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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from JadinED in Salvo defence token speculation thread.   
    My crystal ball says:
    After a ship performs an attack against you, you may peform an attack on that ship, even if you are destroyed. Your attacking hull zone must be the same as your defending hull zone.
    Also a generic officer:
    Counterfire Coordinator
    At the start of the first round, you may replace 1 of your [Brace token] with an [Salvo token]
    Thank me later
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    MAstaKFC reacted to xero989 in Take Command of the Fleet   
    If people that get paid to wright have spelling/grammar issues it makes me feel a little better about my short commings.  Hopefully this means RitR will drop sooner than latter hoping late this month earlier next.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Snipafist in Take Command of the Fleet   
    Article on how the build-a-bear commanders work in the RitR campaign.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Indomitable in How fun is the SSD?   
    I flew it for the first time this week, was a blast. I ran a fully kitted out Assault Prototype, Piett, w/ Howl and a few interceptors. Played against a Sloan’s ISD & Quasar generic tie list.  It felt totally overpowered the first half of the game, until the opposing ISD survived to get into the rear and didn’t die. Lost 224-94.  Had I rolled a couple hits instead of triple accuracy on my last shot at the ISD I would have won 258-224. How competitive it will be in the long run, unsure, but w/ Piett, tokens, and 3 shots a turn it wasn’t boring to fly.
    It also just looks flat awesome. (Added my fleet colors and nuln oiled the city structure)

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    MAstaKFC reacted to YuriPanzer in Self damage from charge thrown at max range?   

    I sent the question again and got an answer:


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    MAstaKFC reacted to nashjaee in Self damage from charge thrown at max range?   
    See, this is ultimately the mistake you're making. Why are you only following some of the steps? Where does it tell you to do that, and which steps exactly does it tell you follow? (Those are rhetorical questions, just to be clear. It does not tell you to only perform some of the steps of an attack. It says to perform an attack. It does NOT say "perform steps 2-9 of an attack".)
    Remember the two key principles of interpreting any rules:
    A. Do what the rules/cards say.
    B. Don't do what the rules/cards don't say.
    If you are only performing some of the steps, you are violating principle B because you are doing something the rules did not tell you to do.
    Again, why only for those purposes? Where does the rule tell you to do this? It literally says "Attacks made by an area weapon are ranged attacks." It does NOT say "Attacks made by an area weapon are ranged attacks for the purposes of [insert whatever you like here]." You are inserting a lot of information that just does not exist in the rules.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Shokupanman in Hyperspace Report Predictions?   
    Observation on this from someone who has worked in PR, Mass Media/Broadcasting, and Advertising for 20+ years

    FFG clearly lacks a coherent Public Relations strategy or anyone who even knows how to execute one.  I don't know if I would go so far as this statement does, but when it comes to community expectation management on the part of FFG, they fail often and hard.  

    Maybe they did have to word it vague to protect the X-wing "secret", (although I agree it was intentionally misleading) but is that a secret that is even worth protecting?  Say FFG says "big X-wing announcement at worlds" and there is a strong rumor circulating that X-wing 2.0 is going to be announced at Worlds.  You're talking to a largely captive and uber-passionate fanbase.  Who's gonna be pissed with that rumor?

    Instead, the PR amateurs at FFG played coy.  Anyone in the PR department who spent more than five minutes on their own forums could have seen there was a lot of chatter and hype for what OTHER games outside of X-wing were going to get at the Report, and to see that as a PR professional and let that go is a disservice to those fanbases.  Legion gets a lot of love, but it's really **** to see Armada fans constantly **** on by FFG in favor of the Golden Boy in X-wing. 

    There's also some historical precedence at work, I think.  In the past, when FFG has announced events talking about "products" they've always talked about multiple games and properties.  It's kinda bush league to set that precedent, and then say "What?!  We talked about "products"...SIX products!  They were all for the same game....but still..."

    What FFG does know is the audience they cater to, and they know we'll keep coming back again and again no matter how misleading or how poor they communicate with us.  I've seen a lot of people who say they play games other than X-wing say they took time off of work to watch the Hyperspace Report (because they love the games FFG makes and are passionate) and who felt shafted by the poor communications strategy of FFG.  From a purely professional standpoint, it's hard to disagree or say they don't have reason to feel shafted.  I know if I ran my PR operations in the past like FFG runs thiers currently, I'da been looking for a new job.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Caimheul1313 in Ready Action and "perform" clarification   
    The trigger isn't checked until after the action is performed. The list is all of the things an enemy unit can do that could lead to triggering Standby. An enemy unit does a thing, is it in Range 1-2 after that action? Yes, then you can trigger.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Tabletop Oddity in Star Wars Modular Walkways - FREE 3D Files   
    Today I've released something free I've been working on for absolutely ages!
    Basically I've been working on some modular 3d printed walkways and platforms. And I've released phase 1 today.
    O it's all free! I know I mentioned that but I thought worth saying again.
    You can check out the video here:

    Or if you don't want to see my annoying face, you can just grab them from thingverse:

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    MAstaKFC reacted to DelGriffen in First faq: comms jammer vs battle meditation   
    There also might be a General rule that the force trumps everything. “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed, the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force!”
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from twincast in App Update   
    I'm also curious to see if there is a connection between the villain type and mission. Would be strange, for example, to see a Rancor on Yavin.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to Master Wang in App Update   
    This looks great and earlier than anticipated, but I do hope the deployments don’t end up being all weird and random.  For those of us who like the story element,  it is a bit weird that the infamous Hutt crime lord has suddenly turned up.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to The Cocky Rooster in App Update   
    One of the ST groups had the Skirmish attachment below!!

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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from davidumstattd in Removing damage   
    Play this and hope your opponent doesn't play the tactic card that cancels your tactic. It's all part of the mind games in Cinematic Combat.

