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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/13/spark-of-hope/ Not sure we needed another Rey and Kylo, but Ewoks are a welcome addition. Hopefully we'll see more of them soon with red, blue and other yellow options. Temporary Truce is a cool mechanic I'd love to see on Asajj-Obi-Wan if the points would work. Given the possessed downgrade, I wonder if we'll see Old Daca. I am still hopeful for Pong Krell as a blue villain with the option for two double-bladed lightsabers like Rex's Pistols and Palpatine's Sabers. Finally, it's nice to see a good Trawn, though I expect he'll be as annoying as current Jyn.
  2. I recently played a draft where I had Mace2, Anakin (draft) and Enfys Nest Marauder as my team. It went 2-1, but I often found myself having Enfys sides I couldn't pay for. I have a constructed game tonight and was considering Mace2, 2Anakin (WotF) and Enfys Nest Marauder. However, that's down two-three damage sides and three health. Do y'all have any thoughts?
  3. Iden and Co is also a possibility I suppose.
  4. Does anyone else think that we may get Krennic and Death Troopers for the Imperial Special Forces wave?
  5. Umm, long story short, it's a miniatures game--which come unpainted. If they were pre-painted, one could not paint them in the personal manner as one would wish. If you don't paint, then commission a painter. Cheers
  6. Lol, je suis un idiot, parce que je parle un peu le français. C'est trés drole. I’ll just blame autocorrect ?. I saw this gem awhile ago. https://goo.gl/images/zqLdDw
  7. Hey y'all, Now that we have a reasonable idea of the core forces etc. I would like to further discuss the potential in future expansions. While individual releases are great to flesh out an existing core force, I would like to offer some complementary ideas. One interesting possibility would be a box of figures comprising Twilight Company from the first (new) battlefront book. This would be awesome and the sculpts/ alien potential is really strong (I want a Besalisk figure). This could easily fill-out a specialist group, and offer a new leader. Additionally, the crew of Rogue One could be done in this way, with both Cassian and Jyn being able to double dip as leaders, and/ or an expensive specialist unit. Other complementary forces could be, Sullustan Rebels, Jedha Partisans (awesome alien possibilities) with Saw as a leader, the Ghost Crew (reluctantly), Ewok reinforcements, Death Troopers with Krennic, hired mercenaries, Inferno Squad with Iden etc. Alternatively, they could go the big box route (like in IA) and do a Jedha expansion (with tank, Partisans etc.), a Scarif expansion, Endor, Hoth, Sullust, etc. Which of the two (or a combination of both) would you prefer/ like? And what other ides do you have?
  8. Should just block the IP and call it a day. Relegate him to the library at least.
  9. I love the PT! I would love to have CIS and Republic ships! However, I think that I remember hearing in an interview that Disney did not want FFG to develop PT stuff so that it would not distract or somehow detract consumers from the Sequel era content. Thus, I expect First Order and Resistance ships long before we see CIS and Republic. The Empire did use Venators though, and they even appear at the end of RotS. The Venator is possibly my favorite capital ship, so I really hope that they make it in.
  10. I really liked the (short-lived) Resistance Fleet from TLJ and hope that Armada brings them in quickly. I'd be fine with a new core containing the Battle of D'Qar or something. But, if that was going to happen, I would have expected it to drop in December or November before the film.
  11. Rebellion: Braha’tok-class gunship Nebulon-B2 Frigate DP20 Frigate/ Corellian Gunship Resistance: MC85 Star Cruiser Free Virgillia-class Bunker Buster Vakbear-class Cargo Frigate Nebulon-C Escort Frigate MG-100 StarFortress SF-17s RZ-2 A-Wings T-70 X-Wings Empire: Tie Striker Tie Reaper?? First Order: Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Resurgent Class Star Destroyer TIE/ FO fighter TIE/ SF Fighter An I missing anything else? The Supremacy is too large to be practical.
  12. I don't know how many times I have to tell y'all the same thing that I've been saying the entire time and is know officially confirmed. I'm pretty well plugged in, lol. Mystery solved, I hope that y'all are satiated I sure am!
  13. Yeah. Mystery solved guys. We were all working off of information from multiple sources, and now have the answer. Let's keep it classy (unlike some other forums, cough, cough). Let's all just enjoy playing with these awesome new products! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year/ Hanukkah!
  14. Yep. I think that this topic is case closed. I still need to check with mine, but thought that I might wait until the 15th and see if I can buy some
  15. Lol, guys. We've been over this. We know when it is coming and in what quantities. We also know that the Upcoming page is often inaccurate. We've known each other a long time, over five years over many FFG titles, I think that it's time to let it go. Fly casual and classy
  16. Also my Chewie, Chirrut crushes. Can’t wait for both of those decks to get better with the plot cards! But yeah, I agree about those changes.
  17. I’ll check my flgs tomorrow and tell y’all what they say. It’ll be a good indicator.
  18. Great job having civil discussion y'all. I know that I’ve known y’all a long time and that you’ve been in this even longer than me, but some of the other forums here can get downright toxic at times. ?
  19. Lol, that was long. Y’all are all right in some aspects. The correct answer is most likely a blend of the two as I stated earlier; maybe an early holiday wave followed by wide release in January.
  20. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/11/a-new-destiny/ Looks great!
  21. I've heard Dec 22 a few places. Way too many mixed messages from all over the place at this point to tell for sure, but, I'd say January is a safe bet.
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