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  1. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    I overall think the TLT isn't bad for the game. Though range bonuses may be a small but effective change, I think that the Ghost and Miranda should be adjusted long before TLT is given a serious nerf. The issue comes with Y Wings (title and no title), HWKs, generic Scurrgs, and Agressors greatly benefit from the TLT without being game breaking. Even when the TLT was new and 4 Gold+TLT+R2 or the classic Thug Life list were around, it wasn't game breaking, though it might have been a bit boring. For some reason, Ghost+TLT is breaking the meta now. Should it be nerfed? maybe. Should TLT be nerfed? Probably not.
  2. Happy Friday Do we need 5-6 Primary Attks?

    Happy Friday! Aren't there only 3 ships with a native 4 dice attack? The VCX-100, the Upsilon, and the TIE Phantom. 5 or 6 dice seems absolutely ludicrous. And if there are complaints about HLC, wasn't that around since, what, wave 2? So that isn't the issue here... No, including any more ships with 5+ dice attacks is not something I'd ever want to see... And keeping 4 attack as a rare case.
  3. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    I would go with a simple don't spend the token. That way you can keep the cost the same (ffg doesn't like adjusting costs).
  4. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    The advantage is that you'd have to spread your damage with autoblaster and tlt. You couldn't do all of that damage to a single ship. Plus you are spending 2 extra points for the double turret. Given the size of the donuts, you have a larger potential for targets at range 2-3 than 1. But in the end it will also buff the phantom after it deploys. For a cost.
  5. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    Does my proposed ghost Nerf enough? Is 6 points a big enough cost for the quad tlt? Or does it need more? As the the usual Miranda Nerf, I like that idea as well. Oh, and while we are nerfing/de-nerfing things, blaster turret shouldn't have to spend the token.
  6. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    As for nerfing TLT, I'm a big fan of adding a defense die at range 3, as to give high agi ships some advantage vs lower agility ships which can usually tank the damage better. But I understand the thought behind preventing it from making a second attack. 4 damage per turn can really hurt a lot of different ships very quickly. Personally? Maybe Nerf both the TALK directly and the quad tlt shots. I'm not opposed...
  7. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    I've been thinking quite a bit on the issue of 4 TLT shots coming from the Ghost with Phantom docked and I think there is a very simple fix. What if instead of allowing the ghost to fire with it's equipped turret, it must fire with a turret that is equipped to the Phantom? Essentially, if someone wants to make 4 fully modded TLT shots, they'll have to pay for a second TLT on the Phantom in addition to one on the Ghost. Thoughts? Edit: Formatting
  8. Breaking The Game (Not a moaning topic)

    I can't recall exactly where I read this, but the official ruling is to replace one of the face down damage cards with a counter of some type and return it to the deck. If there was a situation where it would need to be flipped up, you would use one of the remaining face down cards not replaced by a counter. If you don't have any, well, I dunno...
  9. Hammerhead Cruiser - In Rebels??

    Latest preview for rebels has what looks like Hammerhead Cruisers from KotOR, but in the imperial era...
  10. I want a Y-Wing with it's Panels on!

    So, it is always said that the rebel's Y-wing have all of the panels removed for easier maintenance. Here is what it looks like with the panels on, and this is what I want my Y-wings to look like:
  11. The Force Awakens. Your reaction? (Spoilers)

    He's pretty clearly not supposed to be the same sort of villain as Vader, though that's how he sees himself. He's a confused, angry kid whose issues(Leia mentions the hope that sending him to Luke would help with his problems) allow the Dark Side to get its hooks in him, who turns on his family and on the surface appears dedicated but secretly is conflicted over what he's done. He has some sort of reverence for his grandfather, Darth Vader, and is trying to live up to that reputation, but it appears he doesn't know the whole story, particularly his turn back to the light, or at least doesn't believe it for some reason. He calls Han a liar, did they try to hide it from him, and the revelation tied into his turn? So no, he's not Vader, at least not Vader from the OT, and has more parallels with PT Anakin in some ways, but he works as a character, I'm curious to see more. Oh, I agree completely. My main point is that some have been calling Ren scary, and he isn't, to me at least, but rather broken...
  12. The Force Awakens. Your reaction? (Spoilers)

    I have to say, Ren was not a scary bad guy at all. Vader Mad = Force Choke the Messanger, everyone stands by in pure terror Ren Mad = Slice up some perfectly good equipment and everyone just kinda pretends it's not happening. Vader had a reputation, someone to be feared. Poe wasn't even phased by Ren...
  13. Need math help regarding Hwk vs Y-wing.

    Ah, I missed him asking about a different action economy on the two ships. In that case the OP should compare apples to apples. For real-world performance against a variety of attacks and action scenarios the Y-wing is more durable. The 82.6% and 60.75% numbers quoted above are the exact probabilities for 9 attacks and 7 attacks respectively. It's not a Monte Carlo simulation, I brute forced all possible outcomes. (Incidentally this takes orders of magnitude less time than running 10,000 iterations of simulation). I don't know what to tell you... I am not differing between hits and crits or hull and shields, but overall, if you just sit there and roll dice (which my simulation did), then those are the results. My simulation essentially rolls red, rolls green, calculates damage, reduces health. When health gets to zero (or negative), the ship is considered destroyed and the number of attacks is recorded. Repeat 10,000 times and get an average, and bam, results. A little more specifically, the hawk dies on the 9.6th attack (sometimes ninth, more likely tenth). The Y dies on the 7.2nd attack. The distribution is going to look different for the hawk and y, and the mean is not going to equal the median. I could add that functionality if people really, really want.
  14. Need math help regarding Hwk vs Y-wing.

    You should do an apples to apples comparison, and either give both the defenders focus, or neither. The attacker never having focus on offense is also not a reasonable assumption, but it is a starting point. Also, your numbers are off, you should check your simulation. After 9 attacks, a 5HP 2AGI ship with 1 focus will have a 82.6% chance of being destroyed. After 7 attacks, a 8HP 1AGI ship with 0 focus will have a 60.75% chance of being destroyed. OP asked for comparing a Focused HWK to an unfocused Y, and so I did. Logic behind my calculations, see here: Also, if anyone wants to see my Java code, I can provide!
  15. Need math help regarding Hwk vs Y-wing.

    OP, I ran some simulations, here are the results: Focused Hawk - 5 Health Survives 9.6 Unmodified 3-Dice attacks at range 2. Unfocused Y - 8 Health Survives 7.2 unmodified, 3-Dice attacks at range 2. That makes the focus hawk more surviveable than a Y wing...