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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from jonamok in Anyone tried a threesome?   
    Three player games are quite fun and require a change in tact to win. You'll find that swinging hard with powerful characters is actually counterproductive as they attract attention and get focused by your opponents. Try to bide your time to be in the most powerful position whilst playing your opponents against each other. Control and mill decks are at a disadvantage as they simply can't handle split focus.
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from executor in Damaged dice   
    The black plastic starter tray grippers are a BIG NO NO, the way they are designed, they scratch the inside of the dice where the picture is. Luckily I was opening my first starter under my hobby light so I noticed it straight away. For the other dice, I had to 'peel' the edges and let the dice fall out rather than taking it out the conventional way.
    I highly advise AGAINST storing them in the tray grippers. Even a plastic box is better.
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from jc1138 in Damaged dice   
    The black plastic starter tray grippers are a BIG NO NO, the way they are designed, they scratch the inside of the dice where the picture is. Luckily I was opening my first starter under my hobby light so I noticed it straight away. For the other dice, I had to 'peel' the edges and let the dice fall out rather than taking it out the conventional way.
    I highly advise AGAINST storing them in the tray grippers. Even a plastic box is better.
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from CooMasterCoo in Damaged dice   
    I don't understand how your pictures are peeling off, aren't they hot stamped?
    As to dice care, I always play on a mat, I always roll on a felt dice tray and I try to store it in foam storage. My hairs stand on end when I hear someone drag and scratch their dice on the table, even when it's not mine.
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from Stasy in Got Another Game In   
    Good stuff!
    I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my wife to play Armada (or any miniatures game) with me.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to keschnell in Painted Imperial figures   
    Thanks.  I'll see if I can post close-ups later.  It's always a little hard with only a cell phone camera at night.
    As far as colors/methods:
    I primed everything black except the stormtroopers (actually, I did prime them black and tried drybrushing white and didn't like the effect, so I reprimed the troopers white). I googled a lot of the ship and vehicle photos for the Imperials and noticed that some photos had more of a gray tone, while others had a bluish gray or even purplish gray look to them. So I mixed up the colors a little bit (adding a bit of blue or purple to the gray) to add variety to base colors for the death stars, (super) star destroyers, AT-STs, AT-ATs, and imperial assault carriers. I then did some drybrushing of lighter gray. Not shown--I painted the exhausts on the star destroyers light blue with whitish blue centers. As far as the stormtroopers I used a black wash over the white primer to give it a worn look and also to do a lot of the work for me by filling in where black is on the suits (painting tiny black lines everywhere would have been painful and not looked great). Then I just touched up the black lines with a fine detail brush (in the mouth eyes, and under the chin mostly) and then lightly brushed white on some of the highlighted parts so the troopers weren't THAT dirty. Then I based everything to give it some variety (I prefer basing if it makes sense), some with indoor floors and others with outdoor terrain, since they are going to travel to a variety of planets.
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from cvtheoman in Missions   
    Just another quick question!
    If you choose to attempt a mission in a system in which other leaders are already placed there due to system activation, do all leaders in system get to contribute to the attempt (where the skill is available)?
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    MAstaKFC reacted to isthar in X-Wing Co-Op Campaign is Here!   
    Hello! Had to post in here, to say Kudos, thumbs-up for this awesome campaign. FFG take note, one of the major reasons I went out and am buying 1-of almost every ship... (with focus on those used in the campaign, ... rebel transport...)... my input though, as a total newbie... IT IS HARD!!! I'm starting to have to house rule... (I play solo as two ships)... now I am flying two x-wings and a "free" extra ship (a y wing, or a hwk maybe)... basically I'm allowing myself to appear as "3 players" but really I'm only two.
    What's also a bit tricky is flying T-70 X-Wing, using their bases etc. but referring to the sheets of using a base x-wing. Hope the next version allows/incorporates the X-70s, or allows for an 'easier' mode by just saying "go ahead, use T-70".
    oh, and of course for the hard work... DONATING!
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    MAstaKFC got a reaction from Darth Ruin in ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION...or How Regionals Came and Went...Again   
    Having kids is a lifestyle choice. Getting married is a lifestyle choice.
    If getting married and/or having kids is affecting your ability to play, and you can't find a way to compromise, then you've already made your choice/bed. Now go sleep in it.
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    MAstaKFC reacted to kell553 in ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION...or How Regionals Came and Went...Again   
    First, I bet your wife is independent enough to take care of the house and kid for the 2 days you would be gone...she was doing fine before you met.
    Second, OK...you missed this year. Money is the problem. Soooooo...Get a jar or can. Or even a star wars lunch box to remind you.
    You drink Starbucks? Stop. (Its not that good for you anyways). Take the $4 you would have spent on the coffee and stick it in the jar. The can of soda on break at work? Try water. $1 in the jar. Do you buy lunch? Bring some sammich from home along with a piece of fruit and juice or water. Another $5. (you realize that alone can be several hundred dollars a month p1ssed away without even thinking about it) Its payday. Hooray. Drop a 20 in the jar.
    Third: Next season open the jar. Suddenly you have enough money to go to Regionals and probably Nationals. With a pretty slice left over to give the wife so spending dough while your gone.
    Fourth: Go get a 2nd jar. Repeat the steps splitting the money between each jar. Don't open the second jar when Regionals comes around. After 3 or so seasons when you cant shove any more money in jar#2 open it. Go buy a new car. Pay cash. Have no car payment. Ever again!
    As hobbies go, this one is pretty easy on the wallet. Since you already have a good set, you can get away with less than 20 a month just to get some new hotness to play around with. Once you get that PITA nickel and dime spending under control (firkin debit cards are EVIL!!!) your heading in the right direction.
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