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  1. Hey, just FYI - I'm not ignoring the Mandalorian Resistance preview article. The Equip keyword is a little tricky to implement correctly so that was slowing me down for a bit, but I finally figured out how to make it work right. At this point, I'm likely to wait to finish the update until early next week. That way I can pull in anything we get from the live stream this weekend, plus the likely Inferno Squad article on Monday (assuming it posts on the same schedule as the last three).
  2. The ships look amazing but I missed the release date.
  3. I just pushed the upload. It should be live in a few hours.
  4. I'll get this in place tonight. I've been waiting for this preview with bated breath.
  5. Crap. Fives is correct at 36. Echo should have been 40. I just pushed a new update to correct the typo.
  6. I just pushed the new update. It's got everything from all of the Spring/Summer releases since the last file update (Vital Assets, the AAT, Cassian Andor, Iden Versio, Padme, and Cad Bane), plus the spoilers from Friday's article on the ARC Troopers. Give it a few hours to populate on battlescribedata.appspot.com before refreshing your data - it takes a little while to go live (worst case, update your data tomorrow morning and you'll be good). As always, let me know if you see any errors, omissions, or typos.
  7. With the recent releases and the new ARC spoilers, I definitely owe everybody an update. Between a busy work schedule, three kids who are now trapped in the house with me, and not actually being able to play Legion for four months, this fell a little ways down my list, but I'll get an updated version of the file posted this weekend.
  8. The files are updated. It will still likely be a few hours before they are live. I added what I could from the March announcements - without seeing the unit cards for the Mandalorians and Imperial Special Forces, I couldn't add them or their upgrades, but I did add Del Meeko and Gideon Hask to be accessible to the Imperial corps units. The AT-RT and STAPs were easier. I also addressed some small errors like fixing the points on Commanding Presense. I was determined to get these files done earlier but it's a strange time. I'm sorry about the delay but life is really complicated right now (as I'm sure it is for everyone else too).
  9. Things have been a little crazy these past couple of weeks but I plan on jumping in this evening and doing all the pending updates to the BattleScribe files.
  10. I just pushed a new update with the spoilers from the Cassian and K-2SO article, plus the 2/28 releases, RRG 1.6.1 errata, and better info on the BX Droids. Give it a few hours to go live, overnight at worst.
  11. It's not a leak, it's a straight up product announcement from Edge/FFG Spain. It's from an article on the Spanish FFG site.
  12. We see Mace Windu ride one in an episode of Clone Wars. However, I think it's just a clone in bad lighting.
  13. Everything has been updated though it may be a few hours yet until the data is live. A few things are marked with double daggers, particularly the BX Droids and some of the Command Cards - I use the double daggers when I'm not certain on something and had to make assumptions to get an incomplete card in place. Watch out for any typos or errors - this was a complex update and I want to be certain to fix any errors that slip in. Enjoy!
  14. I just pushed a release with all the AAT, TX-130, Phase II Clone, and B2 Super Battledroid expansion stuff. It also should have everything from the Trooper Upgrade expansions, Luke and Vader Operative expansions, and Crashed Escape Pod expansions complete and correct, with no unreleased marks or status. I started trying to add the newly released stuff, but it's taking longer than I hoped and I don't want to rush it and push out something crummy. I'll have to finish that stuff up tomorrow. The update I did push should go live in a few hours, certainly by morning. If you notice any mistakes or typos, let me know and I'll fix them when I push the rest of this stuff.
  15. Indeed! I was just coming here to say as much. I've been pretty slammed personally and professionally since the first of the year so I've gotten a little behind on updates. However, I've got a little bandwidth this week and today's news is super exciting. Depending on how long things take, I'll get updates up either late tonight or tomorrow. I'll cover today's new announcements, the spoilers for the releases later this month, and the last cleanup stuff for the releases last week.
  16. Things are crazy over the holidays but I'm potentially interested in the new year.
  17. I made a big update to the files, so update your data if you want the latest. New Commanders, new Battle Cards, new Skirmish option, etc. I do have Cassian in there at 50 points, which seems way too low, but that's also what I see when I look at the article. Obviously he's unreleased, so take that with a grain of salt. Let me know if you have any trouble.
  18. I updated the files with everything from the new Escape Pod article (including adding R2 and 3PO to the Republic catalogue under the assumption that they will be the same in both factions). I also updated the Rex and Dooku cards to show that they were released, along with adding the correct English text on the Command Cards.
  19. 59 and 60 were the numbers reported for Iden and Cassian, and I think that was prior to so much of the other numbers being filled in. That bodes well for the Iden/Cassian rumor being true.
  20. Yeah, that really sounds more like speculation and conspiracy theory.
  21. It's confirmed he'll be in the Republic faction, but as far as I know, there's no confirmation that the Rebel and Republic versions will be the same. As soon as we've got a reliable spoiler, I'll update the files.
  22. I added this in today's update. I also added all the spoiled cards from Wednesday's article on the Phase I Clone and B1 Battle Droid upgrade packs. Sorry for the delay, the last week and a half has been a nightmare and I haven't had the time to make updates that I usually do. I just uploaded the files - they usually take between 2 and 8 hours to go live on the hosting website. Give it a couple of hours before you update your data. If you don't see it tonight, you'll surely be able to grab it by Sunday morning.
  23. Has this resolved? If not, please make sure the BattleScribe app is updated to the latest version. I just checked this on both Android and PC (with the latest versions of the app and datafiles) and it is working correctly for me. Note that you can't take Command Cards specific to a Commander or Operative until you add that unit to your list - then the cards should appear among the options in your Command Hand. Similarly, you can't select a mortar until you have the matching unit of Shoretroopers - it won't even appear on the list without the Shoretroopers selected. This is part of how the catalogues enforce the list building rules, but it's possible one of the versions of the BattleScribe caused a problem with the hiding/unhiding function - this seems to work correctly in the current version.
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