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  1. Yeah, I'm just bummed I can't play Carcosa. I've played every campaign a couple times now, so I'm just looking for a new story. Amazon is the first place I go to, then FFG and Team Covenant. I'm on the wait list for the missing pack on TC but I'm not holding my breath. Ultimately, I'm just looking to see if FFG announces the reprints or if they just happen and get shipped to distributors without an announcement.
  2. Got the email today with the tracking number, it's on it's way 🙂 (It was a late pre-order, @Mimi61. I was going to say I'd email them but I see you have)
  3. Same here but I pre-ordered it 2-3 weeks ago as a late pre-order so I'm just going to suck it up. My fault for waiting so long to pull the trigger. I did decide to use Team Covenant subs so I shouldn't have this issue again, as long as the world doesn't decide to get sick again. 😞
  4. Actually, I don't know, I was referring to in general. I've been waiting on the last pack to play Dream-Eaters. Now, I've only been playing for a couple months now so the other cycles have been enough to keep me busy.
  5. The Nosk Boss Fight from Hollow Knight is a good one.
  6. Random thought: The Witcher 3's "Silver For Monsters" feels like it goes really well with it. The chanting/lyrics makes me think of Night of the Zealot and Circle Undone a little.
  7. I've been doing a lot of solo runs with 2 investigators (Thanks, COVID.....). Most of my runs start with a Night of the Zealot campaign before a full campaign, as it gives me some time to learn decks and get a start on XP. I've been toying with how to deal with this and while 2 Trauma was healed if NotZ was won (sidebar, if it was lost, I didn't kill the investigators, just give them at least one of both trauma and no XP gain). But I like @Annette Soleil's idea. The ruling I'm working on for my campaigns is: "Spend 4 XP and gain 1 random Basic Weakness -OR- Spend 2 XP and gain 2 random Weaknesses = Heal 1 Trauma. This can only be done at the end of a Campaign or Interlude." Not 100% sold on the 2 XP / 2 Weakness part but I also wanted to make sure that if the Stuff hits the fan, the team can still heal. Might tweek it.
  8. LOL, yeah. I wanted to see if I could fine an extended version but got pulled away at the time.
  9. Hi everyone, I normally have an audiobook or regular playlist on while playing. Today, I started putting together a YT playlist for the game. The tone I'm going for is horror but higher tempo, a kinda Action/Horror playlist. Right now, all I have is music from Darkest Dungeon, but I'm open to any other suggestions. Here's the link for those who want to the playlist... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFZdDanss8EbwbcN5qDzLnSS3HJ8o5zT2
  10. Hi everyone, I started getting into the game just as WFH started a couple months ago. Since then, I've ended up getting just about every cycle that's out, except for one: Carcosa. I hear it's a favorite among vets and I did get the Deluxe but some of the packs (notably, but not limited to, Echoes of the Past) are hard to find and I've yet to get any until I can secure all 6. I'll admit I've been out of the FFG circles for a while so I ask if reprints or restocks is a thing I could look forward to, or are we just SOL? Thanks!
  11. I actually started a project since stay-at-home started. I've been making an entire cycle based on Legends (Mostly covering Jedi Outcast/Academy and the Thrawn Trilogy). It adds more cards with mechanics found in Opposition (Rivals), Allies (cards dealing with out-of-factions), and Endor (Missions). Speaking of Missions, the biggest add is Accomplished keyword, which is basically a completed Mission with a constant effect heavily affects the game. Not all tie to a win condition but an example of one is a 2-cost, 9-health Rebel Mission that increases the Death Star Dial win condition to 14 when completed. Still working on the sets, might post it here if I keep on it and finish it.
  12. As of now, my only request is..... NO Bulwark Mark III, Please!!! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bulwark_Mark_III (I'm playing SW Rebellion on PC and reminded myself how out-of-place and ugly they are, lol)
  13. To be honest, I'd like to see more "neutral" ships. What I mean is a released expansion having one card for Rebels and one for Imperials (Katana fleet dreadnoughts would be a perfect example, if they were still canon). Clone War Republic ships could easily fit into this idea.
  14. Thats how I see it. This is the only reason I don't like the fact that the unique unnamed squadrons (ie. Rouge and Black Squadron) are "Unique". I can live with it but I'd be ok with a rule saying you can only have up to 4 of one of these squadrons in your fleet. But honestly it's not the biggest issue in the world and I'm really just nip piking at it.
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