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  1. Darth Vicious

    Where is Talisman ????

    i gots em
  2. These look dang cool, but is it me or do they look really tall? Almost squarish? 3-4 Pegs possibly needed?
  3. .. that Harry Nick alluded to on the YouTube Wave Four preview? For those more in the know, I'd like to hear a sentence a sentence or two about it and some tentative release date.
  4. T.O. !!!!! Are 3-D printed bombs legal in tournament play? The bases are exactly correct. The bombs rise up to about a peg in height. They look so dope. If another ship landed on them, they are removed anyway. If a ship had the ability to fly on them, the originals could be used for the match. How about acrylic asteroids/debris that are thr same height and shape as the originals?
  5. Darth Vicious

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    At what time?
  6. Darth Vicious

    FFG and Games Workshop break up

    Warhammer contracts great books, had a fun game until they dumbed it down into an dice toss instead of having a mentor syspemt or a tiered riule system... Oh and they gave away the biggest i.p. in the world not owned by Disney to blizzard. W/E!
  7. Darth Vicious

    FFG cyber Monday?

    yesterday was monday. man, it was nice
  8. Darth Vicious


    man, this may be a wait and see when we get or khz and starv hero pack...
  9. Darth Vicious

    IG Bossk, extra points?

    Waives hand ... "This is not the Bossk/IG-88 build you are looking for..."
  10. Darth Vicious

    Magnets On Ships?

    Bring a Core 2 rule book and a printout of the last faq with you to every tourney (just put it in one of the FFG tourney folders and it'll look cool and official) to show the TO if you have a rules challenge. You can challenge even if it's not a rule breakage and openly troll someone who intentionally does that. I think shaming would make him try to keep it straight. If not, you can call the TO and ask for extra time for due to him trying to delay the game.
  11. Darth Vicious

    Magnets On Ships?

    Rules say you can modify pegs all you want. You can only paint ships and bases. If he put the magnet in the ship, you can challenge it. I have many modified and lit ships, but always bring a normal copy of the ship in case it's contested.
  12. The 5 ship Rebel A-Wing swarm called the Snap-Crack Swarm. (Two Snap Shot EPT cards come with Heroes of the Resistance.) 5 copies of the following A-Wing make the swarm: -------- pilot:(PS3) A-Wing Green Squadron Pilot, - (Squad Point Value 19 points) missile: (PS -2) Chardaan Refit, - (Squad Point Value -2 points) title: A-Wing Test Pilot (enables 2 EPT's), - (Squad Point Value 0 points) EPT1: Crack Shot, - (Squad Point Value 1 point) EPT2: Snap Shot, - (Squad Point Value 2 points) --------- Total Cost: (Squad Point Value 20 points) x 5 ships equals 100/100 I have played this squad, and it is viable against a number of totally different builds. Playing it is mentally taxing tough, because after you have used your Cracks to take down a prime target, you must use asteroids and what not to help you survive while you re-position. In the end game, you must pull off a planned envelopment trap designing the trap to get off multiple Snaps to do damage or at least strip the target of tokens before your range one attacks during the combat phase. That is a classic "Kill Box," and if done correctly, is extremely lethal, These Snap-Crack games tend to go close to time. Don't be afraid to take 2 or 3 turns to bugger out and re-position a number of ships. The 3 and 5 k-turns and the green 5-straight help in those situations. When all is said and done, you can win a Store Championship with this build. Palp-Aces, Dangaroo, whatever. I don't want to play this build in my scheduled Regional tournaments, Adepticon: Hoth, Gen-Con, or Worlds. I actually like this build, but it does wear you out mentally. A few games would be fine, but having to do what I said above for 8-10 games would lead to a lot of mistakes and burnout as game after game adds up. If anyone has played this build extensively, please post how you have done and post your competition. Enjoy. Pew. Pew.
  13. Looking to squire a full Team Cov. Awakened Navy Templet Set Send pm please Black/red mod of original
  14. Darth Vicious

    Reverse Engineered Squad Point Formula

    Has no one made errata like this into an english home made card generator?
  15. My next two projects are a SWTOR Fury Interceptor and Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood (Cloakable) specialized fighter he recieved for stealing the holocron from the Jedi temple. Questions: I'm using a decimator as a base and I've parted out an Imperial Raider for the fury. No clue what to do for the Xanadu. Is there a good pilot card maker out there and and ideas on either projects would be really appreciated! Thanks a ton!