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  1. The reason why we have some characteristics at 1 is, we use the ready-to-go chars which were included in the starter box. Anyway, thank you for your answeres. It seems to me we definitely need the core rulebook. :-) Greeting's Ben
  2. I can only talk for myself, and i am not trying to find a way to broke the system. I have played a lot of differrend RPG systems before (d&d, shadowrun, AD&D aso). The main clarification i need is, if i have astrogation at rank 1 and the related characteristic at 1 too, does it make sense too spend xp in order too increase the rank to 2 or will this be a waste of XP? As i mentioned before, i am from Germany and unfortunately not all of the rule books are available in German language as of now. Wie have the starter pack but the core rulebook is only available in english. Thank you in advance for some clarification Greeting's Ben
  3. Hello Community, since last weekend i am also "infected" with the SW:EotE virus. But i have one question. If i have a starting level of 1 at one of my attributes, i will be limited to one yellow dice on a skill wich is related to the attribute, right? Greeting's from Germany
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