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  1. This. Add jam action. When you perform a jam action, you may only jam ships in your (V) at a range of 1-2.
  2. Stinger07

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I am sincerely hoping we get a LAAT/i or the "Space Gunship" this wave. Republic needs a large base and I simply love the gunship.
  3. BattleFront Twilight Company had an interesting sub-plot involving a female stormtrooper. Definitely still a cog. Slight chance of conversion, but you got to see her doing her duty and then being defeated and going into hiding. It was compelling.
  4. Gozanti was shown in the new content for Season 7 of Clone Wars. So, maybe?
  5. This seems to be a large source of confusion, but this is from Gavin Duffy on Reddit: src: https://old.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/bcs8u1/epic_is_coming/ekt8uck/
  6. Everyone has it wrong. The 3 Ships are going to be released in a single "Huge Ship Wave". The conversion kit will include conversions for all 5 huge ships. I will update with a src when I find it. It was on reddit.
  7. First episode of Star Wars resistance has the Resistance using a CR-90. I think you can even find that episode online, legit free if you want to check it out. edit: Here is the time stamped video: https://youtu.be/PRMjC6tl-Tw?t=238
  8. It was just a standard gunship with teeth painted on the nose. See the link below, it will show that gunship.
  9. The images of the ghost's packaging shows a sheathipede and nothing docked in the ghost itselt. My guess is they didn't want to pay for a 3d printed prototype and just put a 1.0 ghost out. Presentation showed a new stand for the ghost as well and that one has the old stand.
  10. Check that article again. Separatists are getting the Nantex Class Geonosian Starfighter. Scum is getting jumpmaster and m3-a with a new paint job.
  11. I paint a bit, but I don't have a definite process for fixing the wash. My plan, if needed, was to color match and coat over with a thin coat where needed, and then rewash. Thoughts? Will do!
  12. Hi All, Asking for my buddy here. He just got a brand new Sith Infiltrator and it seems the model has a few issues. First off, it has a floppy wing. The other three folding wings work perfectly but the other doesn't like staying in position and flops around. Second, he had a really really bad wash job on it. Heavy in some places, absent in others, and lots of brush strokes. Should he bother contacting FFG about it? Or should we just look into fixing the issues ourselves? Thanks in advance!
  13. Not canon, but from very late in the old canon era. It makes a ton of sense and you can obviously see any differences. Larger Torpedo load, more armor. I would expect small base and a white reload personally.
  14. Why is a 5 health, 2 Agi ship always considered fragile? Its the same fragility as the Moldy Crow and Sheathipede, and just a hair off the X-Wing and Khiraxz. I've never heard the word fragile thrown around for any of them... And it's not just you, I've heard that opinion in multiple places...
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