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  1. The more I think about it the better the Free People seems. Once the Sands of Harad comes out, how many people are going to make a Three Hunters deck using the new Gimli and Legolas? They already have five and then you get seven with Aragorn. Throw in a Robin Smallburrow with Hobbit and Shirriff traits (if you have lore resources) and bam, 9 different traits with 4 characters!
  2. I would add Flight from Moria into the Delaying category. I played it last night in nightmare mode and I had a solid game going with a dwarf deck but I had to go round after round until a quest mode that allowed me to win (without abandoned tools which which would not show up) appeared. I believe there are only two quest cards that allow you to actually finish the game and with nightmare mode requiring you to shuffle bypassed quest cards rather than place it on the bottom it becomes a very luck-based game. I did end up winning and I wouldn't even argue that it is overly difficult, but it is frustrating that despite everything in the game going right you cannot end the game because of win conditions you have very little control over. I wouldn't rate it as one of the worst (non-NM Hills of Emyn Muil gets that IMO), but given the randomness it is not going to be one I play very often, if at all. My favorites in no particular order: Journey to Rhosgobel (I remember really liking the theme to this one, and I love eagles, it just stood out as different in a good way which I always appreciated) Seventh Level (NM) - Really like this quest, especially with more than one player as the encounter deck can really combo with itself in a way that is not too frustrating. Flight of the Stormcaller - long setup, played it wrong a number of times early, but it is still a very thematic and fun quest. Fords of Isen - Probably the quest I have played the most. It was really different at the time and although i might not have liked the time mechanic overall, it did lead to different deck builds. Encounter at Amon Din - easy but fun Siege of Cair Andros - did not appreciate this quest (or any of HoN quests at the time) - however, as time goes by I think this quest is very thematic and has a good level of difficulty.
  3. My favorite is without a doubt Nightmare Journey to Rhosgobel. Granted, if you don't like building a deck or decks for the specific quest in regular mode, then you won't like nightmare because it just doubles down on what makes it unique, but if you enjoyed it then I think you would enjoy the nightmare version. Also, for my personal taste, it is just the right amount of difficulty. Not too easy so I don't feel challenged, but not too hard to the point of feeling cheap or frustrating based on how the cards are drawn.
  4. That is kind of the point though in a way. The core set has a lot of really powerful cards and for players who go out and buy three core sets, they can build really strong decks based on the scenario at hand. I have watched a large number of youtube videos and seen a lot of deck lists since I have started playing this over a year ago, but I have to take each with a grain of salt because even though I have every quest essentially, I only have 1 core set and I don't proxy. It has always baffled me that a lot of folks say they don't like how easy something like Easy Mode can make a game, but have no problem putting Glorfindel and LoV in 95% of their decks and then, along with friends, getting like 4 Unexpected Courage's on Beregond. Now it is definitely within the rules of the game to play it that way, but it isn't always the most fun or the most challenging and part of the reason, in my opinion, is because some of the cards are too powerful (when someone buys multiple core sets - because, again, that is when the most powerful cards come out, like unexpected courage, celebrian stone, etc.). I like the idea of hypothetically reducing some of the luster of some of the core set cards. For the record, I don't think that the core set itself had much problems, but I think when you consider how many people buy 3, some of those cards became too powerful. I, myself, would have preferred a core set with three copies of every card and a little less powerful cards as a result, such as what Trololo and others have suggested.
  5. So then are we maybe going to get another Merry/or Pippin? I know we already have 2 pippins but it'd be neat to see more. I could see getting a new Pippin and Merry. As a thematic and cohesive element the Merry and Pippin that we have currently would be reduced in effectiveness due to the fact that they fit so well in an all-hobbit deck. I would have no problem with new versions, but it is not nearly as necessary as Legolas and Gimli (especially Gimli, I don't think he has aged as well as some other heroes have).
