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  1. Yes, I saw, thank you. Going to be going with a baseline "restored" model that they find out through play is/was the Ebon Hawk, and provide easter eggs and hints based on the KotOR games. as we're all that kind of geeks in this group.
  2. Awesome, thanks. Still really toying with the idea of a Dynamic class freighter for the crew (possibly the ebon hawke for reals).
  3. Alright folks, I need a favor. I'm running a game set 2000 years before Yavin, and have need for a ship that will carry 5-6 comfortably. Needs to look Star Wars-y, without being instantly recognizable as a movie era vessel and hopefully have a interior layout as well. My plan is basically to find one who's outside looks and interior layout I can stand, that has space for the characters to eat, sleep, shower and preform necessary bodily functions, and slap the stat block for the yt-1600 on it. Anyone have any ships they can recommend? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  4. I'm thinking of using Vader in the opening to the "Season 2" of my campaign, which will start during the imperial attack on Ecco Base. I'm planning on putting together a sound bite of the "Impreial troops have entered the base-" that is cut off by a choking/snapping sound and Vader's breathing before the sound cuts out, and having the players roll a RRRP Fear check as they feel his presence enter the base, which the force sensitives will feel as a "Living wound in the force, as if a thousand souls are crying out in anguish". Anyone who doesn't immediately turn and flee from that, well, there's the literally an entire battalion of the 501st (All Rival class troopers, officers are Adversary 1. They are supposed to be the elite of the elite right?) fighting alongside the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his 7 Force dice. I want them to get the idea that fleeing to the safety of there ship and getting off planet is there only hope of survival. I'm fairly certain they will decide discrestion is the better part of valor, and if someone wants a new character for the second season, well, the old character can die a hero's death letting the rest escape. I'd call it a win/win.
  5. Sorry no, I'm not one for this current trend towards a kinder, gentler, all inclusive Galactic Empire. The Empire=Space Nazis. These are the bad guys people, and they do bad things, among them being rampant species-ism and sexism.
  6. It just seems like if it was meant for the PC's to take over and use, it should be put together in useful fashion. I would think a basic medical facility would go hand in hand with being on Onderon, a planet so antithetical to human life it makes Australia look like a petting zoo, with an evil twin planet known for dropping bigger and nastier beasts on them randomly. Even assuming the Moff was a complete moron (more of a fact) you'd think one of his trusted lackeys would have said "Boss, this is kinda dumb" at one point or another.
  7. Oh, some things definitely got re-purposed in my universe One character in my game is Kota's ""Lackey" (Padawan, but since maybe 15 people in the galaxy know Kota is a Jedi, there's jut a dumb kid that follows him around) Cpt. Eclipse is in charge of a Victory class Star Destroyer in the Alliance Fleet, and there's an Inquisitor Marek wandering around the galaxy hunting down Jedi. Essentially certain bits of the characters spoke to me, so I stole them and repurposed bits to fit my view of the universe, the history of the Alliance still follows the WEG version of events from the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook.. Kota is straight up the guy from the game, Starkiller tried to kill him, he narrowly escaped, but was blinded and drunk himself stupid until Fulcrum recruited him into the Alliance, he now is one of the more respected generals in the alliance armed forces, his past as a jedi is kept secret. Eclipse worked for Starkiller as his pilot, but fled when she realized he was killing Jedi and enjoying it, when she defected she brought his ship and all of the datafiles on it, which is where the rebels first found out about the Death Star, enabling Katarn to steal the plans and get them to Leia, Starkiller himself is the 007 in the Inquisition, reporting directly to Vader and known for being a subtle as a brick through a window, if he shows up in person in game it's someone screwed up, big time.
  8. This line and AoR are on my "I'll take one of everything" list, while for Edge I'm content with Core, Fly Casual and the as yet unnamed Bounty Hunter book. One of my biggest complaints about the system is the near inability to improve FR without diving deep into a non-combat specialization. Either FR needs to be increasable by every specialization, OR it needs to be a characteristic, OR a universal spec needs to be put in with one or 2 FR+ talents and a Dedication Talent, along with Parry, Reflect and a couple of (Lightsaber, lore, etc.) skill is now a class skill talent.
  9. It's whatever color the player wants, other than black. And the color is not necessarily directed by the primary focusing crystal. I had a fairly long rambling conversation with the player who is playing a jedi force user in my AoR game about jedi politics in "My" version of the SW galaxy, part of what came from it is this: The Corscant/Republic Temple was the largest, oldest and most hidebound group of Jedi in the galaxy, though still nominally good they had a sense of self importance verging on arrogance and did things just because "that's the way they were always done", In my game Illum crystals are no more effective at being lightsaber crystals than many other gemstones used in blaster and laser technology. A Corellian Durindfire crystal is identical on the effect level, but by Coruscant thinking it was inferior as it didn't follow "Tradition". There were a handful of other Academies spread around the galaxy before the rise f the Empire, and many of them used whatever crystals they had at hand as well.
  10. I have a Shii-cho (sp?) Knight in my AoR game, he just got introduced in our last (mini) session, but I have to say based on experience even with the breach effect, the lightsaber in this game averages out in power with an off the rack heavy blaster rifle.
  11. I'm still of the opinion the Empire is The Roman Empire ran by Nazi's and that's how it's represented in my games, slavery is legal, the Emperor is pretty much an absolute power, and the Moffs are powerful local generals/governors. Human High Culture is the analogy for the Roman Empire's "We are the best and brightest in the universe" outlook, and is part of why all nonhumans are looked at with disdain. IF I ever do a Old Republic era game, it will probably feature similar themes to the Roman Republic just before it became an empire, with all the ick that entails.
  12. I love and hate this at the same time. It's an awesome piece, well done and very reminiscent of the late 80's early 90's anime I love, the soundtrack, while NOT SW is any way, really fits the piece. Just, really, the bad guys win? Without even the Inderdictor going down? NOOOOOOO! It is amazing work, my compliments to the animator and thanks Osprey for sharing.
  13. I still have my players guessing on how sex/gender work for Mon Calamari, since I tossed the Legends canon for the race out on it's ear. My wife is playing Tendaar from the beginner box in my AoR game, and he/she uses the 3rd person pronoun "fish" and when the rest of the party asked the medic he responded with "It's against HIPA regulations to divulge personal information to coworkers." Hell, I'm not sure my wife is sure...
  14. From memory of my players and I taking 20 and looking at the map, the notes on our issues are in the car: Walk in, take a right, you're at the command center. No med bay, no brig, locker room for workout room when bunkhouse is around the corner, armory halfway across the facility from firing range.
  15. My solution: Everyone is allowed to declare a "Signature Item" it can be either any single weapon or a suit of armor, When a character modifies attachments on his signature weapon, he decreases the difficulty of the Mechanics check by two, to a minimum of Simple (–) Simple, easy and works with the system.
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