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  1. At least they're not cancelled like the X-Wing 2.0 Raider...
  2. My crystal ball says: Salvo After a ship performs an attack against you, you may peform an attack on that ship, even if you are destroyed. Your attacking hull zone must be the same as your defending hull zone. Also a generic officer: Counterfire Coordinator At the start of the first round, you may replace 1 of your [Brace token] with an [Salvo token] Thank me later
  3. Whoa unlimited squadrons...squadron spam here I come!
  4. Perhaps an email to FFG might clarify things. What's the email for rules questions?
  5. What does Anger do? I can barely read the text :(
  6. Wait, how are people getting Veers already??
  7. Thanks for the update! Your topic title does say 'storm trooper' though.
  8. MAstaKFC

    Force Choke

    Not if there's sand. They don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
  9. So, I'm confused. Can you elect to do a partial move to suffer damage even though there is a legal full move that would take you off the board?
  10. Would you please care to share some tactics? Thanks!
  11. I haven't played too many games but perhaps support the AT-ST with some troops? I would venture that like most RL modern combat, lone armor is easy pickings.
  12. Doesn't need an errata imo. You do the standby criteria check after the enemy unit has performed the action. If the rules said Before, I would agree with you.
  13. Do you know if you can save the page 'as is' in Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox? I prefer the images of the cards over the list format. Thanks!
  14. Did FFG actually say something big is coming? Or is it wishful thinking?
  15. I'm also curious to see if there is a connection between the villain type and mission. Would be strange, for example, to see a Rancor on Yavin.
  16. I think potato grade is a bit harsh but Union does have a point. If FFG is planning on breaking into the tabletop market, the quality of the minis goes a long way towards the game system's appeal. For the success of Legion, I believe FFG need to rely on more than just the Star Wars IP. Gameplay helps, of course, but so do the quality of the sculpts, especially as Legion players will be looking to paint their minis.
  17. Play this and hope your opponent doesn't play the tactic card that cancels your tactic. It's all part of the mind games in Cinematic Combat.
  18. Three player games are quite fun and require a change in tact to win. You'll find that swinging hard with powerful characters is actually counterproductive as they attract attention and get focused by your opponents. Try to bide your time to be in the most powerful position whilst playing your opponents against each other. Control and mill decks are at a disadvantage as they simply can't handle split focus.
  19. The black plastic starter tray grippers are a BIG NO NO, the way they are designed, they scratch the inside of the dice where the picture is. Luckily I was opening my first starter under my hobby light so I noticed it straight away. For the other dice, I had to 'peel' the edges and let the dice fall out rather than taking it out the conventional way. I highly advise AGAINST storing them in the tray grippers. Even a plastic box is better.
  20. I don't understand how your pictures are peeling off, aren't they hot stamped? As to dice care, I always play on a mat, I always roll on a felt dice tray and I try to store it in foam storage. My hairs stand on end when I hear someone drag and scratch their dice on the table, even when it's not mine.
  21. I was under the impression that misprinted die was replaced with a sealed booster, which imo, is quite inadequate.
  22. So for objectives like 'Advanced Gunnery', there would be only 1 objective ship per team?
  23. Good stuff! I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my wife to play Armada (or any miniatures game) with me.
  24. Quick question, did you also wash the ships/death stars? Or was it just the stormtroopers that were washed? Can't wait to see the rebels! Thanks!
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