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  1. I'd go with option 1, and the initial hit knocked the PC off their feet and into cover before the explosion or the rocket exploded more in the opposite direction. I guess rockets are a little weird.
  2. Is there a talent that lets me use an engaged enemy to increase defense for me to use them as a shield vs incoming attacks? I know there is the initial upgrade and despair potential on a ranged attack but I wasn't sure if there was a talent that did this with improved affect also.
  3. I think Savage Spirits has a modular encounter for something like this. I love a good overland encounter and the stress that can come from it is really satisfying as a player or GM.
  4. After reading it again, I'm noticing there are no capital letters in Armored Clothing. So I would say it classifies as clothing which is armored, but gains no benefit outside of the modifications.
  5. I know it's a very random game in every batch, but is there any magic or occult references? Werewolves, witches, spells, curses, demons, etc.
  6. When spending duty at Character Creation the core book says you can choose each option once. Does that mean I cannot take two XP bumps of+10, or does it mean I cannot take two XP boosts of the same type, like a +5 and+10 xp? i have 15 duty to work with and wanted to turn it into the +5 and +10 xp. But I always thought that counted as the same option of XP
  7. The talent Prime positions is a ranked Talent. If we both have one rank does it come accumulative bonus to make the benefit equal to rank to? Blind-spot is not a rank Talent but if we both have it does the benefit stack?
  8. Another player and myself both have Prime Position and Blind Spot. Do these talents stack with each other?
  9. I would upgrade if in the middle of combat or in any otherwise dangerous setting. Add setback if the targets are unfriendly or don't speak any basic.
  10. I just checked the rule book on page 201 - "A character can take a maneuver to assume a guarded stance, helping him defend against melee attacks. A character who performs this maneuver adds 1 Setback to any combat checks he makes until the end of his next turn. However, he also gains melee defense 1 until the end of his next turn."
  11. This attachment can be applied to any ranged heavy weapon and the base modifier removes a setback from the targets movement or from the Guarded Stance maneuver. Doesn't Guarded Stance only apply to melee attacks?
  12. Has this question been sent to the developers yet as to how the item should work?
  13. We're making our first AoR characters. I'm a Devaronian Soldier: Trailblazer with 2 ranks of Ranged Heavy and 1 Melee. We're setting up our base of operations on Taris, which I think is a mix of jungle,toxic wastes, and urban areas. I'm trying to settle on an appropriate weapon and armor set for use on a toxic / urban / jungle world, I'm looking for suggestions. Anyone care to chime in? Additionally - What are your thoughts on different environments affecting weapon performance? Do you ever have wet environments hamper blaster damage or slugthrower range? I know there is an Environmental Adaptation attachment for weapons so that they don't break down. Have you used that feature at all?
  14. For the mods, what about making it "OR" instead of getting 1 of each option? Or ditching the soak and defense mods.
  15. Considering all this, I may hold off on buying this in my group to avoid opening the can of worms. I was going to apply it to the Tracker Utility Vest but I also imagine everyone choosing a 0-1 soak item to use it with.
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