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    XP Help

    Nevermind. I found the answer in another topic.
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    XP Help

    When you gain enough XP to go up in Rank do you have to proceed to the next Rank or can you continue buying from the lower Rank until you're ready to purchase the next Rank's advances?
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    Blanks, Very Annoying

    If you are in the range of an untouchable then none of your psychic powers would work. The only way I can think of to get around this would be if you could have the blank wear a limiter. In the Ravenor series, Inquisitor Ravenor had his blank wear a device called a limiter that stopped his untouchable nature from interferring with psychic powers while it was on. I don;t know if there is anything in the rules for this though. You might have to house rule it.