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  1. @Agis Fantastic painting on everything, thank you for sharing!! Can I please ask what paint colour(s) you used for the armour on your mud/grunge troopers?
  2. Really looking forward to the arms and feet coming out, will definitely be getting those alongside those droids!
  3. Thanks for these photos. Any more light you could shed (with photos if possible) of where the heads meet the bodies, how much green stuff required etc. Would be especially interested in seeing the Bothan and Ithorian head joins if possible?
  4. I've got stuff from these guys and it's all really good: http://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/epages/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17/Categories/Space/Armada_scale_scenery
  5. Title says it all really, 3.2.1 dated 20 Jun 17: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/0e/20/0e204125-cad2-4e54-8d94-20eb72699513/swm_faq_v321.pdf
  6. Hi all, as a relatively new player I've only only ever played rebels. However, I'm going to be introducing a friend to the game next week so have bought a few imperial bits. With no idea on what makes a 'good' imperial list other than the obvious stereotypes, I was after some suggestions on a solid 400 points for him to start off with. I have: Core set Victory Gladiator Imperial fighters Rogues & Villains Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.
  7. Just bought one set of the X-Wings & two of the expansion pack. Can you let us know what blue, green & yellow paint colours you matched the transfers to?
  8. Looking really good. Are you making the other colours to match specific paints like you the red A-Wings with Vallejo's Cavalry Brown? i.e. do the blue and green a-wings match to a paint colour?
  9. Love these, will order the X-Wing ones when the other fighters are available. Are you going to do the B-Wings as well as the As & Ys?
  10. @therealstarkiller - love the paint job, care to share colours & techniques? @wesjanson - same question? Cheers guys :-)
  11. Hi all, I've been playing for a while but not competitively. Going to my second event next weekend & I'm thinking of taking the below. Any & all comments welcome. Thank you in advance. Stressing for Advantage Ten Numb (31) - PS8/10 - Veteran Instincts (1) - Mangler Canon (4) - Fire Control System (2) 38 Eaden Vrill (32) - PS3 - Recon Specialist (3) 35 Grey Sqn Y-Wing (20) - PS4 - Ion Cannon Turret (5) - R3-A2 (2) - Title (0) 27 Total - 100
  12. Iylankano

    Han & Lando

    Hi all, I've just ordered a Lady Luck from Shapeways so keen to run a Han & Lando list but using official rules for tournament play rather than custom cards. This means a 2 x YT-1300 list. What do people think to: Han & Lando: Han Solo (46) Millennium Falcon (1) Push the Limit (3) Nien Numb (1) 51 Lando Calrissian (44) Gunner (5) 49 100 Comments/suggestions?
  13. Apologies for the thrednomancy but I'm pretty new to X-wing & have only just seen this. I was wondering if anyone else had ordered one of these from Shapeways & if there was an opinion on the difference between frosted & frosted ultra detail? Cheers.
  14. Thanks guys, this has to be the friendliest forum I've ever seen! To be honest the R2s were there as I'm not really good enough yet to not need to k turn relatively often but I do have a few imperial ships so will look into Draw Their Fire, Swarm Tactics & Expert Handling. I've not used the HWK yet, but I'd like to use it soon.
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