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  1. Thanks so much for all the inputs. I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and strategy from all of you. I am reading each of your post with great interest. I must say these posts have educated me to become better player.
  2. Uthuk faction is becoming overpowered. What do you think ? These guy`s extreme fast movement can not be matched in a battle with other factions.
  3. nice stuff. Looks like FFG is happy with the sales result, The Core set is out of stock so that means positive things will come up for RWTMG. I only wished there were more girl warriors among the 4 factions.
  4. I love everything about Runewars. The board game and its card game Rune age and now the miniature game. I can not wait to build my Uthuk Y'llan army including exclusive tray of Blood Sisters ! Do you think Uthuk Y'llan army will be a conservative style of offensive army ? I mean Slow start but as game drags on they become stronger Uthuk Y'llan will be a welcoming faction for the miniature game. Although I LOVE to see one day the Orcs and Rush style army make it to this game. Oh and the Dwarves and their artillery might ! Ok, sorry getting carried away Diana
  5. I cant find Rune Age on the product list. I checked under runebound, I checked under other products. It is not on the FFG list. why ??
  6. Thanks ! Yes, many people wanted to see them win the event but they came up short. with regards to unofficial decks yes they were all fan made. chaos dwarves looked very cool and they had good success. I was able to play a game with one of the Bretonnian decks and I lost badly. The unofficial decks were the hot demand there as everyONE wanted to have a chance to play against them or at the very least look at them. The pictures were all from various GW books/magazines of the past. I was very excited to see the Amazons, Halflings.. All and all very nice occasion.
  7. I am still trying to get the details of the 1st round games from the other groups and stats but this is the final round results. I will continue and post updates of details of second round and final round. The final round consisted 15 teams divided in 3 groups of 5. The 14 group winners and the best 2nd place finish team. The quarter finals saw top 2 teams from each group and the best two 2nd place finishers: Empire Kislev against Orcs Raiders 2-0 High Elves Saregons against Chaos Mordheims 2-1 Lizardmen Lustrians against Orcs of lost legion 2-1 Dark Elves Sabetons against Empire Oregans 1-0 All four games went to 12 turns. Semi finals: Empire Kislev against Dark Elves Sabetons 2-1 High Elves Saregons against Lizardmen Lustrians 1-2 Both games went to 11 turns. 3rd place: High Elves Saregons against Dark Elves Sabetons 1-2 after ten turn. Finals: Empire Kislev against Lizardmen Lustrians 2-1 after 11 turn. Some notes: - There were un official decks of Bretonnia (2 teams), Chaos Dwarves (1 team)and Amazons (2 teams) Halflings (1 team) and the card Arts were printed black and white and although these teams participated in first round and played 5 games each, their results was not considered towards group rankings. (i hope i can get some photos from her to post here subject to advance permission from GW because the arts were from the army books and GW magazines involving those factions). -Chaos Dwarves had the best success played 5 games, won 3,Tie 1 and lost 1. - There was one team which made it to the quarterfinals and had 3 cards from the fan expansion forever war. Dark Elves Sabetons had tactic card Death night. - The winner (Empire) was Mr. Tedus Trzaskalski from Poland. (apologies if the spelling is not correct). - The next event will consist of combo decks and some multi player Cataclysm being held in Budapest August 19-28. - Everyone had good time and the organizers/judges did very well. Thanks Diana
  8. I was very excited to participate in this event. I was entering with my Chaos Daemonettes deck. Allow me to briefly describe some of the policies of this event: - This is 50 cards per deck, each deck consist of one faction only. (meaning no combo- mixing dwarf and High Elves for example). Also each deck of 50 must have 21 unit cards total, 2 quest cards, 12 tactic cards, 12 support cards, 3 legend cards. We had to submit the list earlier. - each deck must have 3 copies of each card and 2 copies of Quest card belonging to the same faction it represents). - There is a 12 turn maximum time limit. you can finish the match earlier by burning 2 of the opponent zone but if not, 12th turn for each player is the end. (so yes there could be tie games or one player win by burning one zone only). - The event also counts every single damage inflicted to the capital. as a tiebreaker. so if I had 3 development on my Quest zone, at the end of the game if the opponent inflicted 8 damage + 3 additional damages in to my Quest zone, they would have burnt my Quest zone and total damage score would be 11. Event format: The group I was drawn was one of the 14 groups, each group consist of 6 teams (factions) and the six teams in each group would play others in the same group (total 5 games). 1st place would advance and the best second place finisher among the 14 groups would advance to the final 15 later. The group I was in consist of five other teams. 