  6. The suggested decks are unthematic because there are not enough player cards in the sets they used to create such a deck, so they have to use a number of player cards that don't fit the story. Even with all the material released I'm not able to make such a deck that contains all the members of the fellowship. I could probably make 2 mediocre decks that has all members though. Personally, I would love have the opportunity to creat a deck that contained all the members of the fellowship. I see no reason why this should not be a goal of the developers. I'm not suggesting that they make all the these hypothetical player cards function in a way that creates a perfect deck. All i ask is that I have the possibility to do it, since this is how I would like to play through the saga set. My hope is that we will see more ally version of fellowship heroes in the future, but i am the worst at guessing what the developers think. It's almost always the exact opposite. The biggest problem is the slow growth of our player card pool. Playing these scenarios a year or 2 from now will probably be a completely different story. The two decks you could make wouldn't be that bad, though. The hobbit trio and then the three hunters w/ boromir ally (not the best at questing I suppose). The worst part about it is that you can't make use of the new Gandalf hero if you went that route, which is a bummer.
  7. I know this may be too early to start this discussion, but I was wondering what people thought would be in the next saga expansion. So far, all the saga expansions have been very good at providing almost a deck in a box or something close (i.e. first Hobbits, now Gandalf). So I was wondering what people thought would be included in the next saga. Will we see Gimli and Legolas heroes in a new incarnation to go with the Fellowship Aragorn to create a more functional 'Three Hunters' deck? What about Rohan? What are people's ideas. This is the expansion I am most looking forward to...can't wait for Helm's Deep!
  8. My only concern with this quest it doesn't challenge you at all, if you play any hard questing deck. You will win the quest, you don't need any combat at all, which makes it somewhat boring. Played it in 1,2,3 player mode. It can always be a little concerning when quests are too easy, but it would be very hard for FFG to keep making quests that really challenge you every time in different ways. If nothing else, it is always good to have quests that allow for less power-packed decks and more 'fun-oriented' decks to play.
  9. I agree completely. I compered it to the LoV with Spirit Glorfindel. I suppose there is another downside (i.e. no one else can use Gandalf), but the card pool I think is big enough now that that is not that big of an issue.
  10. To me the Wizard's Pipe seems too much like Gandalf's Light of Valinor (i.e. Spirit Glorfindel). It takes the one weakness Gandalf had (minus the threat) and nullifies it. I think they made a mistake with Spirit Glorfindel and LoV and I think this is a mistake as well. I may be wrong though, only time will tell.
  11. It depends on the scenario but if the quest is too hard I will generally just start with an extra resource but I generally leave in all the cards because some of the ones you can remove are too thematic for me to take out (i.e. the Mumak). Other than that I don't really take cards out unless they are extremely cheap imo (i.e. Sleeping Sentry). The extra resource makes it more doable and allows you to get stuff out earlier. I would give that a try if you are having trouble before taking out too many of the encounter cards.
  12. I agree with monkeyrama. I enjoy the mechanic very much but it could easily be overdone if they continue into other expansions. Two quests I really enjoy that are basically "TIme" but in a different way are the Journey to Rhosgobel and the one where you are transferring Frodo to Rivendell (i.e. you have to win before the character dies). Those quests, to me, are a little more suspenseful than the time mechanic as a whole, but are ultimately very similar. In truth, I have less of a problem with the time mechanic (don't find it problematic) than I do the fact that you can draw a really bad location (i.e. Hills of Dunland) and still quest successfully to a stage which requires you to put in a card for each player. That always bugs me because the random draw of the cards makes the game randomly difficult. However, I will not complain because if there was no randomnesss then it would get really boring.
  13. I would throw a favorite vote in for Journey to Rhosgobel. I enjoy playing with ranged and eagles characters and the quest is very unique. It also has a time-ish mechanic (with Wilyador's health) and I believe is one of the first, if not the first, to have such a mechanic. As for least favorite I would have to say the Hills of Emyn Muil. I love that the nightmare version makes this quest a little more enjoyable (i.e. less boring) but ultimately I hate how you can't win until all locations are explored. Pretty much any quest that focuses heavily on locations is a bummer in my opinion. To Catch an Orc came close to being a quest I hated, and with three players it is insane and i am not even sure it is possible to win with 4, but it offers a good challenge at two or one so it avoids the least favorite quests, but those types of encounter decks can be really frustrating depending on the number of players in the game.
