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  1. I think it's about time FFG woke up to its self and stopped releasing an obvious bias to the scum faction and finally fix up some of its complete stuff ups or finally bring rebels and the empire onto the same footing. It's clear someone is smoking something illegal on the design team and has a hard on for scum. Shout me down as much as you want I play all factions and if you don't think scum releases lately have been OP your in denial/ a scum only play or a WAAC player. The only faction to get generics with EPT , undercosted ships, undercosted EPT and undercosted crew and all effective. Enough with the bad tasting jokes hey. For a long time time I have championed FFG over GW but for the last year it's been getting a bit long in the tooth. I can't now with any honesty even defend FFG over GW any more for they have shown FFG up by at least trying to listen to there customer base. This has clearly not something happening at FFG with all the tournament results and the repeated calls for nurfs and fixes for the same ships endlessly on there very own forum. Please FFG wake the F___ up
  2. Vader is still solid, yes he can have problems with multiple TLT's but if your only taking Vader of course you'll have problems. Vader with vessary with the bid D title and omega leader are a great triple treat yep the lack of autos is a problem against TLT's but in that case you could drop vessary down to the X7. Putting adaptability on Vader in a list like this gives you the option to drop down to ps 8 and have him push through his crit or up to 10 against those Edgar's. You could go a cheep carnor and just give him autos, Or even go the inquisitor. While it's true Vader doesn't have the best dial but gez it ain't that bad, he's not realy getting stressed. And what his dial just all of a sudden got worse? No it's a case that tie Ds are just easy buuuuuuut are predictable, but are action ecconomy specialists on easy mode. If you like the idea of running him play him enough with a solid squad that can support
  3. With the return of TLT's Guri is very solid. I have more or less soloed lists at a store champs to win it. She only realy struggles against high ps aces like Sontir and you have the party bus for that.
  4. Hmmm, I like the look of that list. I might have to try it sometime soon. I've already used the VCX and Biggs three or four times over the past couple weeks. Seems like Biggs should have an Integrated Astromech on him though. I mean, it costs 0pts, no reason not to. I've recently picked up a couple K-Wings and have been wanting to use one, and I also picked up an ARC over the weekend, so I've been thinking about using the following 100pt list: Braylen Stramm -Luke -Alliance Overhaul -R3-A2 Tarn Mison -R7 Astromech -Integrated Astromech Wardan Squadron Pilot -TLT -Extra Munitions -Sabine Wren -Proximity Mines -Proximity Mines -Advanced SLAM There's some room for modification for more points there: drop Luke for Gunner, lose a Proximity Mine, lose both mines and the extra munitions in favor of using a different crew outher than Sabine if you don't want the K as a bomb platform... I'm not sure how it'll play and I actually can't remember where I saw the list posted, but I'm gonna give it a try this weekend if I can get over being sick. oh IA is an auto include I'll warn you that Fenn Rau is one of the few Pilots Biggs often doesn't help much against - since he tends to hoon into close range to use his ability, and has the agility to position himself so he doesn't have a shot at the mustachioed one. Not that I'm trying to warn you off using Biggs, but remember that reverse-arc-dodging him is easiest at close range, which is exactly where Rau tends to be. oh for sure that's where skill will be required, hopefully clever use from chopper / maybe Miranda putting out a block. Biggs at least in either of These 2 lists can handle the hits, but at least with both list any ship ship could survive the alpha strike. But you have a good point. I would hope the auto blaster turret might be able to roll hits and not crits
  5. I'm hoping to to find a great balance with some of the existing ships available to the rebels. I'd like to not have to rely on having a close to full squad of the latest ships to be competative. Ultimately if I have too, I will succumb to buying another Arc. Nora with ptl,title, r2d2 and tail gunner Biggs r4d6 and IA Miranda with tlt This is looking like it could be a solid late game list but could suffer to Sontir and the wolf pack. I also like Braylen, r3a2 gunner, title Biggs, r4d6 Vcx with chopper pilot, Hera fcs, autoblaster I think this could be a solid hard hitting list that shuts down any hopes for actions action
  6. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get as much info on people's experiences with single arcs in a list. With the current meta you have some hard hitting lists out there such as the party bus with uboats. Some hard to hit lists such as palp defenders and list that kinda fit in the middle of those such as dangaroo and the mararoo specials. Like a lot of people I am time poor and I'm absorbing as much info about the Arc from these forums as I can. With the return of the store champ season upon us, the choice of single arc list seams to fall into 2 groups Nora high damage output Braylen stress control With such hard hitting alpha strike lists as the Fenaroo , Biggs is nearly an auto include for an arc list. So my friends, from your experiences how have you all been Arcing it up.
