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  1. Stinger07

    Which dial changes do you expect to see vary the most?

    Where did FFG talk about the Lambda Dial?
  2. Stinger07

    Excited About Conversion Kits

    I don't think anyone has really mentioned this, but I'm actually excited about conversion kits. As someone who has a moderate sized collection, I have a good portion of the rebel and imperial ships, but I don't have all of the aces packs or other pilots and whatnot. I am quite excited that I will get to play new pilots for my existing ships. Sabine's TIE? Awesome! Raider Advanced Pilots? Yay! The full gamut of X-Wing Pilots? Sweet! Buy 1 Falcon, get 2 factions (assuming both conversion kits)? Yes please! Anyone else excited to diversify their moderate collection?
  3. Sigh. They will likely only put one of each unique card in the box. 1 Luke Skywalker, 1 Darth Vader, etc. So if you want to share your upgrade box with a buddy (like I would like to do), you better not have any overlapping ships. Sigh.
  4. Stinger07

    Big FFG Announcement This Week?

    I got an email from FFG reminding me to re-subscribe to their newsletter due to big upcoming announcements. What is so big that they are asking me to resubscribe to the newsletter? Solo stuff?
  5. Stinger07

    Happy Friday .... Indeed

    So I am going to go out and say something a bit more crazy: I think there should be 3 new boxes, each called a starter box. One for each faction with iconic ships in each. The rebel box would have an X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, and B-Wing with all of the fixes and trappings that make these guys the best possible. All titles, mods, etc. The imperial box would have 2 TIE Fighters, an Interceptor, a Bomber, and an Advance again with all of the fixes and bells and whistles. The Scum Box would be a little tougher given there aren't as many iconic ships. I'd go with possible two large base ships, maybe the IG-2000 and the YV-666 or you could go with Protectorate, Starviper, Khiraxz, and M3a. Each box would include the standard box set trappings but they would sell for $60-$70 a piece.
  6. Stinger07

    Benthic Two Tubes

    Man, I think I'll take a Kyle+TLT+RecSpec+Title over two tubes. Kyle is Range 1-3, doesn't require an action, and with the title he can be handing out a token every turn, stress or no stress. Add Pulsed Ray Shield and you probably will have a similar number of hit points long term...
  7. Stinger07

    Optimized Countdown or Pure Sabacc

    Definitely want to run optimized on Sabaac. The best of all worlds is to have a shield upgrade and LWF, and the only way to do that is optimized. Because his ability is damage card based, with 1 or fewer, hull upgrade is pointless. Shield upgrade, but the extra green dice of LWF will likely pay off far better than shield upgrade. Hence optimized.
  8. Stinger07

    poll: how long have you been playing?

    I bought my core box on 4/16/14 according to my amazon history. I exclusively play casually and I have a good chunk of the expansions. Calculating the retail value of my collection puts it at $645, but the reality is probably far less than that. I have received several gifts and I almost never buy the expansions at full retail price. I have now done some intense calculation, and I've spent roughly $400 on my own collection over the past 4 years, not including my card binder and play board. It looks like I've bought another $177 worth of gifts for friends and family so they can play with me. But reality also has made this substantially less, between gift cards from work, selling of miniatures from other collections, etc. As a strictly casual player, I definitely enjoy the game despite losing more often than winning. I keep my collection relatively large, just so my friends can play easily. So overall, I enjoy it.
  9. Stinger07

    What does the Y-Wing need?

    What's the source on that image? It's really cool... Any which way, I think it should be the following with the BTL-B: BTL-B Title Add 2 hull to your ship. You may not perform speed 4 maneuvers. You may add 1 Munition Token to each attached Torpedo Upgrade. 3 points Reason being is that the BTL-B had 12 total torpedos compared to the Rebel's version only having 8.
  10. Stinger07

    What does the Y-Wing need?

    Can we please talk about the Y wing? Big thing it needs in my opinion? A new sculpt! I'd love a better mini for it...
  11. Stinger07

    Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    Well, LWF seems to be only a problem on the Striker, Aggressor, and SF when it comes to new TIEs. And the Striker and Aggressor are what it was made for. So really, the only one that FFG forgot to put 3-s in green on was the SF, which kinda makes sense. I think LWF actually does a really good job of encouraging pilots to stay and range 1 or 2, given it essentially gives the same number of green dice at all 3 ranges (against 3 dice ships). I think it is meant not to be a strictly defensive upgrade, but rather one that encourages precise maneuvering. In the same way Sensor Jammer isn't a strictly defensive upgrade but rather a strangely offensive/defensive nuanced card. Heck, LWF allows you to roll 4 defense dice at long range against 4 attack dice ships. Its quite nuanced and not a straightforward 2.5 green dice. That being said, I am still for this new TIE having 3 Green. My ideal stat line would be 2/3/4/0 with a cannon slot or a bullseye arc, or maybe even a cool title that makes use of the cannon and the bullseye arc simultaneously.
  12. Stinger07

    Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    So... About the Heavy Tie.... 4 Hull? Or 5? I doubt it will have shields. And not more hull than a bomber.
  13. Stinger07

    Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    I'd love to see a bullseye arc that isn't centered, but instead lined up with the left side of the carboard. That would be cool...
  14. Stinger07

    Rebels Y-Wing

    I agree! Here it is in higher res
  15. Stinger07

    Rebels Y-Wing

    I think the BvA is an internal designation for the rebels design team, so nothing significant.... I think...