  14. Brilliantly said! COTR is my go-to for LOTR fun. I like the banter among the group. Etienne is a great straight-man and I get my dose of strategic knowledge of the game and weekly quota of Scotland from Sean. Always miss the days when Brian or Brandon are missing because they add the great comedic value to the podcasts. Also, Jarod! Hopefully he can still make some of the episodes. As for mistakes, I played Trouble in Tharbad yesterday and realized after a few rounds that I forgot to remove a time counter when the spies attacked. I tried to rectify it but I couldn't remember entirely. I am one person playing two-handed and I mess up regularly. Couldn't imagine trying it with two or three more people and expecting perfection. Besides, if mistakes were never made it would be boring. I laughed like crazy when Brandon tried to doom people with a leadership card even though none of his heroes were leadership. When the comment section pointed that out and I heard you guys react I was rolling. Long-story short, I am a huge fan of the podcast. Keep up the good work...but not too good...because screw ups are funny!
  15. You mean ally, right? Oops, yup. Changed it. Thanks!
  16. The new Gondor ally is a pretty nice addition and one I could see using Doom 2 to take advantage of. It is helpful when trying to quickly build up an army. Also, love Gwaihir. Wish he was a hero or at least a cost of 4. :/ I love running eagle decks but they are really pricey...even with mono-tactics.
  17. Somebody may have already said this, but won't this be very good for the Riddle's quest in the Saga box? I can't remember exactly how that works, but it seems like it would take the guessing element out of it entirely.
  18. Not once. I played with Eleanor! But that would suck if it got replaced with the same card. lol
  19. I enjoyed War in the North. Ultimately I will likely play it if it is good, and overlook the lore issues. As long as Arwen doesn't take the place of someone and somehow save the day in this too I will be ok.
  20. For those interested in the game, a new preview showed that Celebrimbor is the wraith that enters the main character and Gollum will be along with you to assist you in various ways. So, do you guys think this is a blight on Tolkien's works, or do you like the way the storyline is going? http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/25/sdcc-2014-see-sauronas-betrayal-in-shadow-of-mordor
  21. I agree, but would then add that it is not only the fact that it forces a specific deck build, but also that it really still isn't a fun mechanic once the decks are built (and i have a hard time saying that because I do enjoy that quest every once in a while). Journey to Rhosgobel is a quest that sorta forces a unique build as well but it is a fun quest and has fun elements to it that go beyond randomness. I think the Riddle quest just falls too far into a random guessing game and not a strategic card game, even though you can reduce the randomness it still is just guessing. As an aside, however, I have no idea how the designers could have gone about the riddle part of the story differently, so I can't complain too much. Does anybody else have an idea about how the riddles could have been made more fun?
  22. Yeah that is 4 damage placed on an enemy right out of the gate if heroes are Bard, Brand and Legolas. Then you have vassals, horseback archers and trollshaw scouts. The bosses in this game could go down just by playing Rumil! lol
  23. in my head, i'm thinking eomer, imrahil, and her. horn of gondor, steward of gondor, and errand riders to smooth resources. popping allies to clear locations (hello, riddermark's finest) to ready imrahil, pump up eomer, and ready our newest hero. we'll see how it goes... That's a high starting threat! so? I always struggle with Tri-Sphere decks and would undoubtedly need another mono-lore deck for support. I am getting into mono-decks again lately (mainly for eagles) but i would say that Idraen would be good in mono-spirit. Idraen, Eowyn, Eleanor, maybe alongside a tactics deck or whatever is needed for the given quest. That is a solid three I think...and who says women are underrepresented. They are three solid heroes.
  24. Me neither. Also, "So soon?" Did I miss a spoiler? Only Legolas card I know of is the core set hero. I think the meaning of this is that Legolas doubtly will be hero of any of the upcoming APs, neither will he be the one hero of road darkens. I might disagree. You may be right and certainly a Legolas taking advantage of the Silvan trait would be beneficial. But it would be about time for art spoilers coming out for those in the Road Darkens Saga...which I personally don't think Legolas will be in, I have my money on an ally boromir so you can two-fist the fellowship!
  25. Were the other two pictures taken down already? They won't load for me now.
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