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  1. after doing some independent reading, as it states in the rule book, pg sixteen talks about abilities based on winning and loosing, so it sais if your alone, it counts as winning, that being said; my group and I have agreed to let managers with one or more players with a total of 3 or higher star power that also have the "offensive fire power" upgrade who stand alone at any match up, gain the additional 2 fans, for the score is 3-0, feel free to leave comments and your two cents of the subject, thanks for reading
  2. its great, really fun to read, however the game is soo situational that nothing is an "automatic" say like how my team the black fangs beat the undead team just a few minutes ago lol this analyses actually helped me win a pizza thanks cause its blood bowl game night and my friend and I had a lil friendly wager of who would buy the pizza and after I showed em this analyses he was ecstatic cause the undead is his favorite team since the undead expansion and since the foul play teams have not yet been reiterated into the analyses we chose two teams from this one, first as usual I was going to pick the skaven then he was all oh you scared to use the blackfangs since pizza's envoled so I wound up using the black fangs and since I kept getting the tackles and he could not role xx's tonight, my team just won 40 to 29, now I will say this, My team did go first as I am the youngest but we did flip for it (for fairness) and I one the toss up. My team did however manage to fulfill the staff upgrades enough like with the five fans for having four star players with out the free booter ability and a staff office upgrade that really helped rack up a few extra points at the end of the game. my college if you will, went for auto fans and the matchups where only one winner actually got anything thing such as the triple line and personal foul, due to the assumption he was going to place his cards there and win. one particular match he rolled dos equis with his four star "the mummy" player and downed himself, went for the downed tackle and injured himself, hard call to make but it was his and he made it anyways. lol he did what I woulda done since my thrower had the ball and was only worth two and the ball was 3(enchanted ball) star power, however as situational as it gets no matter how "better" one team is than the other, its the luck of the draw, role, and choices you make in the game, that gives it a super incredible playing experience that is truly unpredictable till the very end. expecially when someone inevitably gets home grown talent lol I swear that's a close to auto win card if ya get it on the first round lol that and its your best friend if you playing the new expansion at the goblin tournament, cause your not afraid to commit a player since even if ya loose ya just trade that payout for three fans lol. however "prepare for war" thank you for the analyses and really putting the cards in perspective at the bare minimal level without any upgrades or anything. however Please if you have the time, make one that includes the newest expansions, im just curious of how they would rank by your calculations what with the fouling and all. especially the nurgle with the disease tokens + nurgle rot giving them an additional 1 star and gaurd ability everytime they injure someone. oh and the hard head ability, I gotta say I am really happy to see them implement more of the many skills that is in the world of blood bowl into this game. and of course the goblin team, of which at one glance seems like a push over but then when they have two four star players and a five star star player in their next line up seems unbeatable lol I would love to see your grade of pros vs cons of the spree ability. what with the scenario of if outa 12 cards 2 are four the rest is two or less, and the second hand has both 4 stars and they draw a five star and use the spree ability knowing dang good and well that its gunna be a 2 or less player lol just don't underestimate em. at first I didn't they would be that great, but all it takes is one or two perfect plays and they are on top for the fans. and frantic, just sooo many kool new abilities to add into the calculations of team worth with the new expansion. hope to see your new analyses soon And thanks again for your first one.
