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  1. I will stop buying new X-Wing stuff ... or at least nearly zero, because I am haven't finished my education yet. (lack of money) Second reason for me is that Armada seems to be more interesting and complex. I even thought about selling my X-Wing stuff to get enough money for Armada.
  2. 4 Categories of missions and 4 missions per type in the core set: Link
  3. MC60 MC80a MC80b MC 80 Home One Class And the assault frigate, mentioned from Norsehound, nebulon B2, MC40, corr. gunboat and some more.
  4. SchLoTTiX, forgive my ignorance, but what game is this? It looks awesome... As Tom2Toes mentioned ... its Sword of the Stars 2. Impressive graphics, but in my opinion Sword of the Stars(incl. all addons) is far better in terms of gameplay. But yes both are a biiit to big . Vote for Hyperion( Terran battle cruisder) - Original / Cinematics
  5. As a german I wasnt sure I should be happy that brazil got a honor goal or to be "angry" that we didnt played to :0 Great game anyway.
  6. I live in Germany and my Wave IV Order is on the way since yesterday. I get it tomorrow =D. But still no CR90(German) here =(. Edit: Wave IV arrived already today Yureay!!
  7. If they implement a Star Destroyer, there have to be the Mon Calamari Cruiser, Mon Calamari Wingless Home One, Nebulon B Fregatte, VSD and all other EU big ships. Do they fit between a 1 foot CR90 and a 2 foot ISD? No they dont! And it would be sort of useless at 300 Points anyway. Do the Rebels need a stronger ship than a CR90 at 300 Points? Not really. Do I want something bigger and stronger than the CR90 if the Imps get a ISD? Of course. 3,4 Nebulon B Fregattes supported by Fighter & Bomber taking this **** down. Is this possible at this scale? Sadly no. Nebulon B Fregattes would be a theory possibility for the Imps too. It was only build for the IMps and just captured by the rebels one for one. But to end this post. Even the CR90 should be bigger. I would love it more if it would be bigger and stronger. So please no ISD or VSD or Nebulon B Fregatte unless we play on the floor. X-Wing Novel? An something different: If you compare X-Wing Minatures with a PC game you should take at least a strategy-game. For example Empire at War.
  8. Really? I have to check the cards of one of my friends. I am really sure that hes has "Howlrunner", not "Kreischläufer". Maybe his only pack in english >.>
  9. *Crowd Cheering* Now then, what does the Bright Hope title do? Also, some of these upgrades have energy costs, and some of them have increases for maximum energy values, yes? :3 Was already leaked.
  10. But 6 Assault Missle fired at your swarm on the other hand could destroy it completly and you dont have to worry about tokens then .
  11. Z95 cant pick up Flechette Torpedos or is this information outdated?
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