  7. I have seen some nasty usage of the bomb slot on Miranda and Sabine on Nora for a couple of sick bombers. The thing with my area is that it has all the standard meta lists ( wolf pack , party bus and uboats, dangaroo, manaroo and who ever as well as the palp defenders and palp aces , triple defenders.) and then you have the random lists as well. I realy want to run rebels ( I can do any faction but I'm keen on rebel characters ) and in the current meta that means I need to take Biggs. After reading fickles posts about the arc and seeing how good Nora is I believe a twin arc (Nora and braylen with Biggs ) if flown well should do well. I just want to try and make a single arc list work first. Time is always a factor. I guess the arc and store champ season haven't yet collided to give us real data on what's going to work the best (or close too). The ideas are helpful though guys
  8. That list is one of the alternative lists I have been thinking about, ATM I'm trying to get a couple of regen ships that can put out the damage in 1 list. Having 2 regen ships in the end game is dirty if they can keep up the damage output. With only a single arc in a list there looks to be 2 effective types of builds, a stress build Braylen or the damage spike Nora. I realy like the damage spike Nora, but that stress type build is a solid alternative
  9. Having recently experienced the joy of fly the new arc, I have come to the cross roads of list building. As someone with limited time my lists end up being combinations of elements of strong build, no doubt much like other people lists. Basically I'm at a point where I can't decide and as yet haven't had the chance to play the couple of different changes to the basic frame of a list that I'm looking to go into the next store champ season To start off we have Biggs, IA, R4D6 Can't go wrong here, the current standard. Next up is what I've had my game time with (5win,1loss, not against any real metta lists) Nora, PTL, title, R2D2, VT, tail gunner Miranda, C3PO, auto blaster turret This list worked very well able to hit hard and regen the auto blaster turret just sings at 3 dice from Miranda. The game I lost I got out played and I played it all wrong ( great game to learn from). The list was a TLT packing Miranda and it showed how good she is with the TLT. So to get it in my list and keep the basic core I would have to drop C3PO, auto blaster turret and the VT off Nora. I have never run Miranda untill now and was shocked at her power level, is she worth powering up to the TLT over what the up grades I have already In The list bring. Cheers for any feed back guys
  10. So with the up coming release of the new rogue 1 movie FFG now has a good enough excuse to release the long over due and much needed real buff for the xwing. I am talking a real buff too mind you. I think it's time and I would say most of you out there would agree too. I mean it is the iconic ship from Star Wars (along side the trusty tie and the falcon) and it is the games name sake so I think with the current meta power creep, I can't see any problems with giving it something fantastic. Shouldn't the x wing be one of the first ships rebels consider in taking and not just for a bullet soak (I'm looking at you Biggs). I hope it's some thing like this Rogue 1 leader (the dot special of course) title x wing only free Other rogue 1 xwings at range 1 use your ps when firing at the same target Rogue 1 title x wing only free When firing at the same target as the rogue 1 leader add 1 attack dice X foil attack run lock modification x wing only When you activate you can chose to lock you x foils in the attack run position if you have chosen the same manouver as rogue 1 leader. Assign a fee evade token. 1 pt Put 2/4 of these in a rogue one pack with one or more of the pilots and done.It maybe over the top but look at uboats, I'll by it for sure
  11. While Gonk is some thing you need to plan for on dengar while you are setting up his attack run its easy to bank up a few shields, this helps out greatly so that when you do end up in a joust type exchange you can tank the damage, fly out of enemy arc next turn and start regening. The list I've been playing with Dengar, P1 title, Gonk, ptl , unhinged , gliterstim (now changed to feedback) Bossk , Vi, mangler , boba, greedo, zuckuss, gliterstim (now changed to feedback) I'm yet to get to play it against 3 uboats but have had great success with it. Have only lost 2 games with it, one was to a palp aces list and crack swarm. Bossk does go down most games as people quickly realise he can't be left to freely do damage. You need to think of the combo on bossk. I changed to feedback because of aces and it's kinda self explanatory as greedo and feedback and boba will remove ptl on fel or carnor if I get the block of and that's not to hard. Dengar becomes a late game beast and if can get a double feedback ( hope the face up is nasty) on an ace when I have shields in the bank is like free damage.
  12. Yeah I was thinking along the lines of IA on a docked shuttle and then Sabine and chopper advanced sensors or ac for lots of auto ace killing action and just total prickness. Not very strong overall but fun option
  13. I don't have the expansion yet so that gives me a sad face but I thought that would be the case
  14. So does IA still proc if it's on the attack shuttle on the ghost? Can't find either way
  15. I'm gonna try and nip this crap in the but once and for all. I'm a male nurse working in a major hospital have over 100 female friends and am never called sexist. For all those in the PC crowd with your head stuck under a rock, I'll point this out to you " Woman are not interested in table top miniature games but some do like Star Wars ". So in many years of gaming I have been regularly ridiculed by close to 90% of all the woman I have met or worked with. The last 10% have either thought it was cute dismissed it or thought it was cool to some degree. Considering that I have worked with hundreds of woman, I'm sure that this is the normal for woman. Guys they ain't interested and we ain't gonna get them interested and it's got nothing to do with anything like sexism
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