1. Empire ostlands some of the cards were units of Warrior Priests, Ostland Bowmen, Stirland Deathjacks, Werner Ludenhof, Ludwig Schwarzheim, support cards City Gates, Blessed Hammer, Tactic card Will of the Electors.. 2. High Elves Guardians some of the cards were units Nagarythe Warrior, Shadow Warrior, High Elf Spearmen, Tiranoc Chariot, Valorous Mage, Tactic cards Guarding Boon, Magic Ward, Support cards Phoenix Ward, Elven Warship.. 3. Dwarves of Moria some of the cards were units Dwarf Ranger, Iron Defenders, Durgnar the Bold, Standard Bearer, support cards Karak Great Cannon, Gyrocopter, Und Dokbar, Tactic cards Open the Armoury, Hewn from the Mountain, Striking the Grudge.. 4.Dark Elves Raptors Some of the cards were units Cold One Knight, Cold One Riders, Spawn of Kintearer, Cold One Chariot, Hag Graef Knights, Support cards Har Ganeth, Tactic card Jealous Eyes, Quest card Night Raids.. 5.Orcs Raiders some of the cards Red`ead Boyz,Reckless Boyz, Big Boss, Followers of Mork, Boar Boyz, Makka Greenfist, Support cards Totem of Gork, Rock Lobber, Tactic card Smah-Go-Boom.. 6. Chaos Daemonettes some of the my unit cards Winged Fury, Dark Zealot, War Hounds, Daemon Summoner, Alluring Daemonettes, Kepper of Secrets, Support cards Daemonic Offering, Den of Iniquity, Tactic cards Seduced by Darkness, Seductive Delusion... I was just happy to participate and I did not care what place I would finish. I also liked the Dark Elves Raptors theme. It would have been very neat to watch them go against Lizardmen deck. (Raptors vs Lizards) first game: my Chaos Daemonettes vs Empire Ostland. I lost 0-2 Although the game went 12 turns, he was having fun inflicting damage in to my capital. I just could not get my units into play in timely manner. the other two games, Orcs Raiders defeated High Elves guardians 2-0 after 10 turns and Dark Elves Raptors beat on the Dwarves 2-0 after 11 turn. second game: Dwarves of Moria beat me 2-0 the game lasted 8 turns only. I was becoming depressed because the two games I am not even coming close to apply pressure. Other games Orcs Raiders easily brushed off the Dark Elves 2-0 after 1o turns and Empire Ostlands won their match against High Elves Guardians 2-0 after 12 turns. third game: Well, I managed to take the game to 11 turn before losing to the Dark Elves Raptors 0-2. Orcs Raiders and Empire Ostland played 1-1 after 12 turns, What a match this was. Orcs jumped out early as usual but the empire player managed to slow down the rush and suddenly he turned things around and for the first time the Orcs were on the defending position. On the 12th and last turn the Empire was ready to inflict the final damage causing second zone to burn and Orc player knew the game is over after the empire player begins the Battlefield phase so the orc player played the Tactic card Foot of Gork ! which destroys one empire Unit with printed cost of 2 or less. That canceled out the intent to apply damage and the game ended 1-1. The other match High Elves Guardians defeated Dwarves of Moria 2-0 Fourth game: I went up against High Elves and again I lost badly. Took the game to 11 turn but lost 0-2. Other games saw another tight game Dark Elves defeated Empire Ostland 1-0 after 12 turns. The Orc player had no problem smashing the Dwarves 2-0 only after 8 turns. Fifth game: my final game and I was up against the best deck in the group. The Orcs Raiders. I heard the guys laugh and wished me good luck and they were bidding on which turn the game would end. They agreed the game should not last more then 3 turns. I think the orc player felt sorry for me because although he won 2-0 he took the game to 10 turns before burning my second zone. He took it easy and there was no sign of his Rush deck of orcs coming down as we had seen previously. Any ways, I lost again. Other games saw Empire Ostland defeated stubborn Dwarves 1-0 after 12 turns and the battle of the Elves saw Dark Elves beating High Elves 1-0 after 12 turns. Final standings saw: 1st- Orcs Raiders won 4 games, Tie 1 game, no losses. They inflicted 129 damages in opponent capital in 5 games while their capital received 18 damage in 5 games. Also it is important to document for you that during five games only one time Orc zone was burnt. (Battlefield zone against Empire). 2nd- Dark Elves Raptors won 4 games, lost once (to the orcs), They inflicted 94 damages in 5 games while receiving 49 damage. 3rd- Empire Ostland won 3 games, tie one game ( tied the orcs), lost 1 game to the Dark Elves. They inflicted 91 damages in 5 games and received 49 damages. 4th- High Elves Guardians, won 2 games, lost 2 games. Damaged opponent capitals 49 times while received damage 57 times in five games. 5th place went to the Dwarves. won once and lost 4 games. They managed to inflict damage to the opponent 43 times while receiving 91 damages in five games. 6th-Last place was my Chaos Daemonettes Lost all five games. managed only to inflict 9 damages to the opponent capital in five games but received 138 damages. Here is another stat. Subtracting Damages received from Damages inflicted, here is the final +/-: 1. Orcs Raiders +111 after five games. 2. Dark Elves Raptors +45 after five games. 3. Empire ostland +42 after five games. 4. High Elves Guardians -8 after five games. 5. Dwarves of Moria -49 after five games. 6. Chaos Daemonettes -131 after five games. So it looked like the orcs were in the league of their own. Dark Elves took second place but I think Empire deserved to win that match against the orcs and also they were unlucky against the Dark elves. But that is all for now. If there is any interest, I will continue provide some reports from other groups by contacting Sonja. Thanks for reading this, sorry for my bad grammar, apologies for LONG report. Diana
