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  1. Does it seem weird to anyone else that we just finished regional season and are having it again in only a few months?
  2. Dash Rendar also needs to be banned! #obstaclesmatter On a serious note, what's this guy smoking? This is an amazing knee jerk reaction to encountering something you don't like without wanting to change how you do business. I also enjoy starting my games with your list doesn't work for me, here (hands opponent a new list) play this, it works out better for me.
  3. Anything live streaming this weekend? I'm none sing to watch some x-wing but not really on a position to play or go out to watch it. Wondering if there were any tournaments or events that would be putting on a show so to speak.
  4. What are you talking about? Bro bots are still a really great list.
  5. Dude! That totally was me! Like I said everyone there was a class act. Playing in Quebec was intimidating but a lot of fun. Thanks again for the token.
  6. Leave Britney alo... a-wings alone! Dude they're fine as they are.
  7. Lessons learned really. I had no way to know there was an error as they only posted match ups not standings. So I go into the announcements being like okay I'm 5-1 I'm in for sure. They didn't use the normal score sheets just little slips with two names and a place for points. So there was no check here you won, modified lost to ensure things. The scores got written down wrong in my third game, and so I was playing lower ranked guys. Even though I had won 5 games it was against lower ranked players, so what do you do? The TOs had to make a hard decision that would make someone unhappy and it ended up being me. In fairness while I was super pissed about the result I entirely agree with their decision looking back a bit removed now. Even my third round opponent told the TOs of the error. But what was done was done. They weren't going to make things right by doing something wrong again. They did the right thing. All of this was compounded by my only having a basic understanding of French. I tried but a combo of being tired and people speaking quickly I never heard them say anything that would have fixed the situation. Further to the credit of how it was handled, the TOs decided to give me the bonus dice set. They didn't have to do it but they understood I was upset and had a case, they did what I've Always seen and loved about this community, they were dudes about it. As for what I was flying I was the super Anglo who was flying Dengar Manaroo ( I called it star crossed lovers rather than dengaroo and as soon as I did my wife let me go to the tournament. I told her it was a tribute to our love). All of my opponents were great and the day was a ton of fun with a lot of variety.
  8. It's painful to look at, went 5-1 but due to a scoring error got placed as 4-2. I could of been a contender lol. Where on Facebook did they say post to here? I thought they had all the lists?
  9. Cheering for Ryan Voight up here in Canada.
  10. I don't think he was cheating. He's an over excited fidgeting player for sure. But I don't think he's cheating. Almost any other move would have seen a phantom with a shot at least, and likely a five die shot before cloaking. So unless he was like 'man I really hope I can't shoot this turn' I think it was just a matter of nerves. The guy is a good dude and while he loves the game isn't exactly a power gamer and I honestly don't believe he would cheat like that. Even seeing that. @krynn, that link just takes me to a login screen...
  11. What's the sound of one troll trolling? Dude you have five posts and all about this one subject. There were a bunch of people watching the game and two players going at it. I don't think they need your validity. They went through the whole Swiss, they have credibility. We don't know what the conversation was between them but we can be certain it was after a lot of play and both were tired. Give it a rest dude
  12. I think you drop down the HLC to a mangler as he Krassis shoots last anyways and either give OL a stealth device or put a recon specialist on Krassis for more survivability.
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