  3. I really hope they don't let the virtual world hold them back from a greater variety of teams such as the slaan and other teams that may have been forgotten about over time. ogres would be a nice touch and to limit them since most of them will be Big, big doesn't allways add to star power per say, so I was thinking of having like four of the team members like blitzers have loner at star 3 so by themselves they would earn four but then when all added up they take away from each others stardom. in a sence it would play mostly as one out the four get a frenzy lol unless the opportunity permited them to be alone getting a power of four and staying there. and just about all of them will be cheating so theres that chance of ejection regardless. and it will be a slower team with some new skills that are damage based and helps them re role tackle attempts to do more dmg and stuff like that. like dodge but for the attacker. and a team upgrade could be brute force sayin exhaust this card to allow your player during a tackle attempt as if he had the higher star power(if blank or x result is applied, loose two fans) and just stuff like that. somethings will make it seem powerful but wil eventually even out over all. oh and im sure they will foul or something too not every player but two outa 12 at the least. now when I first heard about the fouling skill I assumed it would be like cheating cause in the game if you foul and your caught you get ejected from the game, so I automatically tought oh wow so the fouling skill could require you to draw a cheating token face up and if its an ejection token immediately place that player in the discard pile. and any thing else is discarded cause fouling is its own reward type of thing, however after playing with the new expansion, it doenst need to require anything like that. oh that gave another idea for a team upgrade for what would be the ogre team, much like the wood elves upgrade but the opposite, have one where when attempting a tackle they could exhaust the card to draw from the cheating token and add the star power to their own during the tackle and then its discarded and if its a not any star power than its ignored. im just sayin theres a good few things that kinda fit with the theme of huge ogres with out giving them all the power in the world but still fits in the world of blood bowl. thanks for reading
  4. yeah it took a lot of thought to answer, I took a lot of things in consideration, however to rid all doubt feel free to ask the officials on this one. every now n then I find some wording that is hard to have a straight answer for with out one"an official ruling that is" lol my group for example along time ago refused to believe that force of will the black fangs team upgrade doubled the blood tokens cause its wording sais adds one instead of doubles so they took it as adding one star power to each matchup were a blood tokens was present much like the elves team upgrade where it only adds +1 to their team at the score board faze to them at each match up where their team has the ball. and thought that doubling all blood tokens was "over powering" so, I can see how easy it is to get mixed up. just incase you don't know how to ask for an official ruling, if ya do great and that kool, but incase you didn't or don't rather, umm scroll down to the very bottom of the screen, on the right you should see small words saying about fantasyflight games, under that professional zone, now look to the left in small words it will say RSS, help, and then rules questions. Click on rules questions and then submit your question and they should get back to you with in a few days to a week. and if they don't, it never hurts to resubmit your question lol I sorta sent mine twice after its been a week and a half, and I explained and exclaimed the urgency of the answer cause my group didn't want me to play with my second favorite team the black fangs till they gave me the official ruling on it. fyi since it does double I not only won the blood bowl tournament, but turned around and won the game it was great lol longest wait for an outcome ever... for me anyways, but it was worth it. ps again thanks for reading and I hope my dialogue has been helpful, keep having fun hooray for BLOODBOWL!!!
  5. ok so the human blitzer first , and I would definitely recommend asking the officials on this one. but I do think that when he tackles while standing up he gets the ball now in this case, he is downed and successfully tackled, now the way I see it, the question would kinda be a timing issue. like say you role both dice and its a successful tackle right ? you get the ball no question asked, then the dark elf team exhausts their dark lace card causing your tackle who is holding the all to become downed, he then now drops the ball. so the ball should most probably be at center field at the end result of him being downed and not having sure hands. so sorry to say it, but I vote he doesn't keep the ball regardless of him picking it up or not. now the witch elf. I would say yes both players her and the tackling player gets a cheating token, because it triggers the response and fulfills what is written on the card, however now that she is down every tackle attempt afterwords wont get any one a cheating token cause her abilities are void. just my two cents
  6. yeah, im not against this lol to each their own and as long as everyones having fun. now my group played that way on the first day till I showed em the rules said to draw then discard lol but we were in between weeks and it didn't seem far to switch it in the middle of the game like that. however, the sprint skill is only as good as their next card, and ive played the game long enough to know that even the greatest of 5 to 6 star players can role dos equis lol and especially if you can make em re role. putting that in perspective most five star players cheat and so they tend to get ejected when managers really need them the most lol that n to fight against it don't hesitate to go for the staff upgrades, you might even get a sprint coach yourself, that or a hired wizard to knock down those higher levels with a lil risk of downing your own of course. so don't ever assume anything is an auto win in the blood bowl game, unless its the actual game and any good team is going up against the goblin's lol they will do damage but they typically don't win lol but even them in the card game, with two 5 star players and some kool dauntlessness to bring down some apposing teams have a good chance at winning the game. its about how ya play it, and most importantly have fun
  7. yup, your assumption is correct yeah the reason why they send those with both expansions is so you can play each expansion singly and have the extra upgrade for each team. other wise you would have to by both expansions in order to have a full game with six upgrades per team, and that wouldn't be too fun for beginners who wants to play the stadium expansions but don't have the money for both expansions.
