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  1. I've read a number of threads on the subject, both here and on Reddit, but I don't recall seeing this idea befier, and was wondering what people think about it... For the most part, stating up a replica droid is just like designing a regular droid and the outward aoppearance is just THAT, it's appearance. The main point of interest to me is how to encompase the idea of fooling scanners into detecting the droid as organic. Starting with the idea of the Flesh Camouflage Suit (EotE 186) isa good bet, but we don't need the ability to Change the disguise. Also, the Encumrance of 2 doesn't seem to fit either, since we're not looking for a device to create the fake, just the existance of the fake, or the state of being. I've seen elsewhere people suggesting a credit fost of 1000 cr for this. That seems ok, however such a price tage would require obligation or duty to boost your starting money. So what no just use the similar obligaton.duty option concept? Instead of 1000 cr, why not just make it a 5 XP cost to have the built in design factors of fooling typical sensors? ---- The other side of being a replica droid that I haven't seen much about is how people have dealt with the wounds to such droids. Are they suddenly very obviously droids if they take ANY damage? If not, after how much damage? Could there be another 'species' special XP expense to allow them to benefit from using stimpaks to heal their "biofiber" and/or synthflesh? If one is designed, would we limit them to either stimpaks OR repair patches? Allow both? I'd love to hear more ideas about designing and using replica droids in the FFG system.
  2. Couple questions... Couldn't find any answers in a search of this thread... Why does Feral Strength start as a Tier 3 Talent rather than Tier 1? In SW, the Marauder can take it right away for 5 xp Similarly, Iron Body was a 5 xp Talent for the Martial Artist and is also listed as a Tier 3 Talent. Why didn't Precision Strike, and its upgrades, make it into the document? Found in the Martial Artist from No Disintegrations.
  3. I have a question for you all, since it's a related idea. How would you handle the concept of a Monk type character? Basically, I'm thinking there SHOULD he a Tier 1 Talent for such unarmored combatants to allow them to be just as viable as the more typical Armored warriors... and not something that trades Strain for being harder to hit.
  4. Tygaran

    Magic Weapons

    Just throw this out into the mix, Trying to mimic the magic weapon +X isn't really a good idea. One aspect of that you must consider is that in typical d20 systems your hit points (wounds) increase at a significat rate in comparison to the ability to obtain the next higher +X value of a weapon. Personally, I feel the Superior and Accurate 1 (no higher) qualities to be the best starting point for a 'simple' magic weapon. Beyond those, using existing weapon qualities (of making new ones) and adding Talents into the weapons would be the next step in making 'better' magic weapoins.
  5. Another take on the whole 'resist that spell's ongoing effect' situation coudl be something just like a 'saving throw' Caster succeeds on their spell. Too bad you're affected for a round, but at the end of that roud you roll an appropriate skill to end the connection on a success... ie they'd have to cast that spell Again and could not simple continue it via concentration. Base the difficult of the resist check on the casters casting skill.
  6. My take on Warforged would be similar to the Bioroid in Genesys. Give them a 3 Brawn to represent them being made for battle, but 1's in everything else. Adjust starting XP as necessary. Any PC non-warrior Warforged would be a from a special production run aimed at a particular result... higher Agility and/or Cunning for scouts, higher Int for a spellcasting model, etc. Alternatively, you do what they did for humans in the character creation area (archetypes) and define the specs of each production model designed for a specific task, emphasising one abilty score over the others. Brawn for a Brute, Agility for Artillery, Cunning for a Scout, INt for a Mage.. that sort of thing
  7. I had 1.7 for a while, then used 2.0 for a while. I know I once saw those template weapons and armor, plus an 'item attachment' which allowed you to implement the crafting roll results. But i now cannot find those templates, nor the attachment/mods... not even in the data editor. Perhaps I just don't know about the new method? Always a possibility. EDIT: Aha! There's a ''new' Craft Item button I didn't see before.
  8. I just downloaded the most recent version,, and it seems to now lack ALL the craftable items from Special Modifications and Keeping the Peace. Is it just me? Is there a way to doanload an earlier version?
  9. I have version and it looks like there may be n error in the Soldier:Medic Specialization tree. Unless I missed an update from the age of rebellion beta, the node links on the bottom level of the tree don't match up. AoR Beta has a link between It's Not That bad (cost 25) and Dedication. The software lacks that link, and instead has one between It's Not That bad (cost 25) and Supreme Stim Appliction (cost 25). I'm guessing the error is in the software's data set, as that would be a redundant link. Just an FYI in case this is a bug. I can always fix my own copy for now. [EDIT] Another thing I've noticed as I've been experimenting witht he program, It is my understanding that Brawn factors into one's total Wound threshold. However, when I applied a Dedication for a +1 Brawn, the wound threshold did not increase. The encumerance threshodl did, but not the Wounds.
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