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  1. Stinger07

    Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?

    On a side note, if anyone is planning on tossing your 1.0 cards/dials/cardboards, don't. PM me, I'll pay for shipping and a little more.
  2. Stinger07

    Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?

    I am not sure if anyone you have checked ebay, but 1.0 stuff still sells to a degree. Why any of you would trash this stuff when it could be sold (even for a small bit) is beyond me... Now, tokens, yes, recycle bin. But the rest? Even ship cardboards from stuff like the aces expansions has a place still...
  3. Stinger07

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    Star Wars: The Fast and the Force-sensitive Disclosure: I stole this from another comment thread on another site.
  4. Stinger07

    Why the hate on Red Moves?

    I am not talking token stacks here. I'm talking about the connotation that red maneuvers make you a bad player. That they are bad. They aren't bad, they are powerful, and come with an associated consequence. Red maneuvers can (potentially) allow you to outfly your opponents.
  5. Stinger07

    Why the hate on Red Moves?

    I am not arguing for elusive precisely nor am I advocating that people build a list around assuming red moves. I am just wondering why red moves are talked down upon. As if a player is suddenly a bad player because they expect to use red moves in a game. Everyone uses them. And for the intermediate player, something like elusive proves to be an insurance policy for their bad flying. The solution may be to "git gud" but in the mean time, elusive or Ten Numb are there for us while they learn.
  6. Stinger07

    Why the hate on Red Moves?

    Well, I would disagree. Red moves are not negative, they are POWERFUL by design. They present an advantage that is somehow desirable over their more common white/blue counterparts. Because they are powerful, they come with a downside, and that is stress. Compare a red move to spending your only action on a red barrel roll. They are the exact same outcome: leaving your ship in a different position. Heck, even a white barrel roll has the same outcome except that you don't need to take the blue next turn. Also, an unmodded shot is always preferable to no shot at all, all other things equal, is it not? Stress is not bad, it is a consequence. It is a cost for doing something that puts you at an advantage. I would argue that there are quite a few situations where you would want to do something, like a red move or a linked action or anything else that may cause stress. I would never say "You don't want to do red moves or red actions" but rather "A move or action that causes stress must be well thought before executing".
  7. Stinger07

    Why the hate on Red Moves?

    Sorry, didn't mean to call you out specifically. I've seen at least 1 other poster, possibly more, echo the same thought. It just struck me as odd as calling out what is essentially a core mechanic as such a negative.
  8. Stinger07

    Why the hate on Red Moves?

    There have been several discussions lately, usually surrounding elusive, that are really talking bad on red maneuvers. The usual complaint is that a red maneuver eats an action, and thus elusive requires an action to be used. But... But... don't people need to use red moves on occasion? I don't know about you guys, but S-Loops, T-Rolls, and K-Turns can be very useful moves. Posters seem to be implying that no one would ever want to do a red move because it eats your action, but, sometimes, don't you want to do red moves? Am I wrong here? I doubt there is any game played nearly ever that did not need a red move. Even the best players have to execute red moves on every once and a while. Wouldn't a red move be preferable to getting shot in the back? Someone back me up here...
  9. Stinger07

    Dorsal Turret on the Ghost 2.0

    Doesn't this give it essentially a 270 degree firing arc with a docked ship? Now, damage values are inconsistent, but it can hit nearly anything around it 270 degrees.
  10. Stinger07

    Scum Falcon and Conversion Kits

    Haha, I never bothered picking one up because I gifted one to my brother a while back. Some of the extra cards we'd just trade back and forth, and I just let him keep his Falcon as exclusive to him. If I ever wanted to borrow it, I could. But a substantial collection for me is like 35 ships? Is that substantial? It definitely has cost me as much money as a cheap gaming PC... But good to know! I am already grabbing conversion kits, so it'll be fun to get 3 ships for the price of one.
  11. Stinger07

    Scum Falcon and Conversion Kits

    Okay, so here is a question. While I have a relatively substantial collection, I never bought a Millennium Falcon. But I have been eyeing the new scum falcon, and I hope to get it when it launchers With that, will I be able to use the Scum Falcon, minus the escape pod, along with the rebel (and or resistance) conversion kit to field a Rebel (or resistance) Falcon? I am mainly talking for a tournament, but the question still stands. Given I mainly play casually, the question is pretty much moot as it is, but I am still curious.
  12. So, I doubt we'd see any pre-Ruusan ships. First off, except for those people who saw the exactly 5 eligible ships from KotOR I and II (Two Republic Fighters, Sith Fighter, G-Wing, and the Ebon Hawk) and whatever ships are from TOR (I haven't played it, so I have no idea), none of them except the Ebon Hawk are iconic in any way. They just wouldn't generate sales in the way that any from the The Clone Wars would. I'd expect for the republic we'd see things get released in popularity order starting with Naboo and Jedi Starfighters, ARC-170s and V-Wings etc. The number of ships for the republic from the prequel era is almost as large as the list of rebel ships right now. I doubt we'll see anything beyond the current time line.
  13. Stinger07

    Revelations from Thrawn #6

    Oops... Classic "look before you post" issue...
  14. Stinger07

    Revelations from Thrawn #6

    This is going to be an interesting. There is a small fleet of of scummy ships attacking Thrawn's star destroyer. Ships I noticed in the scene... YT-2000, A Wings, the Twilight, that clone wars shuttle (Epsilon?), the Ebon Hawk(!??) and, lastly, the Daedelus from Stargate (???) Any future expansions here?
  15. Stinger07

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    For the most part (not completely as some abilities would depend on it) having it forwards or backwards only is functionally identical to having a forward/backwards arc. Especially if you do not get a gunner slot. I really think it should be forward arc only. Personally.