  8. to everyone lol I think super personalized responses are too cliché, so just so you all know the answer is no. he does not drop the ball. When moved he is considered a moved player and uh on page 16 of the rule book moving a committed player to a different match up clarifies that. Now by saying he drops the ball implies that the ball is then placed at midfield, however this is not the case. If the player that you move to a different matchup is the ball carrier, then the manager "who moved the player" may place the ball on a friendly player at the same match up. so the ball is only "dropped" and placed at midfield if the ball carrier is the only player on your team at the matchup. now the ball doesn't fallow the player to a different matchup or highlight, but at least you get to choose which player it is placed on. and it is not placed at mid field. thanks for reading
  9. I thought I read this question a while back, however when rereading most of the blogs I couldn't find the answer so im asking or re-asking it if its been asked already. does the card apply if the team goes unopposed in a matchup? like the card reads " scoreboard phase: each time you win a matchup by 3 or more star power, gain 2 fans. Now I read the rule book front and back and it does declare that If you go unopposed, you are to be considered the winner. So my question is; does it count as winning by three if your alone and have a star power of three making it 3 to 0? or does it count as you just winning but doesn't apply to the fan bonus of the card Offensive firepower?
  10. in the thread I read and commented in myself, several months ago maybe, one person said their group, draw cards regularly but then when they would draw a card from another team they would place it on the bottom of the starplayer deck and draw again lol like its kool if that's what you wanna do, and ive playerd it that way twice, it has a unique balance to it but I like the other ways better though. how ever to each their own
  11. ok, so I talked a bit about this so long ago lol about the fiew times my group and I started the game, everyone was like what we don't use our own teams star players??? and well we made what we called opened and closed team games, open being the regular pool like it is intended and such, but the closed team pool where you only draf from your own teams or races star players. now we had a balance that tends to work better than most. now yes the humans would defiately benefit the most from this closed team match, however to balance it as best as we could. we had a separate deck for mercs and free booters. so what we did was everytime someone would gain the star player we would flip the BB coin and if its heads draw from the team sp deck and if its tails then draw from the fre booters, and you flip for every card drawn so yes the humans would get three flips and possibly get tails all one to four time depending on what team upgrades they may already have,so it slows em down a bit on that, now used to lol before the coin flipping we all decided to leave it up to the dice lol role one and apply result explosion- you get to pick deck to draw from, blank auto draw from the mercs and if an x than the first player(the one holding the coin gets to choose which deck you draw from) now if the player him or herself has the coin than the decision is left to the player who will get the coin next so no one ever gets to choose for themselves. lol its great like trust me its better I think to just play the game as is, but on accasion to spice things up playing it this way really puts things in perspective lol like ive had a guy choose from me to draw from the mercs and then it kinda becomes a hot potato deck till someone draw morg n thorg lol I mean I got em right off the bat so the guy immediately regretted me drawing from that pile lol but those are my two cents or more on the subject. hope this helps and as allways hope you have fun playing the game regardless of the rules you choose to play by
  12. wow, that seems like a tough call, if I were playin id make sure to play all of my players that use pass first then bring out the beast, to avoid conflict. and it seems to be the beneficial thing to do, however it would be a good question to get an official ruling on.
  13. I still haven't been able to p;lay the new expansion yet... the truck was supposed deliver it to the store I ordered it from on Friday but it didn't come saying it would be there today and now thye are saying that it might be here tomorrow. if its not here tomorrow im just ordering it online, from this site directly. I mean I love to support my local community which is why I ordered it from them in the first place but I cant help but to feel a little sad due to the fact that the game has been out for half a week or so and I pre ordered it and its still not in my hands ... sigh but yes I do agree I think if the stadiums are like that then I would insist on changing out the stadiums weekly as well, just sayin it makes a great deal of sense due to the fact some people with certain teams will just be useless at the stadiums or take a chance at getting penalties or is it automatic penalty, man I wish I had the expansion pack already lol... I mean yes id have to play it by the rules at least five times just to see how it plays out on average and stuff, but by no means would I make everyone playing like that with the stadiums not changing. but I am happy to hear they brought in disease tokens for the nurgles I cant wait to see what the strategy behind the team has to offer and how it effects the game play. so has anyone play with the ref yet? I read about how it walks from stadium to stadium handing out face up cheating tokens. how does it he work is it triggered or does he automatically get moved? and is it weekly move or like after each manager puts in one player a piece? oh and what kind of staff up grades are included with this one? im assuming it has a fouling coach or at least two of them. but I am curious of what all comes with it. oh and uhh one last question, how about those penalties? are they like super consequential? like if you get penalized your pretty much loosing the match up at that point? and is the penalties triggered by the whistles or is it just when someone disobeys the rule or rules of a stadium?
