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  1. Yeah this is a work in progress, but as what they are, the party will now be terrified of them should they turn up again, though when they do the next one will be slightly weaker as PT-187 nearly wrecked the parties two Jedi wannabes. My modification to the Purge Troopers is that it's the Sergeants and higher ranks that are dangerous Jedi Hunters, the rank and file are just black armored Storm Troopers, mostly for the visual of a black clad Inquisitor flanked by a squadron of black armored stormies when the Inquisitors hunting the party finally catch scent of them (again for one, and for the first time for another)
  2. And the verdict is: They're dangerous. a little too dangerous, as after my other gm friends looked at it, we threw Marry 2 on there, and it was largely overkill, I'd recommend either Parry 3 and no Cortosis armor, or just the armor and no cortosis, I think Parry and having them burn Strain fits the source material fairly well.
  3. I used the Death Troopers from Dawn of Rebellion increassed Brawn and Will to 4, dropped INT and Cunning to 2, changed out equipment and added Cortosis to the armor after a consult with my friends that also GM. One should be sufficient to keep the jedi-wannabes in my party occupied.
  4. Hopefully this will solve some of the fits it's been giving my group. I made a custom Jedi career that works fine on my veersion, but when I export it and someone else tries to install it, it crashes their version of the generator as soon as they try to apply it.
  5. I've allowed the "I'm -NOT- a Jedi" force user in my campaign take the Knight specialization, because it makes narrative sense (I also have some other off house rules, like letting him trade the dedication talent in his primary spec for force rating, because it makes narrative and character sense) and would allow another character to do so if it makes sense.
  6. Nothing to see here, found a work around.
  7. Yes, I saw, thank you. Going to be going with a baseline "restored" model that they find out through play is/was the Ebon Hawk, and provide easter eggs and hints based on the KotOR games. as we're all that kind of geeks in this group.
  8. Awesome, thanks. Still really toying with the idea of a Dynamic class freighter for the crew (possibly the ebon hawke for reals).
  9. Alright folks, I need a favor. I'm running a game set 2000 years before Yavin, and have need for a ship that will carry 5-6 comfortably. Needs to look Star Wars-y, without being instantly recognizable as a movie era vessel and hopefully have a interior layout as well. My plan is basically to find one who's outside looks and interior layout I can stand, that has space for the characters to eat, sleep, shower and preform necessary bodily functions, and slap the stat block for the yt-1600 on it. Anyone have any ships they can recommend? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  10. I'm thinking of using Vader in the opening to the "Season 2" of my campaign, which will start during the imperial attack on Ecco Base. I'm planning on putting together a sound bite of the "Impreial troops have entered the base-" that is cut off by a choking/snapping sound and Vader's breathing before the sound cuts out, and having the players roll a RRRP Fear check as they feel his presence enter the base, which the force sensitives will feel as a "Living wound in the force, as if a thousand souls are crying out in anguish". Anyone who doesn't immediately turn and flee from that, well, there's the literally an entire battalion of the 501st (All Rival class troopers, officers are Adversary 1. They are supposed to be the elite of the elite right?) fighting alongside the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his 7 Force dice. I want them to get the idea that fleeing to the safety of there ship and getting off planet is there only hope of survival. I'm fairly certain they will decide discrestion is the better part of valor, and if someone wants a new character for the second season, well, the old character can die a hero's death letting the rest escape. I'd call it a win/win.
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