  9. Thxx for the comments. Yes he did thanks to him,& BGG I managed to complete my RW experience. Its the only two games that I own, I play other games with my gf`s but I am happy. I do not want any thing else. My dad still talks about this game and asks me if there has been any add on `s for this game. lol
  10. I love Runewars ! I play this game every chance I get at my friend`s house. I always wanted to own a copy. I read the rule book every chance I get, almost daily, over and over....and finally after months of saving part of my pay cheque I ordered a copy. Today I received a notice of parcel delivery so I rushed to the post office and oh my heart was beating so fast while waiting at the line up and finally I got the game. Oh I can not explain the joy of holding this box. It was raining this evening and I took my rain coat off and wrapped this big long box with it, the box was too big for my rain jacket. by the time i got home I was wet ! My brother`s girl friend Jane was home visiting and she opened the door , she looked at my wet hair and said 'what happened to u ? did you get dumped again' ? I just gave her dirty look and walked in. I glanced at the living room , my father was laying on the couch pretending he was sleeping. My two brothers were making weird noises upstairs and screaming and yelling as if they were having a baby and at that moment I knew they were playing x box... my mom said `who is it` ? Jane said `oh no one` ! I told her `grow up` and went to kitchen kissed my mom and she said , `you are wet`, `you are going to catch a cold, what are you carrying ? `go wash your hand, dry up and come and eat`. I said `I love u`. I ran to my room closed the door and opened the game. I carefully checked Every piece, every counter. Everything looked so good except look like the elves were already having a battle inside the box as most of them were bent ! Suddenly i heard a knock on my door and the door opened and my father said ``can I come in`` ? Behind him it was Jane. She said to my dad `I told you she has a baby ' I just looked at her and shook my head. My dad looked at her and said `can I have a moment with my girl ?` and Jane left. I said to myself I will deal with Jane later, I will curse her to have triplets . My dad said `what are you doing sweetie` ? I said `Oh dad, I saved my money and finally i bought a board game,` He looked at the game pieces and he smiled and next thing i know we were both putting pieces aside and enjoying the moment. He kissed me on my head and said, `Good for you. you know when I was younger, life did not give me a chance to play board games but I am proud of you and i hope you can teach me how to play this game, It looks epic` ..I said `Oh dad i WILL ! you will LOVE this game`. He promised that he will help me fix the Elves army. After dinner, I showed my brothers and my dad how to play the game and we had a four player session at the kitchen table. My mom was also intrigued about the quality of the components. I did not want Jane to seat by the table but I assigned her to represent the Neutral unit, the Ugly Giant. It fits her perfectly. she was not pleased and complained about adults playing kids games but she was shut down by everyone quickly and I just smiled at her. My family and i had a wonderful time together. I could see in my father`s eyes, he was enjoying himself and so did my brothers ! my dad asked me to print a copy of the rules so he can take it to work at the factory and read it during his lunch time. Anyways, Thats my story and how a simple girl fell in love with Runewars. Thx for reading my story. Diana ** I posted this story at BGG before but deleted it.
  11. what a Beautiful game Runebound is...my brothers have the entire collection but they won`t let me take it with me to play with my girl friends. They want me invite my gf`s to come over But I have Runewars
  12. I certainly hope Amazons, High Elves, Lizardmen and Norse and Halflings make it to the next expansion but I am not sure how they are going to give each new faction a unique card mechanic. Maybe this is a problem and as the result there will not be another expansion (i hope not) there is a large demand for Blood Bowl.
  13. Is it possible to play Cataclysm with 4 neutral factions ? is it possible to play Cataclysm with 4 players all play same faction ? {for example 4 different High Elves players} with the poor weather outside we are going to play WI in couple of hrs and I was going to suggest we play Cataclysm with neutral factions
  14. Can the guys on the podcast dedicate a session to Cataclysm ? Also we are now using the fan expansion cards FOREVER WAR into our weekend all girls event and we LOVE it. Hope there is a next one and it has some Neutral cards and some Quest cards.
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