  14. or to bribe a ref it could be give up a payout or an upgrade card that you have in your hand like say if your a head on fans, and you get the cheer leaders right off the bat lol like half way through the game when you get the ref bribing ability you cold get rid of that thing thould would otherwise be useless. lol ok now im done with all my thoughts to speak of. I cant sleep cause im way too amped up for foul play tomorrow those stadiums due seem wicked to play on
  15. hmm ya know ive been thinking, I when this game first came out just about everyone in many groups ive played with freaked out, flipped their lids, and ranted over how the star players for their team had to be placed in the over all big deck of star players mixed in with everyone elses lol, now one thing abot football is that if you look at any foot ball team any where they have something these teams are missing, a team captain, and I think it would be kool to have a specific upgrade for each team to have a really awesome super player that has its own special rules and have the team captains be like the team specific star players that don't get mixed in but make it one of the team up grade cards saying gain the team captain lol and make its stats be things like for the dwarves have two sprint a block and a cheating token and just use it to you know fill in for what gaps the the teams do have. now in my experience the game has been super balanced but I have seen auto wins and auto looses so I can definitely see where some one would complain. but to have a team captain expansion would be neat and it would bring a whole new set of rules and stakes to bring to the table lol im sure they would have something to add to make the game play with the captains like it could even add more stadiums sayin no team captains lol to make it harder to play in that stadium and all team captains could have the free booter ability but exempt the team captain from the shuffle to ensure he is placed on top to have that added benifet of making use of the upgrade u just got. I mean as a team captain who calls the plays theres all sorts of benefits they could lay down on the specific player with the Team Captain ablility lol. but yeah it is a shame though when you have a team and some one else grabs your teams star players and your stuck with like little free booters lol and theres nothing wrong with that its part of the game, but it is sad though lol when it happens. and of course it would bring three more teams cause adding new players for nothing seems kinda off from how the game is played. and adding more star players wouldn't really effect the game play but add to the randomness. now, I gotta say it would be awesome to see like upgrade cards for specific players like a line men upgrade that adds a star player to each linemen in play or an upgrade that upgrades throwers but it would most likely go into the staff upgrade and it could be called like the equipment upgrade or something to help the linemen like that, or even as much as it talks and shows weapons I think it would be awesome to add weapon staff upgrades that gives an additional Block for anyone to use adding frenzy during that specific tackle attempt. and staff upgrades for helmets pads and shoes, each adding its own little effect lol like padding adding a star power when some one else is attempting a tackle and im just sayin when I played the digital version of blood bowl and I was able to upgrade my shoes, pads, helmet, etc... I was all who, that would be great to have in the bbtm just to add new stuff like that. oh and the like use of sorta like steroids its like the strength potions or speed potions in the game is great and it would be kool to add all of that as staff upgrades or even a different upgrade all together like have an equipment upgrade for that stuff, or have it all lumped into to staff its whatever's clever lol oh and all of the equipment and stuff could all add new tokens to the game as well lol and umm lets see what was that other thing my group was talking about, right that's what it was lol umm we talked abot how awesome it would be if each team had like a mascot as a team upgrade that gave a specific benifet for each team specifically at a match up now players could tackle em like a normal player but when it is present, the assumption is that its motivating the team enough to just add on to every player whether it add frenzy to every player at the match up or a sprint or in some cases grabs the ball at mid field or something like that lol oh and ya know all mascots should gain frenzy when tackling another mascot lol those things hate each other lol or even like have that hatred abillitly where if another mascot is present it has to tackle it if it performs a tackle attempt in the first place lol. and stuff like that I think that would be great, im just saying there are way kooler ways to add to the game and make it more balanced with out any crummy reprinting and replacing any cards like that, however I do think it would be great to have upgraded players for each team to then when you get that team upgrade you gain replace all or one of those players with the upgraded one, that would kinda kick ass. and the upgraded linemen could even have like a skill and stuff, and that would be neat to have upgrades that lvls up your team players, but not all of them at once lol like that would be tooo overwhelming but to have it player specific like a linmen, thrower, blitzer etc... player specific to either replace all or just one of that player with the upgrade. oh and it would be kool to have something like bribe the ref, I haven't played the foul play yet:( its supposed to get in tomorrow at 1:30 pm so im super excited to play. but if they don't have a bribe the ref system already lol than it would be kool to have a staff upgrade to let you bribe the ref to discard and get rid of a whistle token when exhausted, however I do believe that to get rid of that whistle is should come with a cost of say giving up a pay out weather it be one thing on the payout or a whole pay out section maybe, but I don't think it should be an auto bribe the ref with nothing scenario, you should have to pay the ref with something after all and it would definitely work best in the highlights where you just want that center so you give up your little payout to get that big one. ok well that's just about everything lol I hope my ideas didn't bore anyone too much lol but I also hope no matter which way ffg takes this game everyone keeps having plenty of fun
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