you're confused. if you're playing in a tournament, and you want to run that list, the onus is wholly on you to finance it. FFG does not owe you cheap, multiply-available cards (although they do have a habit of putting cards in multiple releases). Armada is a luxury, and the argument that they are somehow lack decency isn't even wrong. After all, no one is making the same argument for Ferraris, and they at least have some utility.
  8. Unfortunately, FFG does not have a license to make Star Wars computer games.
  9. I guess it's windmill-jousting season again . FFG has stated on multiple occasions that they will not be doing this.
  10. Yeah. A small amount, thinly spread over the tab works really well, and doesn't really mess with the paper. My wife uses glue tape for her crafting projects, and I know it's pricey and you generally need to go to specialty stores to get it. Elmer's is cheap and plentiful.
  11. After having done a large number of boxes, I've found that regular white glue (i.e., Elmer's) works really well. It also has the benefit of being able to maneuver the pieces for a little bit if you need to line things up.
  12. Admittedly, while I am looking forward to Wave 3, I haven't even had a chance to use my Wave 2 ships. I'm still working through getting them all in Sir Willi's microhangars.
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